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Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/13/1995
Drew's best friend Kate breaks up with her live-in boyfriend, who then fires her from her job as receptionist at his body shop. She pleads with Drew to hire her at Winfred-Louder, but he insists that he isn't supposed to give jobs to his friends. While conducting interviews for an opening in the cosmetics department, Drew meets Mimi Bobeck, a very hostile woman who wears a ton of make-up. Although Drew tries to be polite, Mimi realizes that he is not going to hire her. She throws a tantrum in the middle of the office and accuses Drew of discriminating against her because of her looks. She complains to his boss, Mr. Bell, and gets him into hot water. Drew runs into Mimi that night at his hangout, the Warsaw. When she confronts him, he says that her attitude is her biggest problem. He admits that her looks might prevent her from getting some jobs that rely on appearance, but suggests that she learn to deal with this--as he does. She does not take kindly to his advice. Kate applies for the job in cosmetics, but Drew worries that she will hate him when he inevitably has to fire her. The problem is taken out of his hands when Mr. Bell becomes smitten with Kate and orders Drew to hire her.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/20/1995
Miss Right
Mr. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to prevent her from filing a complaint against the store for Drew's so-called "harassment" of her. She vows to make Drew's life a living hell. While conducting interviews for the window dresser position, Drew develops a rapport with Lisa, an attractive applicant who engages him in friendly banter. She seems very interested in Drew. However, Lisa is the most qualified applicant for the job, and Drew fears that it would be improper for management to date an employee. She takes the initiative and asks Drew out, but they agree to avoid the appearance of a date. Mimi and some co-workers catch them kissing at the Warsaw. Drew decides that he wants to keep seeing Lisa, and will ignore what others think. Unfortunately, Mr. Bell tells him that his relationship with Lisa is making the staff uncomfortable. Drew has to break up with her so that she won't be fired. Meanwhile, Drew tries to deal with the antics of his redneck neighbors--including a man who wants to install one of his "discount stereos" in Drew's car, and a grown daughter who just wants to have his baby.

Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 9/27/1995
The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture
Kate grows depressed after attending another wedding shower at work, and realizes that most of the women in her class have married. She insists that she doesn't want a husband, but has always dreamed of her wedding day. The guys decide to cheer her by throwing a fake wedding for her and Drew, officiated by Lewis (in his Star Trek uniform). The guys speculate as to why none of them ever dated Kate. Drew tells Lewis and Oswald that he realized he would never have a chance with Kate after she changed her clothes in front of him without even realizing what she had done. As they ride in a limo after the "wedding," Drew mentions the incident to Kate and confesses that he had a huge crush on her in high school. Kate is surprised that he thought about her that way. Just as Drew suggests that they might have made a good couple, she breaks out into hives and has to go to the emergency room. Drew believes that she became physically ill at the mere mention of having a relationship with him, but she had actually suffered a reaction to her dress--which was covered in formaldehyde because it had once been used in a funeral. Kate says that she wants a guy just like Drew, "but not [him]." Meanwhile, an employee begs Drew to fire him so that he can collect unemployment and spend time at home with his new child. Drew reluctantly agrees, only to find that the man was not the father of his wife's baby. Drew has trouble finding him a new job at the store, until a co-worker is caught stealing. Drew must call her on her honeymoon to break the news.

Season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/4/1995
Nature Abhors a Vacuum
Drew fires Suzie, an incompetent employee, only to learn that she had been involved with Mr. Bell. Drew worries about Mr. Bell's reaction. Kate goes to Bell with the proposal that the store start a day spa to increase sales in the cosmetics department. Bell is very impressed with the idea, and wants to meet with Drew and Kate at the Warsaw to further discuss the proposal. However, Drew learns that Bell is really trying to make Kate his latest conquest. She insists that she can take care of herself, but needs some help from Drew when Bell begins hitting on her. After she leaves, a drunken Bell makes Drew stay at the bar and sing with him all night. He tries to force Drew to help him get a date with Kate. Drew re-hires Suzie so that Bell will leave Kate alone. He is unaware that Kate has already confronted Bell, who agreed to stop hitting on her and asked her to run the new spa. After Suzie's re-hiring, he gives her the job instead. Kate realizes that Drew was just trying to help her out, but is still mad. Meanwhile, Lewis and his girlfriend host a sci-fi party at Drew's house, with Oswald serving as DJ. The group trashes the house after the beer runs out.

Season 1, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/18/1995
No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike
Kate's ex-boyfriend, Barry, refuses to come by and pick up his belongings. He begins calling her constantly at the store. Mr. Bell becomes so fed up that he issues an edict limiting employees to one personal call per day. Hoping to cheer up his co-workers, Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of the memo. It features a confused caterpillar trying to have sex with a french fry. Most of the employees are amused, but someone complains to Bell and gets Drew in trouble. He becomes obsessed with finding the identity of the offended person, and finally learns that it was Nora from payroll. Kate tries to talk to Nora. She ends up losing her temper and screaming at Nora, daring her to file a harassment suit. Kate has Barry meet her at Drew's house to get his stuff because she doesn't want him in her house. He begs her to come back and becomes violent toward Drew. Drew stands up to him, and Barry decides to leave without a fight after Lewis and Oswald show up. Nora files a lawsuit against Drew.

Season 1, Episode 6 – Aired: 11/1/1995
Drew Meets Lawyers
Winfred-Louder's attorneys try to force Drew to settle the lawsuit and sign a waiver absolving the store of any responsibility for his actions. He refuses to do this, and insists that he will find another lawyer. He coaxes Kate into calling an obnoxious ex-boyfriend and asking him to represent Drew at a discount rate. She agrees to go out with the guy, but calls it off after he makes a disgusting pass at her. Drew cannot afford anyone else, and is turned down by legal aid because he isn't quite poor enough to fall within their standards. The store has workmen cover Drew's cubicle with a tarp so that no one can see the cartoon, which he has posted on his wall. When the store attorneys again approach him about the settlement, Drew announces that he will represent himself. Oswald takes a liking to Drew's lecherous neighbor, Peaches. She quickly decides to dump Oswald because she doesn't see him as long-term relationship material. She leaves a note with Drew, who instead tells Oswald that he is jealous and asks him to stop seeing Peaches as a favor to him. Kate accidentally spoils Drew's scheme to stop Peaches from lusting after him.

Season 1, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/8/1995
Drew in Court
Drew prepares to defend himself in court. He tries to study legal books, and gets advice from other lawyers by calling up and pretending to quiz them. He signs his car and house over to Kate and Lewis so they can't be seized if he loses the case. The judge does not take kindly to Drew's attempts to flatter her and create levity in the courtroom, and Kate isn't much help either. Nora breaks down in tears on the stand. A loud-mouthed co-worker, angry that the store has now barred employees from displaying personal items in their cubicles, harasses Drew at the Warsaw. Drew punches him out and gets arrested. He shows up in handcuffs for the final ruling in Nora's case. Although the judge agrees that Nora was forced to look at sexually explicit material, she rules that the matter is trivial and did not create a hostile workplace.

Season 1, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/15/1995
Lewis' Sister
Lewis's sister, Janet, moves back to Cleveland with her ten-year-old daughter, Monica. Drew once had a crush on Janet and was briefly involved with her at summer camp. To commemorate his one-hundredth hiring, the store gives Drew three tickets to a Rolling Stones benefit concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kate is not interested and Oswald has other plans. Kate suggests that Drew ask Janet to go with him. Lewis is adamantly opposed to this idea because he fears that someone will get hurt. Drew ignores Lewis's warning and takes Janet and Monica to the concert. He really likes Monica, who soon joins the store-sponsored basketball team that Drew and Kate are coaching. However, he finds Janet somewhat boring and clingy. Janet and Monica embarrass Drew by showing up at his desk with a picnic and singing about how great he is. Lewis warns Drew not to hurt his sister. When Janet shows up after basketball practice and suddenly proposes, Drew tells her that they should stop seeing each other. She takes the news well, explaining that she knew they didn't have great chemistry, but was desperate for a new relationship. Drew and Lisa, still unable to date, have to settle for brief exchanges at the office. They figure out a way to spend time together by forming a carpool and getting "lost" on the way home.

Season 1, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/29/1995
Drew and Mrs. Louder
Mrs. Louder, the elderly widow of the store's founder, asks Drew to lunch. She offers him a job as her personal assistant, with increased pay and a promise that he will be in line to become head of personnel. He isn't sure that he wants to change jobs, but fears that he will be fired unless he complies. Drew enjoys making connections within the corporate world, and is now allowed to date Lisa because he is no longer part of management. Drew and Lisa have a tryst in the restroom during the office Christmas party. Drew is demoted to his old job after Mrs. Louder catches them in the act. Meanwhile, Jules drives Drew crazy with his elaborate holiday lights display.

Season 1, Episode 10 – Aired: 12/6/1995
Science Names Suck
Kate gets a new boyfriend and has less time to spend with Drew, Lewis and Oswald. The guys run into Jay Clemens, an old buddy from junior high school, at the Warsaw. He has recently gotten a divorce. They begin hanging out with him a lot. Kate breaks up with her boyfriend (after his carnival leaves town), and is furious to discover that Jay seems to have taken her place with the gang. He angers her further by giving her advice about her love life. After the guys side with Jay over Kate in a dispute over where to eat dinner, Kate refuses to talk to them and says that she will not go to Drew's birthday party. Drew pleads with her to re-consider, but she only agrees to attend after he asks Jay to stay away. Kate arranges a surprise visit from baseball star Dave Winfield, mistakenly believing that he and Drew are old friends. Jay infuriates Kate by stopping by to drop off Drew's gift. They talk things out in the kitchen and admit that they are attracted to one another. Drew is surprised when the pair begins dating. The guys annoy Kate by telling Jay about all of her bad habits.

Season 1, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/13/1995
The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Nucleus
Drew's dad comes to town to accept a lifetime achievement award from his lodge, the Wildebeests. He encourages Drew to join the lodge and make connections that can help him find a better job. Drew isn't sure about the idea, but agrees to consider after Lewis and Oswald express an interest. A lodge member tells Drew that he has already gotten him three job offers. However, Drew is appalled to discover that most of the members are bigots, and that people of other races are excluded from membership. Drew issues an ultimatum to Mr. Bell, and manages to get a long-overdue raise. However, George still believes that Drew needs to join the lodge and find a better job. Drew proclaims that he is happy with his life, and doesn't understand why his father can't be more supportive. George insists that he is proud of Drew; he pushes him because he doesn't want him to one day look back and realize that he is dissatisfied with his life.

Season 1, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/20/1995
Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics
Winfred-Louder employees decide to go on strike a few weeks before Christmas. Drew sympathizes with their plight, but must hire temporary replacements to keep the store going. He and Kate promise that they will not let the strike affect their friendship. However, this proves difficult when she learns that Mimi and Oswald are handling the cosmetics counter. Drew and an uneasy Nora must work in the lingerie department. The strike goes on for three weeks. After Kate is forced to take a job busing tables at the Warsaw, Drew decides that he can no longer tolerate the store's actions. He declares that he will walk the picket line. Seconds later, Larry announces that the strike is over. Oswald takes a job with a parcel delivery service. Drew and Lisa begin secretly dating each other.

Season 1, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/3/1996
Drew and the Unstable Element
Kate is annoyed by the behavior of Earl, a very weird man who works at the tie counter. She thinks that he is crazy. Drew insists that Kate is exaggerating, but finds that Earl is extremely volatile and delusional. He believes that he is the store manager. Drew looks over Earl's psychological profile and discovers that he has been in numerous mental institutions. (He had written this information on the back of the page, and Drew failed to see it.) Drew fires Earl after he refuses to see the company psychiatrist. Earl threatens Drew and reveals that he knows his address. Lewis, Oswald, Kate and Jay keep Drew company and try to protect him. Kate asks Chuck, the store's security guard, to come over to check things out. Drew refuses Chuck's recommendations and says that he will not live his life in fear. After everyone leaves, Earl comes over and claims that he wants to seek counseling. He actually plans to shoot Drew, but Chuck returns and apprehends him.

