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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 15: Jed Rescues Pearl

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Aired: January 2, 1963 on  CBS
The Clampetts are missing their Beverly Hills mansion, still living in their old cabin to help Pearl get Mr. Brewster. But Pearl is having no luck with hooking him – all her tactics are failing. Pearl tells the family that he still doesn’t show any interest, and Granny tells Jed he has to make Brewster propose. Brewster tells Jed he thinks Pearl is a great woman, but isn’t interested in marriage, to which Jed says he understands, and comes up with a plan. Jed tells Brewster to propose to Pearl in front of someone, and she will turn him down, after being told to. Jed suggests he propose in front of the biggest gossip in the Hills, Elverna Brawshaw, but Brewster says he wants to do it in front of the audience at the movie house Pearl works at. Pearl doesn’t agree with the plan at first, but gives in. She and Brewster rehearse that day, but that night before the event, he changes what he’s going to do. At the theatre, Brewster charges in and gives s dramatic performance after Pearl turns him down. But he puts it on too strongly, and Pearl ends up saying “Yes.”

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