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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 11: Elly Races Jethrine

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Aired: December 5, 1962 on  CBS
Granny and Jed are looking at pictures of Sonny and Elly May together, and Granny is sure that the two will get married, after she heard Sonny telling Elly he’ll give her a ring at ten o’clock, not knowing he meant a phone call. Jed sends the pictures back home to Pearl, because she always bragged how Jethrine would beat Elly to the alter. After seeing these pictures, Pearl decides to get her daughter married before Elly. And Granny decides to help get Sonny and Elly engaged. Sonny picks Elly up for their date, a drive, and Granny wants to follow, but Jed stops her from going. Meanwhile, Pearl is planning Jethrine’s date with Jasper Depew, telling what to do, and giving her wine to calm her nerves. But when Jasper arrives, Jethrine becomes drunk and doesn’t do what her mother told her to. That night, Granny and Jed are nervously awaiting Elly’s return home. When she and Sonny do get home, Sonny mentions how Elly can’t dance, and Granny proves that her granddaughter can dance by having a square dance. Jethro comes home and asks why the family’s dancing, and Granny says it is because Elly is marrying Sonny, causing Sonny to run home, shouting for his mother.

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