Season 1, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/10/1996
Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew
Mr. Bell offers Drew a promotion in exchange for training his nephew Blaine, whom Bell hopes will succeed Drew as assistant director of personnel. He isn't interested in doing any work, and forces Mimi to run all of his errands. Kate accidentally sells a giant perfume bottle--valued at $2000---for $150. Drew covers for her and tells her that she can pay back a little of the lost money each week. He reports the perfume stolen. Mimi overhears Blaine blabbing to his uncle about Kate's screw-up. He suggests that Bell fire Drew for protecting her. Blaine also recommends that Mimi be fired. Drew and Mimi call a truce and work together to force Blaine out of the store. They try to make him look bad, but their plan fails. Blaine explains that he betrayed Drew because he thought that it was the only way to get the job. Drew blackmails Bell into firing Blaine by referring to his affair with Suzie. Drew and Lisa plan a rendezvous in the store after closing, but the presence of vicious guard dogs spoils the mood.

Season 1, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/17/1996
There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God
The store closes early because of an ice storm. Drew reluctantly agrees to carpool with the Optimists Club. However, he misses his ride when his computer suddenly catches on fire. The Optimists Club gets into an accident, and a man is killed. Mimi assumes that it is Drew and spreads the word around the store. Drew believes that divine intervention kept him out of the accident, and questions his purpose. He finds a note in an old bible in which he discussed his goals for the future. He decides to contact his pastor about becoming a minister. While the pastor is looking over Drew's questionnaire, a woman comes into the church and mistakenly assumes that he is a minister. She is in a terrible personal situation and is experiencing money problems. The woman is angry to learn that Drew isn't the minister, but he offers her a job at Winfred-Louder. Drew fails the questionnaire, but comes to realize that he can help people in his current position.

Season 1, Episode 16 – Aired: 1/31/1996
Drew's New Assistant
Drew is thrilled when Mr. Bell tells him that he can have a personal secretary. However, Bell is just dumping Mimi off on Drew so that he can hire Suzie as his own assistant. Drew and Mimi continue to bicker constantly, especially after she belittles him in front of an interviewee. Mimi throws a stapler at Drew and ends up breaking the window of Bell's office door. Bell suspends Drew and Mimi and threatens to fire them unless they get their act together. Oswald and Lewis fill in on Jay's moving crew. Drew tags along when they make a delivery to Mimi's apartment and tries to talk with her. He finds a cabinet filled with photographs of him, and fears that Mimi is secretly in love with him. Drew gives Suzie a job in jewelry so that Bell will re-hire Mimi as his assistant. Mimi explains that she took the photographs of Drew to send to male prison inmates, but never went through with the prank.

Season 1, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/7/1996
The Front
Mrs. Louder learns of Bell's relationship with Suzie and orders him to fire her. A furious Bell responds with an edict threatening to fire any member of management who is caught dating an employee. This makes Drew and Lisa hesitant to continue their clandestine affair, especially after Mimi vows to catch them together and get Drew fired. Jay suggests that he and Kate could go on double dates with Drew and Lisa; Jay would pose as Lisa's boyfriend, and no one would hassle Drew and Kate because they are known to be friends. The arrangement soon takes its toll on Kate and Jay's relationship, as they can never have any time alone. When Mimi runs into the foursome at the Warsaw, she challenges Jay and Lisa to prove that they are involved by kissing. Kate is incensed when Lisa kisses Jay, but admits that she is mainly upset about not getting to see her own boyfriend. Drew and Jay nearly fight when Drew accuses him of making a move on Lisa and gets worked up about a girl that Jay supposedly took from him in junior high. The arrangement comes to an end, and Lisa decides to stop seeing Drew altogether after he refuses to take a chance and pursue an open relationship. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis take "smart pills" as part of a DrugCo study.

Season 1, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/14/1996
Playing the Unified Field
Despite his protests, Lisa tells Drew that she is going to start seeing other people. She urges him to do the same. He asks out his hard-living barber, Sue. She takes him to a strip club (to meet her mother), and forces him to defend her honor to a pair of guys twice his size at the Warsaw. Worst of all, she takes a liking to Mimi and offers to do her hair. Drew fears that he will not survive much longer. Lisa calls and leaves a message saying that she has figured out a way for them to begin dating in public. Drew has to keep his last date with Sue, who is bungee-jumping from a water tower. He breaks the news that he wants to stop seeing her, and is relieved when she kisses him goodbye instead of killing him. Kate tells Drew that she has applied for a job as head of the personal shopper department. He promises to hire her. Just then, Lisa shows up and announces her plan. She wants him to hire her to head the personal shopper department so that they would both be management. Mimi also applies for the position and warns Drew that she has Bell's backing.

Season 1, Episode 19 – Aired: 2/21/1996
Atomic Cat Fight
Lisa and Kate are unhappy to discover that Drew has promised the job as head personal shopper to both of them. He decides that he will observe Lisa, Kate and Mimi shopping for three of the store's most difficult customers. He insists that he will judge them on their performance alone, and hopes that his decision will not affect his relationships with Kate and Lisa. Lisa does very well with her customer, and even fends off his attempts to hit on her. Kate finally gets her indecisive client to make up her mind by taking her out of view of the security cameras and threatening violence. Mimi ends up punching out her client, a woman who wants to dress like a pre-teen. With Mimi out of the running, Drew decides on the ultimate test to choose between Lisa and Kate. They must each outfit the most mean-spirited customer anyone could ever encounter: Mimi. Kate makes Mimi look good, but Mimi is embarrassed by the conservative outfit. Lisa dresses Mimi in an outrageous ensemble that she absolutely loves. Lisa wins the job for being more in touch with the customer's wishes. Drew consoles Kate, who insists that there are no hard feelings. Lisa and Drew are now able to date openly.

Season 1, Episode 20 – Aired: 2/27/1996
Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom
Kate's mother takes Kate, Drew and Lisa out to dinner to celebrate Kate's birthday. Kate does not tell her that she is seeing someone because her mother never approves of any of her boyfriends. Kate has led Jay to believe that her mother is in an institution. Lewis inadvertently tells him the truth, so Kate has to invite Jay to have dinner at her mother's house. Mrs. O'Brien learns of Jay's recent divorce and worries that he is on the rebound. She fears that Jay will hurt Kate, and asks Drew to try to convince Kate to stop seeing him. Kate panics when Jay has to break a date because of work, and pressures him about the future of their relationship. They wind up breaking up. Kate confronts her mother, who insists that she has been overlooking the perfect man: Drew. Kate is incredulous. The gang gets drunk at the Warsaw in an attempt to cheer up Kate. Drew and Kate ride around in a cab talking until the car gets a flat tire. Kate tries to kiss Drew, and suggests that they might make a good couple. He realizes that she is probably too drunk to mean what she is saying. She apologizes the next day. Jay and Mrs. O'Brien come to the store. He confronted her about her behavior and convinced her that he is worthy of dating Kate. Meanwhile, Lewis decides to get a tax break by becoming Oswald's legal guardian. The plan fails when Oswald somehow passes the mental competency test.

Season 1, Episode 21 – Aired: 5/1/1996
Drew Gets Motivated
Winfred-Louder hires a motivational speaker in the hopes of increasing productivity and helping the store get out of its recent financial slump. The speaker, Tom, encourages Drew to come up with a great idea so that he will no longer be invisible to his bosses. Noting the store's stuffy image, he suggests making it seem more customer-friendly by hiring animal mascots. The board agrees, and has him work with advertising to produce a commercial featuring a bull and camel. The commercial is a rousing success. Mrs. Louder announces that he is hiring Drew as head of promotions and giving his old job to her nephew. Drew does not want to leave personnel, but has no choice. He must come up with more ideas every week or he will be fired. Drew struggles for another brainstorm, until finally suggesting that the animals make a personal appearance at the store. Unfortunately, they get loose from the elevator and invade the boardroom. Drew returns to his old job, where he helps Nora get some extra overtime so that she can afford to buy a lumberjack from a catalog.

Season 1, Episode 22 – Aired: 5/8/1996
Buzz Beer
When an angry Mr. Bell throws a bunch of wadded-up papers at Drew and Mimi, they discover a secret memo announcing that a Dutch group plans to buy the store. Winfred-Louder has been struggling, so they assume that the Dutch want to fire everyone and build something else on the property. The gang goes to a small business expo and meets a man who sells equipment for home breweries. Everyone agrees to invest money in the venture, and Drew decides to take a chance and use his house to acquire a loan. He fears that he is doomed when they cannot come up with an idea. Lewis stays awake by drinking coffee between each beer tasting, and comments favorably on the taste. They decide to brew a coffee-flavored beer, which Oswald names Buzz Beer. A representative of the Dutch, Mr. Van Houten, visits the store and says that they are not firing anyone below management. They will decide who to keep from management on a case-by-case basis. He is impressed with Drew and asks him to stay. Mr. Bell is the only person who gets fired.

Season 2, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/18/1996
We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day
Drew and Lisa begin arguing on a regular basis. She gets jealous when he turns down a date with her so that he can go clothes shopping with Kate. The Winfred-Louder staff sucks up to Drew as he completes the annual performance evaluations. Mimi gets a hold of some of the evaluations, and is surprised that he made some critical remarks about Lisa. He tries to hide this from Lisa, but she discovers the truth and becomes furious. She feels that Drew was tougher on her so that people wouldn't accuse him of favoritism. He insists that he was honest about her performance, and says that he was just doing his job. Lisa feels that Drew always puts his job ahead of their relationship. Drew puts together a series of pranks to get revenge on Mimi for showing Lisa her evaluation. Lisa says that her supervisor allowed her to see the evaluation; Mimi had nothing to do with it. She pressures Drew to prove that she is important to him by blowing off work for the rest of the day. Mimi shows up with a cast on her foot and announces that her sister is in the hospital. Drew tries to disable all of the pranks, and feels so guilty that he agrees to work for Mimi for the rest of the day. Mimi admits that she scammed him, as her sister was just undergoing liposuction. Lisa decides to break up with Drew after he leaves her in the car all day. Drew asks Lisa to move in with him in a desperate attempt to save the relationship.

Season 2, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/25/1996
Something Wick This Way Comes
Drew serves as acting store manager while also fulfilling his regular duties. He is outraged when the store declines to make him the permanent manager, instead hiring Nigel Wick, an Englishman who makes it clear that he would rather be anywhere but Cleveland. Wick makes a stamp of Drew's signature and makes it appear as though Drew is responsible for cost-cutting measures such as the elimination of employee discounts. He coaxes Drew into agreeing to be the "bad guy" by offering him a promotion to assistant manager and a new desk. However, Drew draws the line after Wick tries to fire all of the employees with seniority right before their pensions kick in. He claims that the employees are staging a revolt, and Wick wins the staff's approval by eliminating all of "Drew's" cutbacks. Oswald and Lewis search for a way to fill a large order of Buzz Beer, which is due in just a few days. They put the neighborhood children to work bottling and delivering beer, much to Drew's horror.

Season 2, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/2/1996
Break It Up, Break It Up
Lisa moves in with Drew, bringing an assortment of pets that includes a toilet-trained cat. They begin to really get on each other's nerves, and Drew goes to great lengths to avoid going home at night. Jay tells Drew that he is considering an offer to run a Dairy Queen in Minnesota with his brother. Kate comes to believe that Jay is going to propose, and realizes that she must reject him. She is bewildered when Jay simply tells her that he is moving and does not even ask her to come with him. Drew tries to console the furious Kate. He drives around with her all night and eats french fries. He finally goes home to find a note from Lisa saying that she has realized that Drew is uncomfortable and has gone to stay with a friend. He dances around to celebrate the fact that he is alone, unaware that Lisa hasn't left yet. She confesses that she is also unhappy, and they have an amicable break-up. She lets him keep her handicapped dog, Speedy. Drew drives Kate around as she breaks the windows of Jay and every other person who has ever committed wrong against her.

Season 2, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/16/1996
The Bully You Know
Wick orders Mimi to begin wearing less make-up and more conservative clothing, as he doesn't want her representing him with her current appearance. When she refuses, Wick banishes her to the archives in the sub-basement. She tries to get revenge by wreaking havoc throughout the store. When Drew accidentally spills beer on a large man at the Warsaw, another man saves him from a fight. He turns out to be Simon, a bully who tormented the gang throughout high school. He apologizes for his actions and seems to have changed his ways. Simon is out of work, so Drew hires him as Wick's new assistant. Simon soon begins pushing everyone around, and even Wick becomes terrified of him. Wick decides to bring back Mimi, regardless of her appearance. He is too afraid to fire Simon, and leaves the task to Drew. Lewis, Oswald and Kate encourage Drew to stand up to Simon, claiming that bullies are really cowards at heart. Although Simon beats him up, Drew manages to fire him. Mimi doesn't want to leave the comfort of the basement, but Drew tells her an embarrassing story about his childhood to prove that he understands how it feels to be an outcast. She turns on the p.a. system and broadcasts his humiliation throughout the store.

Season 2, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/30/1996
The Devil, You Say
Kate begins dating Jack, a guy that she met at the Warsaw. He interviews for a job at the store, and Drew is disturbed to learn that he thinks he is the devil. He has even taken out credit cards under the name "The Devil." Kate is certain that this is a joke, but soon discovers otherwise. When she tries to dump Jack, he claims that she has sold him her soul. Drew puts his own soul on the line and challenges Jack to a game of pool, but it doesn't go very well. Kate confronts Jack and says that he claims to be the devil because he is afraid that women will dump him if he acts like himself. He mocks her, so Drew prepares to beat him up. However, Jack loses interest when he learns that Kate lied about being a virgin. He leaves in disgust. Wick orders all of the staff to wear costumes for Halloween. Drew dresses as Mimi, who is outraged when he wears an outfit that she had already purchased.

Season 2, Episode 6 – Aired: 11/6/1996
The Day the Music Died
Drew, Lewis and Oswald learn that their high school band teacher, Ms. Blankenship, has died. Drew seems to take the news especially hard. He organizes the band to put together one last performance for her, and becomes furious whenever anyone insults Ms. Blankenship. His friends ask for an explanation, and Drew reveals that he lost his virginity to her. He considers the experience to be special. However, he soon learns that the teacher regularly seduced her male pupils. Drew receives another shock when Kate and Oswald confess that they slept together once in high school. Drew feels like a fool because he was unaware of these secrets. Kate tries to cheer him up by proposing a secret of their own. She declares that they should get married if they are both still single by a certain age (which Drew keeps trying to lower).

Season 2, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/13/1996
What the Zoning Inspector Saw
Drew catches the eye of an attractive stranger at the Warsaw. The woman, Bonnie, agrees to come back to his house to see his brewery. After she learns that he does not have a permit, she reveals that she is a zoning inspector and says that she must report him. Mimi (for a fee) suggests a way that Drew might get out of the situation. She says that the gang could organize a party and sell maps to the location, then give away the appropriate amount of beer. Bonnie comes to Winfred-Louder to apologize to Drew, and agrees to attend his party. She brings a policewoman friend to the gathering. Unfortunately, she threatens to arrest Drew and his friends for soliciting to sell alcohol unless they shut down the party and return everyone's money. Bonnie and Drew sleep together. She feels bad about causing him so many problems. She recommends that he get signatures on a petition and appear before the city council to request a change in the zoning laws for his neighborhood. The council has no interest in listening to Drew, but Bonnie shows up with his neighbors who run businesses from their homes. Drew warns that they will show up for every meeting until they get their way. The council decides to conduct a two-year study on re-zoning and leave the residents and their businesses alone.

Season 2, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/20/1996
Drew's the Other Man
Drew is confused when Bonnie refuses to go out anywhere with him. She always insists that they just pick up some fast food and go back to his house. Drew believes that she is just concerned about putting a strain on his finances, but wishes that they could do something special. Kate suggests that Drew surprise Bonnie. Drew shows up at her apartment with a gourmet meal, only to find that she is married. He ends up having to impersonate a caterer and serve dinner to the couple. Bonnie comes to Drew's house the next day to apologize. She says that her marriage had been dead for a long time, and that she had been planning to end it. Ironically, Drew's dinner helped to rekindle the passion in the marriage. Oswald wins Global Parcel's intramural boxing championship. The man he defeated, Joe "Special Delivery" Lupo, takes him to dinner to celebrate. After Joe begins showering Oswald with gifts, the gang finally forces Oswald to realize that Joe has the wrong impression about their relationship. Oswald discovers that he has been unwittingly "dating" several of his male co-workers.

Season 2, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/27/1996
Mimi's Day Parade
Drew finishes his holiday hirings early and plans to spend Thanksgiving alone with his date. However, Mr. Wick decides to throw together a Winfred-Louder Thanksgiving Day parade at the last minute. He places Drew in charge, and warns him that many people will be fired unless the parade helps boost holiday sales. With just two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, Drew has a very difficult time locating balloons, and cannot obtain permits from the city to block off traffic. Mimi tells him that her father owns a trucking company and can loan the store flatbed trucks to use for floats. He can also arrange for the permits, so long as Mimi is allowed to sit on the lead float and serve as "snow queen." Drew agrees. Mr. Wick kidnaps actor David Lander from the airport and forces him to serve as grand marshal. A furious Mimi steals the keys to all of the floats and goes home. Drew goes after her, and warns that Mr. Wick has given him permission to fire her unless she returns the keys. Drew meets Mimi's family, who talk about how excited they are to see her on television. He is overcome with guilt and agrees to let her be on the head float. Mimi thanks her family for helping her scam Drew.

Season 2, Episode 10 – Aired: 12/4/1996
It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To
An employee is killed by a speeding car while trying to cross a busy intersection in front of the store. Dexter K. Roberts, a popular salesman famous for his great parties, is brought in to take over her job. Drew feels left out when everyone leaves to have lunch with Dexter while Drew is in the copy room. Dexter then embarrasses Drew in front of the staff by using him as the guinea pig for his magic tricks. Dexter throws a big party for his co-workers, and even invites Lewis and Oswald. Drew and Mimi are the only ones who do not have invitations. They run into each other at the Warsaw that night and discuss the pain of being outcasts. They become furious and decide to crash the party and ruin everyone's good time. Dexter reveals that he had actually left invitations for Drew in his pockets during the magic trick. However, Mimi was not invited because of her attitude. She wants to trash his house, but Dexter says that he has called the cops and orders her to leave. He pleads with Drew to stay, but Drew feels that it is wrong for Mimi to be excluded. He loads up on food and leaves with her. Meanwhile, Kate bleaches her hair in the hopes of attracting decent men, but does not receive the desired results.

Season 2, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/18/1996
Lisa Gets Married
Drew tries to bring Wick's random firings to an end by developing a system that ranks employees based on their work performance. Drew inadvertently agrees to organize a wedding shower for Lisa. He had mistakenly believed that an elderly employee was the bride-to-be, not his ex-girlfriend. Lisa's fiancé, Trent, is one of the first employees in line to be fired after Drew's system is implemented. Lisa believes that Drew is acting out of spite, but he insists that Trent is being fired because he is always late and leaves his cash register open. Lisa asks Drew to talk to Trent and give him another chance. He notes that Trent seems to bounce from job to job frequently, and suggests that he think more carefully about his career moves. Trent suddenly concludes that he is rushing into marriage and should call off the wedding. He also quits his job. Lisa is enraged. She later stops by Drew's house to apologize after Trent explains what happened. She tells Drew that she and Trent are eloping. Lewis and Oswald take jobs as elves after Winfred-Louder fails to meet the salary demands of their predecessors. They constantly have run-ins with the drunken Santa, who eventually drops dead. Mimi hopes that Wick will ask her to the office Christmas party. He instead has her call up 25 women to invite them on his behalf.

Season 2, Episode 12 – Aired: 1/8/1997
They're Back
Kate alerts the guys to the fact that a hurricane has struck near the neighborhood where Drew's parents live in Florida. As they watch the news report, Drew's parents suddenly show up at his house in their Winnebago. They have been on the road since losing their house for failure to make payments. They finally admit that Beulah lost their life savings in a land development scam. The Careys plan to stay with Drew for a few weeks until they receive their claim in a class-action lawsuit. Unfortunately, they lose the case. George and Beulah take over the house and prevent Drew from having any privacy. After his parents spoil a date, he begins spending all of his time at the store. He finally resolves to ask his parents to leave by laying a guilt trip on them. They prove too tough to crack, and Drew ends up staying with Lewis and Oswald.

Season 2, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/15/1997
Drew notes the squalid living conditions in Lewis and Oswald's apartment, including an oven that doesn't work and terrible plumbing. They tell Drew that they have complained to the landlord, to no avail. Drew calls the landlord down to the store and threatens to take him to court. He learns that Drew is living with the guys without a lease, and evicts them. The trio winds up sleeping on Kate's floor, much to her dismay. She will only allow them to stay for a few days. Everyone pressures Drew to stand up to his parents. Drew tries to convince his mom to move back to Florida, and promises to help pay for an apartment. He is shocked to discover that his parents own over $100,000 in gold, as well as shares in Microsoft. He manages to convince Beulah to use some of the couple's "rainy day fund" to make a down payment on another house. Meanwhile, Mr. Bell's old flame Suzie takes a liking to Lewis because she mistakenly assumes that he is wealthy. He takes extra jobs in an effort to buy her things, but eventually decides to dump her. Suzie then sets her sights on Mr. Wick, but Mimi cleans her clock.

Season 2, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/29/1997
Drew realizes that it is impossible to make a profit from Buzz Beer. The gang decides to go out of business, and will use the end of the supply by throwing a party with free beer. Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw and invites her to the party. She is only in town for a few days, and Drew forgets to get her name or number. Kate decides that she needs some female friends. She starts hanging out with three women whose looks and personalities are eerily similar to those of Drew, Lewis and Oswald. Drew tampers with Mimi's hair spray and causes her to flock herself. She has to postpone her long-awaited lunch date with Mr. Wick. As revenge, she slips a flier about Drew's party in with Winfred-Louder's newspaper insert. Everyone in the city receives an invitation to the party, and thousands show up at Drew's house--including the mayor, and former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. Kate runs into her girlfriends at the party and discovers that they have ditched her. They feel that she asks them to do too many "girly" things, and are frightened by her temper. Lewis and Oswald try to make a date with each other's female counterpart, but ultimately realize that it is creepy. Drew finally catches up to the woman from the Warsaw, but a bouncer stops him from following her upstairs. Little Richard and Joe Walsh have taken over his bedroom to play chess. They come outside and perform "Rocky Mountain Way." The party causes such a demand for Buzz Beer that the gang decides to stay in business.

Season 2, Episode 15 – Aired: 2/5/1997
Drew Blows His Promotion
Lewis and Oswald plan their annual series of pranks for Drew's birthday, and tease Kate about her inability to keep up with them. Drew volunteers to update Winfred-Louder's training films. He hopes to impress the board and gain a promotion to regional director of personnel. His friends and co-workers help him put together a video outlining the store's sexual harassment policy (although Mimi seems reluctant to resist when Wick "harasses" her). Hoping to win the prank war, Kate alters Drew's safety video. She plans to show it at his birthday party. Unfortunately, he accidentally takes the tampered video to the store and presents it to the board. The video makes it seem as though Drew is passing a lot of gas. He becomes depressed after the incident and eats an entire birthday cake. He is furious at his friends and becomes the laughingstock of the store. He refuses to put up with this, and demands that the board allow him a chance to explain. Drew does not realize that the cake was made of tofu, and that Oswald had accidentally left it out in his truck all day. Drew feels very ill in the middle of his meeting with the board, and struggles to avoid a humiliating incident. Mrs. Louder tells him that he has gotten the promotion, but it is just a token gesture. Winfred-Louder plans to close one of its other regional stores in thirty days, while the third store will "accidentally" burn to the ground.

Season 2, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/12/1997
Check Out Drew's Old Flame
Drew buys a new car, but learns that the check for the down payment has bounced. A woman wrote a bad check at Drew's garage sale. Drew meets with her at the Warsaw to get his money. He finds that she is Kyra, his old girlfriend from junior high school. She apologizes and claims that her roommate wrote bad checks from her account. After she reports that her roommate's gambling debtors might be after her, Drew invites her to stay at his house. He later asks her on a date. Drew's car is repossessed after Kyra's second check also bounces. When Drew confronts her, her roommate shows up and threatens them. He gives Drew the money that Kyra owes him. Drew feels bad about doubting Kyra, and sleeps with her. He awakens in the morning to discover that she has stolen all of his furniture. She was scamming him all along, and is not even the girl he knew from junior high. Drew looks forward to receiving a substantial insurance payment, but Kyra and her brother crash their car and get caught. Drew only gets his "old, crappy stuff" and fifty dollars. Meanwhile, Kate questions her decision to buy everything on deferred payment plans after she discovers that all of the payments are due in two weeks. She tries to save money, but winds up consolidating her debts through another deferred payment plan.

Season 2, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/19/1997
See Drew Run
Winfred-Louder employees must risk their lives to get to work each day because the crosswalk from the new parking garage to the store is at an intersection that leads to the freeway. Faith, a member of the Optimists Club, gets hit by a car while trying to cross. Mimi fills in for her as operator of the store's day care center, and gets along surprisingly well with the kids. Drew demands that the store build a skywalk to the employee garage. Even after Drew finds several construction companies that will work cheap, Wick and the board ignore his complaints because they don't care if the workers get killed. Drew organizes a slowdown, but has to call it off after Wick threatens to fire everyone. Lewis and Oswald get hit by a car after visiting Drew at the store. The Winfred-Louder lawyers try to trick them into signing a waiver absolving the store of all responsibility. Drew announces that he is going on a hunger strike until the store agrees to build the skywalk. He doesn't eat for a week, but doesn't seem to lose any weight. A week later, Wick and Mimi come over to the house to find an emaciated Drew lying on the couch. Wick agrees to cave in to avoid negative publicity. After he is gone, the gang reveals that a skinny pizza delivery guy hid under a blanket and served as Drew's body.

Season 2, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/26/1997
Drew Gets Married
Drew returns from a convention in Las Vegas looking angry and disheveled. He points out that Kate drove away with his luggage after she dropped him off at the airport. He tells his friends that he planned on buying some clothes for the convention, but stopped to play one of the craps tables. He hit a hot streak for a while; but was distracted by a woman he believed was a hooker (actually Grace trying to get rid of Cirque du Soleil tickets) and wound up losing all his money. He jumped into the fountain in despair, and security caught him and another man stealing the coins. A waitress covered for him and got him drunk to take his mind off his troubles. She took him to a rock and roll church and convinced him to get married. He agreed, unaware that the ceremony was real. She apologized and explained that she was fighting for custody of her kids, as her ex-husband was trying to force them to move back to Cleveland. Drew agreed to pose as her husband for the social worker. As Drew, Diane and the kids practice for their meeting, the social worker shows up a day early. Unfortunately, Diane's daughter climbs on the roof in an effort to follow Drew's recommendation that she find a place to be alone with her thoughts. The social worker is impressed when Drew helps talk her down, and notes that the family worked well in a crisis situation. Diane thanks Drew, and they plan to divorce in a week.

Season 2, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/5/1997
Man's Best Same Sex Companion
During a trip to the vet, Drew learns that Speedy's hip problem is getting worse. However, there is an operation that can restore the dog to his old self. It costs 2700 dollars, but Drew vows to find a way to come up with the money. Nora learns about the situation and advises Drew to use his insurance to get the company to pay for the surgery. Winfred-Louder has same-sex health benefits, so he could claim that the operation was for his lover. Nora assures him that she is the only one who would see the form. Drew agrees, and Speedy undergoes a successful operation. Unfortunately, Drew's claim comes up on Nora's day off, and the board doesn't believe that he is gay. They insist that they must meet with Drew and his lover, "Aaron." Drew convinces Oswald to pose as his boyfriend. They fail miserably when quizzed separately about each other's likes and dislikes (other than beer and pizza), but their subsequent bickering convinces Mrs. Louder that they are a couple after all. Wick suggests using the pair to promote Winfred-Louder at gay events throughout the state. Drew comes clean, as he feels it would be wrong to act as a gay role model when he isn't really gay. Mrs. Louder accepts his explanation for the fraud and suspends his health benefits until he pays off Speedy's claim. Meanwhile, Kate gets a ferret, but can't seem to keep it from escaping.

Season 2, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/19/1997
Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar
Earl is released from prison and insists that he has changed his ways. He says that he never really intended to hurt Drew, as the gun he pointed at him was a toy. Drew is put off when Earl rents the house next door and begins watching his every move. Earl insists that he wants to observe Drew so that he can learn to become normal and assimilate into society. Drew likes the idea of being a role model, until Earl begins dressing exactly like him and trying to do his job. When Drew confronts him, Earl apologizes. He invites the gang over to his house for a party to say goodbye. They reluctantly attend, only to find that Earl has redone his house to look exactly like Drew's place. He wants everyone to call him Drew, and waves a knife around menacingly while serving pizza. He then pulls a gun on them and leads them to believe it is real. He wants to kill Drew so that he can take over his life. Oswald distracts Earl with a math story problem and jumps him. Kate calls the police and predicts that Earl will end up on the news. The guys decide to cover him with Buzz Beer bumper stickers to get free advertising. Mimi prepares to meet the King of Poland with the hopes of becoming queen. Mimi's aunt dies, and Mimi pilfers a ring from the corpse that is to signify her new title.

Season 2, Episode 21 – Aired: 4/2/1997
Kate discovers that someone has marketed another coffee-flavored beer, Cap-Beer-Cino. The man behind the product, Chris Vanderkamp, shows up at the Warsaw to try to sell Cap-Beer-Cino to the bar. He freely admits that he stole the idea from Buzz Beer, but has received assurances from his lawyers that he is in the clear. The gang buys an ice cream truck to keep the beer cold while making shipments. The next day, the refrigeration unit breaks. The car dealership finally agrees to replace it after Lewis and Oswald dress as lemons and make a scene. Lewis and Oswald discover that Vanderkamp sabotaged the truck. Cap-Beer-Cino infiltrates the Warsaw and wins over customers with an endorsement from supermodel Rachel Hunter. Everyone decides to drink their beer so that they can be like the "beautiful people." The gang tries to get revenge by going to Vanderkamp's wealthy neighborhood to sell Buzz Beer at his hangout. They are unsuccessful, and Vanderkamp taunts them. Kate belts him in the stomach and sets off a brawl. Drew convinces the Warsaw customers to reject Cap-Beer-Cino by standing on the bar and making a speech about loyalty. Kate is not pleased when Drew cites Buzz Beer as the "beer of attainable women" and promises to give away a date with her. The gang replaces Rachel Hunter's face on a Cap-Beer-Cino ad with a picture of Mimi.

Season 2, Episode 22 – Aired: 4/30/1997
Drew vs. Mimi, Part II
Mr. Bradbury, the employee representative to the board of directors, is forced to retire after forty years on the job. Drew, Mimi and Larry are desperate to replace him, as the position comes with a substantial raise and lots of benefits and requires little actual work. Drew consults a book for tips on how to gain an edge in business, and manages to impress Wick and several other board members. Mimi finds Drew's book at the Warsaw and decides to use it to her advantage. The finalists meet with the board in the company dining room. Larry shows up late and acts completely disrespectful to everyone. Mimi and Drew seem to impress Mrs. Louder and the others, but soon slip up. A waiter picks a fight with Drew, and they get into a brawl. Drew tries to make up for his gaffe by learning magic tricks so that he will seem more likable. The board is delighted by his act, but Mrs. Louder announces that Larry has won the job. When Drew and Mimi confront him, he admits that he is sleeping with Mrs. Louder. He seems embarrassed and disgusted, but claims the job is worth it.

Season 2, Episode 23 – Aired: 5/7/1997
Win a Date with Kate
Kate takes offense when the guys decide to give away a date with her as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Mr. Wick finds the winning bottle cap. Kate doesn't like the idea of dating her boss, but decides that she can survive one date. Mimi warns Kate not to try anything with Wick. Kate and Wick fall for each other, to everyone's amazement. Drew worries that they will eventually break up and take out their anger on him. Kate defends Drew when Wick makes an unreasonable request at work. Wick snaps at her and says that her opinion is of no value in the work place. Kate is outraged, and repeats many insults that Drew had made about Wick behind his back. Drew tries to get Kate to calm down. She lashes out at him for not standing up for her, and breaks up with Wick. Wick fires Drew. However, Kate and Wick reveal that they orchestrated the scam so that Kate could get back at Drew for giving her away as a prize. Wick stuns Kate by declaring that he has really fallen in love with her. He writes a poem for her, but she regretfully replies that she doesn't feel the same way about him. Drew bails out the heartbroken Wick by claiming that they were playing a joke as retaliation for Kate's prank. Mimi invites Wick to turn to her on the rebound.

Season 2, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/14/1997
New York and Queens
After he is honored for going to work 3000 times without missing a day, Drew fears that he has wasted his life. He grows depressed that everyone at the store calls him "Old Man Carey" and sees him as a model for stability and responsibility. While the gang is out restocking bars with Buzz Beer on Sunday morning, he suddenly suggests that they drive to New York to watch the Indians play the Yankees. They would not make it back in time for work the next day, but they decide that they don't care. After arriving in New York, they get stuck in a massive traffic jam and meet Donald Trump. Carol Channing continually rams her car into the truck and yells at them. The traffic clears up, but the truck runs out of gas. Drew and Oswald sell two cases of Buzz Beer to a nearby store to get gas money, as they blew all of their cash in Hershey, Pennsylvania. An ice cream man starts beating on the truck with a baseball bat because he thinks that Drew and his friends are moving in on his territory. When they explain that they actually carry beer in the truck, a policeman arrests them for selling alcohol without a permit. After they are released and return to Cleveland, Drew convinces them to go to the midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." They show up in costume to find that the theater has replaced Rocky Horror with "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." The gang argues with Mimi, Wick and other patrons about which of the films is better, and they have a dance-off.

Season 3, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/23/1997
Drew vs. Billboard
Drew worries that his lack of physical fitness is holding him back after Wick chooses a fit young man named Smith to represent the store at a conference in Hawaii. A man at the Warsaw overhears Drew lamenting his situation. He claims to have lost a lot of weight through a pill that is ingested with beer. He offers to give Drew a free bottle of the pills if he poses for some photos for a "before and after" campaign. A few days later, Drew is horrified to see a shirtless photo of himself on a billboard. He becomes the laughingstock of the city, and cannot force Morgan to remove the billboard because he signed a contract. Wick warns that he is embarrassing the store and may be moved to a position that does not require contact with the public. Drew and the gang climb on the billboard at night to tear it down. Morgan shows up to stop them, thanks to a warning from Mimi, but they staple him to the billboard and pull his pants down. Morgan warns that Drew has a suspicious mole. Drew goes to a doctor and learns that he is in good condition. Smith suddenly drops dead of a heart attack at the conference, and Wick sends Drew to Hawaii to retrieve the body. Drew has fun by posing for photos with the corpse in various airports. Meanwhile, Lewis fears that a DrugCo shampoo is causing his head to grow bigger.

Season 3, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/24/1997
Drew and the Singles Union
A major storm approaches Cleveland. Winfred-Louder employees with families are allowed to leave work early to spend time with their children, but Wick forces the single workers to stay. Drew, Kate, Mimi and other single employees complain about their fate. Drew proposes that they start a union for singles. Mimi agrees, but feels that she should be named president. A tornado approaches, and the group seeks refuge in the store's basement. Wick gets caught in the store when the twister hits. Mimi finds him curled up in a ball on the floor the next day, and takes him to her house. Drew's friends accuse him of starting a singles' union as an excuse to meet women. Larry shows up at Drew's house and warns that the married employees will hurt him if the new union affects their benefits package. Drew appears to be on the verge of winning the union presidency when Mimi suddenly claims that she can get Wick to sign off on new benefits. With their demands now met, the other singles decide they don't need a union. Mimi tricks the confused Wick into signing a bunch of forms. As they hang out at Drew's house after the meeting, Kate and Oswald start making out for some reason.

Season 3, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/1/1997
Strange Bedfellows
Nicki Fifer, a real-estate agent working with Drew's new neighbors, asks him to allow them to store a dumpster in his yard during construction. He agrees, even though she refuses his request that they not work too early in the morning. Drew realizes that he is a total pushover, and vows to become more assertive. Drew taps into the boardroom with his computer so that he can review footage of his meeting and hear the board's comments about him. Mimi discovers Kate watching the video, but Kate buys her off. Drew and Mimi see Larry and Mrs. Louder having sex in the boardroom. Wick continues to convalesce at Mimi's house, and she convinces him that the store is in ruins. She asks him what to do about Larry, but he has mellowed and doesn't seem upset by the tryst. Mrs. Louder fires Larry, telling him that Wick sent a memo threatening to expose the video of them together. Larry's wife finds out about the affair and throws him out. Drew is promoted to Larry's old job. The guilt-ridden Drew lets him move into the basement. A drunken Mrs. Louder shows up and pays off Larry. She reveals that Drew took his job, but Larry feels that Drew isn't cutthroat enough to survive. Drew resigns from the board after Mrs. Louder tries to get him to plant stolen jewelry in Mimi's purse. He wants to fire her for just reasons. Drew fights back against the neighbors until Nicki agrees to remove their junk from his lawn. She turns down a date with him, but won't tell him why. Kate and Oswald begin secretly dating.

Season 3, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/8/1997
Misery Loves Mimi
When Mr. Wick announces that he feels better and wants to help "rebuild" the store, Mimi tricks him into believing that another storm has hit the city. Mimi continues to run the store by issuing memos with Wick's signature. She forces Drew to come in and work on the weekend, just as Nicki was about to agree to a lunch date. Drew becomes suspicious of Wick's disappearance and begins asking questions. Mimi gives him a memo that says he is fired. Kate and Oswald tell Lewis that they are dating. He isn't very happy about it, and warns that Drew will be even more upset. Kate begins to break the news to Drew, but backs down after hearing of his firing. Nicki comes to the Warsaw, and concludes that Drew is a loser after Larry mentions that they are both unemployed. Drew and Lewis go to Mimi's apartment to confront her, and find Mr. Wick. Mimi tries to convince him to stay, but Drew wins him over by pointing out that Wick isn't getting the credit for the store's success. Drew gets his job back. Larry suddenly comes up with a lot of money and begins buying gifts for Drew, including a big-screen TV. Nicki comes over and says that she is willing to go out with him. Kate and Oswald decide that the timing is right to make their big announcement. Seconds later, DEA agents burst in and arrest everyone, as Larry has been selling drugs. Drew's new neighbors come over to introduce themselves, only to find everyone on the floor with guns pointed at their heads.

Season 3, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/15/1997
A Very, Very, Very Fine House
Drew's lawyer gets all charges dropped by threatening a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. However, the government seizes the house as evidence because Larry used drug money to pay the mortgage. They plan to sell it at auction. Drew stays with Lewis and Oswald in their new apartment above the Warsaw. After Nicki mentions that the price will probably end up far less than the real value of the house, Drew gets an idea. He decides to declare bankruptcy to get out of debt, and have Lewis bid on the house on his behalf. Mimi shows up and begins bidding, hoping to make Drew miserable and get herself a cheap house. Drew's new neighbors outbid her, as they want to expand their property. Drew gets Greg to back off by talking about the importance of his childhood home--and convincing him that their other neighbor will probably die soon. Drew ignores Kate after learning of her relationship with Oswald. He unconvincingly insists that he is happy for her, but snaps at her for laughing after Oswald says something stupid. Nicki convinces Drew to talk to Kate. He confesses that he is jealous of their happiness because he doesn't want to end up alone (like Lewis). Kate assures him that he will find someone, and that they'll always be friends.

Season 3, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/29/1997
Drew vs. the Pig
Drew is confused when Nicki refuses to eat at the Warsaw's annual "Bust-a-Gut" night. She explains that she used to be heavy, but lost 85 pounds. She must watch her diet carefully. Drew volunteers to lose ten pounds to show his support. Mimi overhears this and laughs at Drew. He bets her twenty dollars per pound that he can lose the weight. Mimi convinces Drew that Nicki was never fat, and lied so that she could pressure Drew into a diet because she is unhappy with his appearance. Drew searches for a way to find out if Nicki is telling the truth. The gang discovers why Drew's diet is failing: he is eating in his sleep. Lewis, Oswald and Kate try to think of a good way to promote Buzz Beer at a local expo. They display a giant mug of beer, which springs a leak. After Lewis dives in to plug the hole in the mug, the gang promotes him as "Beer Boy" and tries to get customers to pay for photos with him. Nicki runs into a high school classmate, who says that she hasn't changed at all. Drew concludes that Nicki lied to him. He runs off and enters a watermelon contest against a pig so that he can have the money to pay Mimi. Nicki's classmate tells Kate that Nicki really did lose a lot of weight; the woman is just bitter because she had to sit behind Nicki in the class photo. Nicki catches up to Drew after the contest and assures him that she likes him for who he is. They race off to find "Beer Boy," who has apparently lost his pants.

Season 3, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/5/1997
Drew wins the Batmobile through a contest at a fast food restaurant. His friends are astonished to learn that he could have taken $200,000 cash in lieu of the car, but turned it down. Mimi blackmails Drew into driving her to work in the Batmobile. Nicki asks Drew to drive his regular car when they meet with her parents for dinner that night, as she wants them to see that he is more stable than her last few boyfriends. Lewis and Oswald take the Batmobile for a joyride in their Batman and Robin outfits. Drew becomes paranoid about the car being taken, and skips the dinner with Nicki's parents. He later apologizes and tries to convince her that he cares about the relationship. They go for a ride in the Batmobile so that they can park in a secluded place and talk. Nicki gets really turned on by the car. The police see the car and approach because they believe it has been stolen again. They catch Drew and Nicki having sex. Drew is forced to return the Batmobile because he violated a morals clause by "defiling" it. Drew fears that Nicki only found him attractive when he had the car, but she assures him otherwise.

Season 3, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/12/1997
The Dog and Pony Show
Mr. Wick reluctantly watches Mrs. Louder's prized dog while she is out of town. It is valued for breeding because of its unique coat. Wick decides to dump the dog off on Drew without consulting him. Kate takes the dog to Drew's house; but has to leave to pick up Oswald, whose delivery truck has broken down at a motel where an old classmate is hitting on him. Drew doesn't find Kate's note, and assumes the dog is a stray. He has it shaved and neutered. Kate finds an ad for a similar dog, but it costs several thousand dollars. Drew must come up with the money or lose his job. Wick also fears that he will be fired. Inspired by The Full Monty, the guys decide to make the money by stripping at the Warsaw. Oswald is a little too excited by the idea. Lewis backs out at the last minute, but Larry is released from jail and steps in as a replacement. The cops stop the guys before they can take it all off because the Warsaw isn't zoned for exotic dancing. Drew and his cohorts take the matter before the city council. When the council proves uncooperative, they ask for the chance to demonstrate their routine. All of the guys (including Lewis) strip at the meeting.

Season 3, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/19/1997
Drew's Brother
Drew's older brother Steve makes a surprise visit. He reveals that he has recently lost his job and gone through a broken engagement, and asks to stay with Drew for a while. Lewis dislikes Steve because of a prank he once played on him. Kate convinces Drew to hire Steve for the opening in the store's cosmetics department. He reluctantly agrees after they both promise to stay out of trouble. Drew asks Mr. Wick to pretend to fire Steve on his first day. When they go down to the floor to carry out the joke, Drew discovers that Steve is wearing a wig and women's clothing. He reveals that he is a cross-dresser. Wick orders Drew to fire Steve immediately. Drew is shocked by his brother's news, but decides to stand up for him. He feels that the customers won't even realize that Steve is a man, as Wick initially mistook him for a woman. He dresses up four men on the sales floor as women and challenges Wick to find one of them. If he is correct, he can fire Steve and have Drew's pool table; but if he is wrong, Steve must stay. Wick mistakes singer Dionne Warwick for an impersonator and loses the bet. Meanwhile, a horrified Mimi tries to find a way to keep her face covered after an allergic reaction forces her to go two weeks without make-up.

Season 3, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/26/1997
That Thing You Don't
The guys decide to get their band back together and enter a battle of the bands contest at the Warsaw. Kate wants to be lead vocalist, but no one thinks that this is a very good idea because she is terrible. She forces Oswald to stand up for her, and he begs Drew and Lewis to change their minds. At a meeting about the contest, the gang runs into Herb, a rival from high school. He is certain that his band will win, as they have played together at the Holiday Inn for twenty years. The guys are determined to best him, but know that they cannot win if they let Kate "sing." Oswald refuses to ask her to leave, so Drew tells her that she sucks. She quits, and Oswald follows. Drew and Lewis bring in a guy from high school to play keyboards, and make the finals. Kate pries the truth about her singing from Oswald. She feels they should always be honest with each other, but he disagrees. Mimi tries to knock Drew out of the contest by hitting him with a bathroom door, but mistakenly hurts the keyboardist. The guys are about to quit when Oswald arrives. Drew feels sorry for Kate and lets her shake a tambourine during the song. They steal the first place trophy from the winners.

Season 3, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/3/1997
Drew's pastor convinces him to volunteer at a retirement home whose residents have a particularly bad reputation. When Mr. Wick learns of this, he sucks up to Mrs. Louder by suggesting that the store get some good publicity by forcing all employees to "volunteer" at retirement homes on the weekend. Gus, one of the residents, convinces Drew to ease the seniors' boredom by taking them along to the store and letting them help with inventory. Gus takes a bunch of photographs and convinces a local TV reporter that Drew is abusing the residents. The home receives an outpouring of gifts from horrified citizens, and the elderly begin picketing Winfred-Louder. Mrs. Louder plans to issue a press release that says Drew is fired, then hide him at another store until he eventually apologizes at a press conference. Drew doesn't want to take the blame for something he didn't do, so she gives him one day to coax a confession from Gus. When he cannot get him to crack, Mrs. Louder shows up and threatens to buy the home and have it bulldozed. She has everyone sign waivers clearing Drew, and promises to replace all of the gifts they had received. Drew had ensured her cooperation by re-hiring Larry for the store and getting him to date Mrs. Louder again.

Season 3, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/17/1997
Winfred-Louder holds a contest, offering two tickets to the Bahamas for the employee with the best desk decorations. Mimi tries to impress Wick by re-creating the abbey of his youth and having a children's choir sing insulting songs about Drew. Wick points out that he was regularly beaten by choir boys as a child, and tells her that she lost. Drew creates an entirely edible cubicle, while Kate just dances on the cosmetics counter. Wick names them co-winners and gives them each a ticket. Drew confesses to Lewis that he is worried about being alone with Kate, as he has always dreamed of being stranded with her on a deserted island and doesn't know if he can control himself. He offers the ticket to Oswald, but he has to work. Drew tries to get Kate to give her ticket to Nicki; but she also must work, and thinks that she is too fat to wear a swimsuit because she is now eating all of the time. Lewis accidentally spills the beans about Drew's feelings for Kate to Oswald. An enraged Oswald stows away on a courier flight to the Bahamas. Drew acts extremely nervous around Kate, who seems oblivious. She eventually gets him to loosen up, and suggests they take a trip together every year. They must take refuge in the bathroom after birds take over their room. Kate confesses that she is unsure if her relationship with Oswald has a future. Drew reassures her by telling her a story that makes it sound as though Oswald has always loved her. Kate almost figures out that he is talking about himself. When Oswald shows up, Drew gives him the room and tells him to pretend they planned the whole thing as a surprise.

Season 3, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/7/1998
Howdy Neighbor
The Buzz Beer tank explodes, sending beer flying all over the Clemens' yard. Drew has Greg and Janet over for dinner in the hopes of persuading them not to sue. Janet talks Greg into investing in Buzz Beer so that the gang can get a new tank and won't go out of business. Greg insists on calling all of the shots. He promises to double the profits, but forces the gang to work constantly. Greg and Wick divide up Drew's schedule so that they claim all of his time. Greg angers Janet by neglecting her to spend all of his time obsessing over the business. Drew gets Greg drunk in the hopes of getting him to loosen up. They steal a neighbor's leftover Christmas decorations. The tank explodes again, but Greg had insured it. Drew and Janet convince Greg to be less demanding. Lewis begins dating a woman who works as a guinea pig for DrugCo.

Season 3, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/14/1998
He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not
Mr. Wick finds a memo in which Mrs. Louder discusses plans to "celebrate [his] firing." Panicked, he approaches Mimi and suggests a phony sexual harassment scheme. She will claim that he harassed her and file a suit against the store. After she receives her winnings, they will split the money and go off to live on a tropical island. Wick makes a pass at Mimi in front of Drew so that he will serve as their witness. He gets her reassigned to mail room duty to protect her from Wick. Mrs. Louder tries to bribe Drew to get him not to testify. When he refuses, she demotes him to duty on the sales floor (in the fur department). Oswald delivers a suspicious package for Mimi and Wick. Drew opens it and discovers that they are opening a bank account in the Cayman Islands. The gang sneaks around the store at night and sees Wick making out with Joanne, a cafeteria worker. He asks her to come to the islands with him. Drew confronts Mimi and tells her about Joanne. Mimi is heartbroken, as she only agreed to the scheme for the chance to be with Wick. Wick comes over and announces that he wasn't really being fired; Mrs. Louder actually wanted to celebrate the fact that his firings have saved the store a lot of money. Wick apologizes and offers Drew and Mimi their old jobs. Mimi refuses to call off the lawsuit.

Season 3, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/28/1998
Mr. Louder's Birthday Party
When no one else is available, Mrs. Louder asks Drew to make one of the toasts at a birthday party honoring her late husband. The person with the best toast will receive 500 shares of company stock. Drew has trouble figuring out what to say because Mr. Louder was a terrible person. He recruits Oswald and Lewis to run the lights at the event and laugh at his bad jokes. Nicki does not want to accompany Drew to the dinner because she has gained so much weight that her dress no longer fits. She eventually shows up, but wants to hide in the back of the room. Drew hopes to make her feel better by mentioning how pretty she is during the speech and having Oswald and Lewis put the spotlight on her. However, it proves disastrous, as everyone sees her stuffing her face. Drew assures Nicki that there are much worse things than being fat, and that he loves her anyway. She is still determined to lose some weight. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick and the store try desperately to convince Mimi to drop her lawsuit.

Season 3, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/4/1998
The Salon
Kate hopes to receive a promotion to wardrobe buyer, but Mrs. Louder doesn't feel she has enough class for the job. Drew tries to help Kate come up with a plan to change Mrs. Louder's mind. They decide to organize a salon at Drew's house and discuss social and political issues. Drew suggests focusing on a few pre-selected topics so that Kate has time to study. Lewis also invites his boss from DrugCo to the event in the hopes of impressing him. Kate and Mrs. Louder get into a heated argument over the issue of Internet censorship. They begin insulting each other, and Mrs. Louder fires her. Kate takes a temporary job with Global Parcel, but Oswald has to fire her the first day after she endangers him and the cargo by getting into an altercation with other drivers. Drew meets Mrs. Louder's idol, Rush Limbaugh, and convinces him to come to the store. He tells Mrs. Louder that he agrees with Kate's opinion that the Internet should allow free speech. Mrs. Louder lets Kate come back to the store. Meanwhile, Mimi pushes Wick too far when she insults his mother over the phone. He decides to file a countersuit against her for defamation of character.

Season 3, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/11/1998
The Engagement
Drew and Lewis are shocked when Oswald announces that he is going to move in with Kate. A jealous Drew feels that it is too soon for them to live together. As Oswald moves out of his apartment, he and Kate get into a shouting match. When Oswald returns a moment later and says that "it's over," Drew assumes that he and Kate have broken up and admits that he thought they were totally wrong for each other. Oswald clarifies that he meant the argument was over, not the relationship. He accuses Drew of pining for Kate. Drew keeps accidentally referring to Kate as his girlfriend instead of Nicki. He claims that he isn't after Kate, but still doesn't think she and Oswald are a good couple. Oswald insists that they are more compatible than Drew and Nicki. They decide to test the relationships by slipping questions from a magazine's compatibility test into the conversation during the couples' Valentine's Day dinner. Oswald and Kate do agree on a few things, while Drew and Nicki seem to have nothing in common. Oswald proposes to Kate, who accepts. Drew tries to compete by asking Nicki to marry him. She is confused, but says yes. Lewis tries to handle his girlfriend, Pinky, who behaves strangely after testing a cat vaccine for DrugCo. Meanwhile, Mimi and Wick take lie detector tests in anticipation of their court appearances for her lawsuit. Wick realizes he is in trouble after witnessing Mimi's mastery of the machine.

Season 3, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/25/1998
Nicki's Parents
Drew and Oswald buy engagement rings. Drew plans to present the ring to Nicki at dinner as he meets her parents for the first time. Drew is forced to dine alone with Mr. and Mrs. Fifer after Nicki gets snowed in at her sister's place. When her parents see a recent photo of Nicki, they comment on how much weight she has gained. Although they initially blame Drew, they soon get into an argument about who is responsible for their daughter's problems. They begin screaming at each other and complaining about their sex life. Mrs. Fifer announces that she is moving out. Mr. Fifer convinces Drew to take him out on the town to meet women. Drew's plan to discourage him fails, but Mr. Fifer soon goes running back to his wife after an evening with the gang shows him that single life may not be as exciting as he had imagined. Kate and Oswald go to marriage counseling after she complains that he spends too much time with Lewis.

Season 3, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/4/1998
Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator
Drew and the gang are depressed when his refrigerator breaks. Drew sees a beautiful new refrigerator in a Winfred-Louder ad, and convinces Mr. Wick to make it the grand prize in the annual employee games. Mimi teams up with Larry in the hopes of continuing her unbeaten streak at the event. Drew worries that he and Nicki won't be able to win the competition. Kate and Oswald and Lewis and Pinky also enter, promising to give Drew the fridge if they win. Unfortunately, Pinky has been involved in a DrugCo experiment that encourages competitive behavior. She takes out Drew, leaving him on crutches with his arm in a sling. After Mimi wins the final tug-of-war to take the contest, the injured Drew challenges her to a grudge match. She sends him flying headfirst into a refrigerator. Drew's friends chip in to buy him the dented model, and tell him that he got it as a consolation prize.

Season 3, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/11/1998
The Bachelor Party
Drew and Nicki plan to videotape themselves having sex. Drew's parents come to town to celebrate his engagement, and arrive very early in the morning. After Nicki leaves, Drew tries to tell his mom about a problem involving the couple's relationship. Before he can finish, Kate, Oswald and Lewis stop by to share details of Drew and Oswald's bachelor party. Drew finally tells Beulah that he has called off the wedding. She pleads with him to go through with the bachelor party and let her break the bad news to George, as he has been depressed recently. Steve shows up in a dress, and Drew and Beulah plead with him not to tell George that he is a cross-dresser. Oswald nearly screens the video of Drew and Nicki at the bachelor party. After the guys try to give Drew a bunch of money as a wedding present, Drew breaks down and tells his father that he isn't getting married. Steve pops out of the cake in a dress. George and Beulah leave, but he seems to take Steve's news better than expected. Drew puts in the video of Nicki and him. Before anything happened, she saw herself in the monitor and became horrified. She blamed Drew for her massive weight gain and dumped him.

Season 3, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/18/1998
The Sex Drug
Lewis confiscates a sex drug being tested at DrugCo after fighting off an attack by the monkeys who had used it. He nearly dumps it into the green dye that Oswald has prepared for Buzz Beer's St. Patrick's Day batch. Lewis throws the bag into Drew's trash, but Speedy retrieves it. A raven then snatches the drug, and spills it into the dye as Oswald carries it to the garage. Drew prepares to testify on Mr. Wick's behalf in Mimi's sexual harassment case. He is the only witness. Mrs. Louder warns him that he will be fired if he screws up. Everyone at the Warsaw inadvertently drinks beer tainted with the sex drug. Drew has a bottle before going to court, and cannot concentrate because he is hitting on every woman in sight (including the judge). The judge has him removed from the courtroom and dismisses the suit because there are no witnesses. Wick apologizes to Mimi and asks her to return to work as his secretary.

Season 3, Episode 22 – Aired: 4/1/1998
What's Wrong with This Episode?
In another of his cruel firing methods, Wick gives an employee a crossbow and says that he will not let him go if he can shoot an apple off of Wick's head. When the man tries to fire, a sign comes down that says "You're fired." However, the crossbow winds up going off, and Wick gets shot in the crotch with an arrow. He puts Drew in charge of the store until Mrs. Louder's return the following week. Drew declares that he will not fire any employee for any reason, as he wants to believe that people are good. The workers initially love him, but Larry soon takes advantage of Drew's policy. Everyone stops working, and the store falls apart. Drew tries to teach the employees a lesson by emulating their laziness and refusing to fill out their paperwork. He warns that the store will go under if they don't return to work, but no one seems to care. Mrs. Louder returns early, and Larry laughs that the employees can simply blame Drew's policy for the store's collapse. Drew is forced to resume firing, and everyone returns to their jobs.

Season 3, Episode 23 – Aired: 4/8/1998
The Rebound
An attractive handywoman named Sharon comes to the house after the gang breaks several appliances during a drunken celebration honoring Drew's last payment on the engagement ring. She seems to get along well with Drew, so Oswald and Lewis push him to ask her out. Kate feels that Drew is on the rebound and will only get hurt. Drew makes up an excuse to see Sharon again. He asks her out, but insists that he only wants to be friends. He tries to cheer her up after a date stands her up, only to have her leave when the guy gets out of his work commitment. A lonely Drew interrupts Sharon's date by calling her for help with a plumbing problem, then intentionally breaks a pipe. He accidentally floods the entire basement. Drew tries to get Sharon's attention by riding through the flood waters in a raft and playing his accordion for her. She says that she is just not interested in dating him. Kate cheers up Drew by telling him how sweet and romantic he is.

Season 3, Episode 24 – Aired: 4/22/1998
The Dating Consultant
Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw who recommends that he sign up for her dating advice service (for $250). He is reluctant, but finally agrees. She embarrasses him by taking hidden video of his date and using it as a "teaching aid" for the class. Drew becomes the laughingstock of the class, despite the fact that most of the students are dorks and losers who have never had sex. Drew seeks the help of the Better Business Bureau to have the service shut down. However, he ends up enlisting tips from the class to get a date with the Better Business Bureau employee. He quickly scares her off with his overeager behavior, and ends up back in the class. Lewis interviews potential new roommates, but Oswald keeps driving them all away. Lewis enjoys the freedom of having the place to himself. Mr. Wick bribes Lewis into letting him use the extra bedroom for a one-night stand. Mimi messes with Oswald's head by trying to convince him that Kate really loves Drew.

Season 3, Episode 25 – Aired: 4/29/1998
Drew's Cousin
Drew hosts the family barbecue for all of the Carey cousins. Kristen, his 18-year-old cousin, comes to the event while looking at colleges. She plans to attend Cleveland State, and asks to stay with Drew until she can get a place at the dorm. He also gets her a temporary job at the store. Drew is horrified to discover that Kristen and Mr. Wick are secretly dating. He worries that the relationship will cause him problems with his family and at work. Kristen and Wick point out that they are both adults and are free to date whomever they choose. Wick confesses that he is in love with Kristen. Drew reluctantly agrees not to stand in their way, but is more than a little disgusted to find a pant-less Wick in his house the next morning. Wick overreacts when Kristen makes plans with two guys from Cleveland State. She becomes freaked out by his possessive behavior and dumps him. He tries to win her back by standing on Drew's pool table and playing Foreigner's "I Wanna Know What Love Is" on a boom box. Kristen calls her guy friends over to get rid of him. Drew convinces Wick to give up. Wick eludes Kristen's friends by sticking them on Drew, but Steve comes to Drew's rescue.

Season 3, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/6/1998
From the Earth to the Moon
As Drew's carpool arrives at Winfred-Louder, Mrs. Louder calls and tells him that he has been chosen to coordinate hiring for the corporation's new stores in Europe. He must make it to the boardroom quickly to hold onto the promotion. Drew falls in an oil slick in the parking garage and has to buy a new shirt. The replacement shirt gets torn as he intervenes in a dispute between Kate and an irate customer. The clerk charges him several thousand dollars for the shirt, and panics when Drew asks him to correct the mistake. Mrs. Louder repeatedly admonishes Drew over the loudspeaker for not showing up in the boardroom. Larry and Drew get stuck in the elevator at a time when both badly need to use the bathroom. Lewis and Oswald then detain Drew and make him listen to a ridiculous story about a "recovered memory" of Lewis's. Mrs. Louder warns Drew that he will lose the promotion unless he shows up in ten minutes. A bunch of workers block the stairs with a giant toy castle and go on break. Drew knocks down the castle, then has to reject a beautiful co-worker who wants to take him home. Mr. Wick intentionally wastes Drew's time by trying to convince him that he has a fear of success. Mimi, seeking revenge for a prank, blocks the door to the boardroom. Drew plows through her and makes it to the boardroom with 15 seconds to spare. Mrs. Louder says that she has decided not to give him the promotion, but changes her mind after Drew stands up to her. He receives the promotion and a raise.

Season 3, Episode 27 – Aired: 5/13/1998
The Wedding Dress
Greg and Janet try to talk Drew into selling his house so that they can convert it into a barn for their horse. Kate and Oswald plan their wedding, but realize that they will not be able to afford many frills. Kate is upset that she will not be able to afford her dream wedding dress (the same one worn by her Barbie doll). The gang discovers that a bridal shop is having a sale and tries to find the dress. Mimi, visiting the store in search of her costume for a music video, helps Kate fight through the throngs of bloodthirsty bargain hunters. Kate finds that the dress she wants is a designer gown that costs 5000 dollars. Drew sees how disappointed Kate is and desperately wants to make her dream come true. He lets Greg and Janet store the horse in his backyard, and uses the rent money to buy the dress. He plans to surprise Kate at her shower. Mimi learns that Oswald has bought Kate a cheap knock-off of the dress. Mimi tries to warn him about Drew's actions, but thinks better of it after Oswald insults her. She begs for an invitation to the shower so that she can see the sparks fly. Mr. Wick shows up at the shower drunk and tries to make a play for Kate. Drew takes him upstairs to let him sleep it off. Oswald gives Kate the less expensive dress while Drew is out of the room. When Drew gives her the original gown, Oswald explodes and accuses Drew of showing him up and trying to steal Kate. He drags him outside and attacks him. Oswald tells Kate that Drew does not approve of their relationship. Kate is furious at him for not sharing his doubts earlier. She finally admits that she isn't mad at Drew, but is upset with herself because she doesn't want to marry Oswald.

Season 3, Episode 28 – Aired: 5/20/1998
My Best Friend's Wedding
Lewis brings Drew and Oswald together and gets them to patch things up. Kate tries to come up with a way to tell Oswald that she isn't in love with him and wants to call off the wedding. Drew insists that she must talk with Oswald face-to-face. Drew accompanies Kate to the couple's apartment to give her moral support and make sure she shares her feelings with Oswald. Just as she is about to break the news to him, Oswald's mother arrives. Kate decides to sneak out and stay with Drew for the time being. They arrive at his house to discover that Oswald has organized a surprise wedding. Kate is so afraid of humiliating Oswald that she decides to just go through with the marriage. Drew cannot change her mind. Lewis picks up on her doubts and tries to help break up the ceremony. When Lewis and Drew play catch with the ring, Oswald finally realizes that they are trying to protect him from bad news. Kate tells him that she doesn't want to get married. Oswald puts on a brave front, but warns Kate that his mother will kick her ass. However, Mrs. Harvey sympathizes with Kate's plight. Oswald goes on a disastrous honeymoon with Drew and Lewis.

Season 4, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/23/1998
Drew and the Conspiracy
Drew suffers a constant series of mishaps at work, from dumpsters blocking his parking space to broken chairs and a seemingly endless supply of faulty pencil points. He begins to suspect that someone is out to get him, but his friends feel that he is just paranoid. However, Chuck shows Drew a videotape in which three men sit around discussing how much they hate Drew, and all the things they have done to make him miserable for the last decade. The men indicate that they will pull their ultimate prank the next day. When they cannot be found at work, Drew evacuates the store. The men then show up, and Drew demands to know why they dislike him. One of them says that Drew caused him to lose his fiancée by getting jelly on his collar; she mistook it for lipstick and dumped him. Drew got the second man in trouble by repeating his insults about the boss when he was in earshot, and the third guy didn't like being reported for drinking at work. The guys decide that they are tired of harassing Drew and apologize. Lewis gets Mimi a supply of mood make-up being tested by DrugCo, which changes color as her moods change. A man applying for a Winfred-Louder position in Singapore instantly falls for her. He turns down the job to stay in the country for her, but reveals that he is married. She wants nothing to do with him, but changes her mind after he refuses to leave the store during the bomb scare because he is so upset about losing her.

Season 4, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/30/1998
In Ramada Da Vida
Drew entertains a group of investors from Vietnam who are considering opening a store in Hanoi. They have drinks at the Airport Ramada Inn. When the house band goes on break, Drew and the guys fulfill the investors' request for music by taking the stage for a song. The manager feels that they are better than the regular band and asks them to play for a week. Drew fears that this would be too much of a distraction and wants to focus on his new job. He changes his mind after a groupie hits on him in the parking lot. The guys audition guitar players, and hire a free-spirited guy named Ed. Kate becomes dissatisfied with her job and tries to get fired. Drew agrees to let her go, but promises to re-hire her if she can't find a better job in a week. She doesn't have any luck, but Drew backs out of the deal because he wants her to find the kind of happiness he now has with his band. Drew blows off a party at Mrs. Louder's house, and later skips work to fool around with Darcy. The hotel manager asks the Horndogs to become the full-time band. Oswald and Lewis quit, but Drew wants to pursue the opportunity. Wick tells Drew that he must go to Vietnam to help set up the new store. He gives up his promotion to stay with the band.

Season 4, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/7/1998
Golden Boy
Drew lets Darcy dye his hair blonde and grows a goatee so that he will look more like a musician. Larry discovers that someone has been doing cocaine in the men's room at Winfred-Louder. Wick orders Drew and Mimi to collect specimens from every employee for drug testing. Drew does not like invading everyone's privacy. After the men accuse him of being a narc, he throws out all the samples. Wick orders him to give his own sample. Drew refuses and brings in a drug-sniffing dog. Wick becomes furious and fires him. Drew goes into Wick's office and discovers that Wick is the one who is on drugs. He helps him get into rehab. Oswald and Lewis become jealous of Drew's musical success and try to talk him into letting them back into the band. Mimi ends her relationship with Ron after she receives an unpleasant visit from his wife.

Season 4, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/14/1998
Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place
Mrs. Louder asks Drew to fill in as store manager while Mr. Wick is in rehab. He refuses, as he is having a great time with his band and doesn't want to deal with all the hassles of the job. Mrs. Louder reluctantly gives the job to Larry. A man approaches Drew and offers the Horndogs the chance to go on a tour of all the Ramadas in Ohio. He decides to accept the offer and quit his job. Kate doesn't think this is a good idea, as she ended up working as a "booze wench" at the Ramada after quitting Winfred-Louder. A plastered Wick shows up at Drew's show and says that he was kicked out of rehab because of a change in his health insurance. Drew discovers that Larry changed the employee coverage to an HMO so that he could spend $100,000 on a Jacobs Field skybox for Mrs. Louder. Drew is upset because he had fought hard to get good coverage for everyone. The employees plead with him to go through the budget and find some way to make up the lost money and get their health plan back. Drew succeeds, and realizes that he has a talent for examining boring minutiae and cutting through red tape. He leaves the band and stays at Winfred-Louder.

Season 4, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/21/1998
Sexual Perversity in Cleveland
Darcy breaks up with Drew after he admits that he is not a full-time musician. He starts spending a lot of time at his computer, and begins a steamy on-line affair with an anonymous woman. He becomes concerned after learning that his chat room girlfriend works at a department store and has a large collection of troll dolls. When he confirms that it is Mimi, Drew begins showering compulsively. He feels extremely awkward when he and Mimi run into each other while visiting Wick in rehab. Mimi does not realize that she was involved with Drew, and is angry that she hasn't heard from her online man for a while. Drew gets really drunk and writes her a kiss-off note in which he claims to be Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Oswald grows concerned about his mother's financial status after her birthday check to him bounces. He learns that her business partner deserted her, and that she may lose her beauty salon and house. Oswald follows Lewis's advice and agrees to test breast implants for DrugCo in exchange for $10,000. He feels very uncomfortable about the amount of attention Drew and Lewis pay to his breasts.

Season 4, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/28/1998
Cain and Mabel
Steve comes to the Warsaw while dressed in drag. A man mistakes him for a woman and tries to buy him a drink. He gets angry when he learns the truth about Steve, and insults him. Drew stands up for his brother. Steve's transvestite friends begin frequenting the Warsaw as a show of solidarity. They dance and play loud music all of the time. Drew, Lewis and Kate become annoyed when other customers begin staying away, as this makes it even harder for any of them to find a date. Drew suggests that the bar get the female customers back by holding a ladies' night with half-price drinks. Steve is outraged when the bartender only gives the discount to actual women, not the cross-dressers. Drew refuses to take his side. Steve accuses Drew of trying to force him out of the Warsaw because he is ashamed of him. Drew insists that he is actually upset because Steve is trying to take away his bar. He says that Steve has been stealing things that Drew liked since they were children. Steve realizes that he is right and apologizes. Oswald's mother comes for a visit, and he plans to surprise her with the check from his breast implants. She stuns him with the news that she is going to marry her orthodontist boyfriend. Oswald notes that the man is not her usual type and suspects that she is just trying to get his money and save her business. Mrs. Harvey says that her taste has changed as she has gotten older, and that she loves her boyfriend very much. She is horrified to learn of Oswald's participation in the experiment. She warns him not to do such a thing again. Mrs. Harvey is grateful, but turns down the check and advises Oswald to keep his "booby money."

Season 4, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/4/1998
Nicki's Wedding
Mimi runs into Nicki at the store's bridal registry. Nicki has to race upstairs to try to keep Mimi from telling Drew about her wedding plans; she had wanted to share the news herself. He claims that he is happy for her. Drew is surprised when Nicki sends him a wedding invitation. Kate, Lewis and Oswald insist that it is only a courtesy invitation and try to discourage him from attending. They plan to stay away as well, but Drew urges them to go to the wedding. Oswald is really excited because the wedding is on a boat. Drew goes on a date with a video store clerk, but suddenly decides to take her to the wedding. Nicki's parents cannot believe that he had the nerve to show up. Drew makes a complete fool of himself while trying to prove how mature he is. He actually manages to give a toast that isn't totally humiliating, but throws out his back while trying to show up the groom on the dance floor. As Drew waits for the helicopter to lift him off the boat to take him to the hospital, he begs Nicki to take him back. She seems embarrassed for him. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick finishes rehab and returns to work at Winfred-Louder.

Season 4, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/11/1998
Drew's New Car
Drew must submit candidates for Winfred-Louder's employee of the year, who will win a trip to Hawaii. A legitimate employee may win for the first time in history, as all of the Louders have (apparently) already received the award. Mimi tricks Drew into including her name on the list. She attends sobriety events with Mr. Wick in the hopes of getting his vote. Oswald receives another $10,000 by posing for the DrugCo calendar before his implants are removed. He decides to use the money from his "man boobs" to repay his debts to his friends. Drew's car rolls down a hill and gets wrecked. Oswald and Kate decide that they should pool all of the money and buy Drew a VW Bug. Lewis doesn't want to cooperate, but has no choice because Oswald hadn't actually given him his money yet. Drew is touched, but elects to sell the car and use the money to help his friends. Kate, Lewis and Oswald take offense to his actions. Drew tries desperately to get the car back from Mimi. She will only agree to sell if he can help her win Employee of the Year. Drew makes a speech on her behalf, only to learn that Mrs. Louder is giving herself the award. However, she realizes that Mimi is blackmailing Drew and is impressed. She takes her to Hawaii as her "spunky friend," and Drew gets his car back.

Season 4, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/18/1998
The High Road to China
Drew pulls off an elaborate practical joke against Mimi and boasts that she will never be able to top it. A few days later, he wakes up to find himself on the Great Wall of China with no money or passport. Mimi has left a tape recording in his pocket in which she taunts him. Drew gets a ride into a small town, where a young woman who speaks English offers him shelter. She gets him a job helping her family sell chickens so that he can eventually afford bus fare to Beijing and go to the U.S. embassy. Kate, Lewis and Oswald grow concerned after they discover that Drew never made his scheduled business trip to Winnipeg. Mimi brags about sending Drew to China. She explains that she had her father's secretary drug Drew and put him on a courier flight. The gang has no idea what to do to help him. Ming finally agrees to drive Drew to Beijing, but the embassy is closed for Thanksgiving. He tries to make enough money to get himself a hotel room by putting on a sock puppet show, but only ends up losing a shoe to a boy who believed it was for sale. Drew believes that he is being arrested after some officers take him away. He later learns that they were just trying to get him to apply for a vendor permit. Drew manages to make a phone call to his friends, but the line goes dead before he can give any information. Drew is thrilled to learn that there is a McDonald's in the city. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough money for any food. After he gives an impassioned rendition of "You Deserve a Break Today," the manager takes pity on him, buying him a meal and giving him the number of a customer service line that can direct him to help from the U.S. government.

Season 4, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/18/1998
Drew's Dance Party
The gang learns that its favorite local radio station is going off the air. They decide to have a slumber party at Drew's house and request a bunch of songs. The station has so many requests that the lines are busy for hours. Oswald goes out for beer, but instead goes to the station and pays the D.J. to let him take over. He plays all of his friends' favorite songs.

Season 4, Episode 11 – Aired: 11/25/1998
Kate's Family
After Kate loses another job, Drew suggests that she contact his neighbors about a paid housesitting gig. She meets Scott, a handsome plumber working on the house, and they become attracted to each other. The couple's two children are supposed to stay with a babysitter while their parents are away, but the woman has to leave town because of a family emergency. She leaves the kids with Kate. Scott offers to help her out, and the foursome begins acting like a family. Kate gets a little too caught up in the charade, and freaks out when Scott decides to go out with his buddies instead of staying over with her. She leaves the kids with Drew and tries to win him back, but Scott has tired of the situation and dumps her. Kate becomes depressed when the Fosters return early and reclaim their kids. Drew takes up swimming in the hopes of impressing avid swimmer Sharon, but only ends up with an ear infection. Sharon still refuses to date him. Mimi worries about how Drew will get his revenge for the China prank.

Season 4, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/9/1998
Drew Dates a Senior
Drew decides to take night school classes to pursue a master's degree after a young man he was mentoring suddenly receives an executive position at Winfred-Louder. When his statistics professor recommends that the students find study partners, Drew pairs with Celia, a 62-year-old woman who is the only other "old person" in the class. They have a good time hanging out at Drew's house after a study session, and soon realize that they are attracted to each other. Celia stays the night, although they do not have sex. Drew's friends mock him after learning of the age difference, but he insists that he really likes Celia. He is puzzled when Celia ignores him in class and says that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Drew shows up at her favorite bingo parlor, and Celia explains that she dumped him because she thought he would eventually become embarrassed by her. Drew proves himself by taking over for the bingo caller and publicly announcing his feelings. Celia agrees to date him. Meanwhile, Mimi volunteers for the task of organizing a Christmas display window for the store. The board objects to her portrayal of Mary, until she convinces them that she does not intend any disrespect.

Season 4, Episode 13 – Aired: 12/16/1998
Drew's Holiday Punch
Drew's parents arrive unexpectedly for Christmas. They assume that Celia is his maid, and he is reluctant to reveal the true nature of their relationship. Celia's son, Chip, shows up at her house in the middle of the night. He has come to visit for the holidays. When Drew comes downstairs in Celia's bathrobe and tries to make conversation, Chip punches him in the face. Drew's parents are horrified when he finally tells them that he and Celia are dating. Celia and Chip come over to Drew's house to have dinner with Drew's parents and Steve. It proves to be a disaster. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald agree to help Mimi with door-to-door Christmas tree sales after she fires an associate. Kate comes along to help supervise the guys. They make very few sales (aside from Wick buying two trees to get them to go away), and accumulate several fines.

Season 4, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/6/1999
A House Divided
A corporation tries to convince everyone in Drew's neighborhood to sell their houses to make way for a new mall. Drew is reluctant, but agrees to think it over. Mrs. Louder reveals that Winfred-Louder is behind the project. She and Mr. Wick try to sweet-talk Drew to get him to sell. He is interested in moving to lakefront property, but does not want to give up his family home. Mimi suggests that Winfred-Louder move the entire house, and Mrs. Louder agrees. Mimi later tells Drew that she has accessed Wick's E-mail and learned that the house will not be moved to the lake. Drew goes home and discovers that half of his house has been taken away, a week earlier than scheduled. Mrs. Louder and Wick claim that Drew's house was rejected by the lakeside property owners' association. They offer him another lot, which he accepts. Oswald, Kate and Lewis lodge a protest against the homeowners association, only to learn that Winfred-Louder never bought a lot in the area or submitted Drew's house for approval. Drew refuses to let the store move the other half of his house. He vows to stay home until Winfred-Louder gives up, even though he has no heat, electricity or protection from the elements.

Season 4, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/13/1999
A House Reunited
Celia returns from an out-of-town trip and learns about Drew's fight with Winfred-Louder. She offers her support. The store recruits Mimi to try to drive Drew out of the house. She points blinding lights at the house and constantly blasts "Panama" by Van Halen. Larry and Chuck later tell Drew that Winfred-Louder's investors gave up and backed out of the mall project. The store decides to rent all of the houses it had purchased to employees. After learning that Mimi continued to torment him for days after he had already won the battle, Drew gets revenge by tricking her into sending her outfits to a fake dry cleaner, who ruins them. Drew asks Celia to move in with him. Lewis, Oswald and Kate become creeped out by Drew's relationship with Celia, as they feel that they are acting like mother and son. The store's contractor reassembles Drew's house in an improper fashion, causing the kitchen to slope. Wick refuses to pay for the repairs, so Drew has to contact a lawyer. Drew and Celia realize that their relationship has become inappropriate after she "shushes" him during his argument with Wick. They try to stay together, but realize that is too weird. Celia moves out.

Season 4, Episode 16 – Aired: 1/27/1999
Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler
The Warsaw must temporarily close after it is taken over by super-intelligent rats from DrugCo, which escaped from a cage in Lewis's apartment. In order to keep Buzz Beer afloat in the meantime, the gang asks a popular pro wrestler to serve as spokesman. The company begins making a profit for the first time. Kate begins dating The Disciplinarian, much to Drew's chagrin. They get into an argument after Drew notes that all of her relationships end in disaster. The Disciplinarian, once devoted to his fitness routine, starts getting drunk all the time and missing public appearances. Drew warns Kate to cut him loose, while she feels that the gang is working him too hard. Kate nearly ruins The Disciplinarian's career when she takes him to Atlantic City, where he loses $20,000 and winds up naked in a fountain. He breaks up with her and denounces Buzz Beer. However, his comments actually lead to more business, as everyone wants to try the beer that could "kick The Disciplinarian's ass." Drew makes Kate feel guilty by consoling her about the break-up instead of yelling at her for nearly destroying Buzz Beer. They wonder why neither of them can ever have a lasting relationship.

Season 4, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/10/1999
Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story
Lewis meets a woman at a Babylon 5 convention and gets a date with her. Oswald gets a date with the same woman, Tracy, when he delivers a package to her house. It is an ice cream maker from Lewis, but Oswald doesn't know this because Lewis wrote his name and address in an alien language from Babylon 5. Drew meets Tracy when she complains to him about the store's reluctance to exchange the broken ice cream maker. He also gets a date with her. The guys are excited to have found possible girlfriends, and have no idea that they are dating the same woman. They seek advice from Kate on how to make a first date special. They follow her suggestions a little too literally and freak out Tracy by each following the same routine (paying everyone at the Warsaw to yell out his name when he enters, pulling out a pocket watch, and singing the Commodores' "Three Times a Lady"). The guys finally run into each other during Drew's date and realize what has happened. Tracy is mortified. Drew later explains the misunderstanding, and she says that she is still open to dating them--so long as they don't fight over her. Meanwhile, Wick tires of serving as landlord for the Winfred-Louder employees and dumps the job off on Mimi. She accepts bribes in exchange for repairs and services. Kate tries to start a massage business.

Season 4, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/17/1999
Boy Party / Girl Party
Drew has trouble getting another date with Tracy because Lewis and Oswald are keeping her booked. He meets one of Winfred-Louder's catalog models, who complains that she and her model friends haven't been invited to any parties while in Cleveland. Drew follows Kate's suggestion by organizing a slumber party at his house for the models. Drew plans to sneak out for a date with Tracy during the party. Unfortunately, a blizzard keeps the models away and prevents Drew from going on the date. Lewis and Oswald learn of his plans and vow revenge. They suggest that the guys at the party learn swing dancing to impress the ladies, and proceed to injure Drew as many times as possible. They decide to set aside all rules or attempts to act gentlemanly as they pursue Tracy. Mimi holds a women in business seminar, where Kate sucks up to Mrs. Louder to get her job back. Steve also attends, explaining that the fact that he dresses as a woman means that he faces the same disadvantages as women in the business world. Mimi reveals that the seminar was actually a ruse to pitch cosmetics to everyone. Kate demands to know why Mrs. Louder won't rehire her. She says that she overheard Kate insulting her. Kate claims that she was just trying to follow Mrs. Louder's example, as she has seen how far she has gotten by stepping on others. Mrs. Louder is impressed and hires Kate as her personal assistant.

Season 4, Episode 19 – Aired: 2/24/1999
Tracy Bowl
The guys vie for the right to take Tracy to a wedding. The winner will officially be in a relationship with her, as he would have to travel out of town with her and meet her family. Sports broadcasters Bob Costas, Lynn Swann and Kenny Mayne provide a running commentary during the competition. Drew and Oswald separately slip Lewis strawberries and put fish oil in the wine in order to trigger his allergies during a dinner date with Tracy. The combined effects cause his face to puff up. He requires medical attention, and Tracy freaks out. Drew feels guilty and suggests that he and Oswald sabotage their own chances with Tracy so that Lewis can get the girl for a change. Oswald agrees, and makes himself look bad by parking in a handicapped space. Drew does not go along with the bargain, and Tracy rejects Oswald. Oswald and Lewis are furious at Drew for stabbing them in the back. Drew rigs a fortune telling machine at the Warsaw to say bad things about him, and blames it on Lewis. His plan works beautifully, as Tracy orders Lewis to stay away from her. However, Drew feels guilty after Tracy admits that she had really begun to like Lewis. He confesses the truth, and says that Lewis was the only one not to do anything underhanded. Tracy runs after him to apologize. Meanwhile, Kate begins her demanding new job as Mrs. Louder's assistant.

Season 4, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/3/1999
Lewis is a finalist for a promotion to head of the janitorial department at DrugCo. Oswald insists on keeping a tanning bed that Kate's uncle in Ireland recently sent them as a belated wedding present. Drew discovers that Speedy is losing his vision because of cataracts. Lewis gets him into an experimental treatment program at DrugCo, but he must stay on the premises for at least a week. Lewis gets the promotion. When he tries to ask his boss about Speedy's status, Mr. Hathaway denies ever seeing Speedy and warns Lewis not to ask questions. Lewis uses his new security clearance to sneak the gang into the building. While searching for Speedy, they encounter many strange things, such as an insect man using the bathroom and a combination monkey/hippo. Drew finds a silver globe that causes epiphanies when touched, and theorizes that Oswald kept the tanning bed because he still harbors resentment toward Kate. Oswald holds the globe and realizes that he has a fear of abandonment. The gang discovers Mr. Hathaway playing with Speedy in his office. Speedy's cataracts were cured by a pill five minutes after he arrived at DrugCo. Hathaway wants to keep him as his own dog, and threatens to strip Lewis of his promotion. He relents after Lewis offers to act as his pet and play frisbee with him at the park.

Season 4, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/24/1999
Steve and Mimi
Drew is forced to lay off a slew of workers as Winfred-Louder suffers a financial decline. Drew agrees to let Steve stay at his place after he becomes a victim of the cutbacks. As the gang is helping Steve move in, Mimi comes over with another list of people for Drew to fire. She is impressed with the way Steve looks out of drag, and they flirt. They set up a date, but Steve suggests that they keep it a secret from Drew. Mimi is disappointed when she arrives to find that Steve is wearing a dress, as she assumed that he dressed as a man on dates. They decide to just hang out and be friends. They get along very well, and a shocked Drew comes home to spy them kissing. He keeps his discovery to himself as he tries to deal with it, but later accidentally sees Steve and Mimi having sex in the kitchen. Drew and Mimi bicker and put Steve in the middle of their argument. Mimi ends up storming out. Steve and Mimi both grow extremely depressed. Drew feels bad for Steve and realizes that he shouldn't stand in the way of his brother's happiness. He approaches Mimi with the suggestion that they call a truce while Steve is around. Steve and Mimi happily get back together.

Season 4, Episode 22 – Aired: 3/31/1999
What's Wrong with This Episode II
While Steve and Drew are getting their hair cut, their longtime barber suddenly dies of a heart attack. Drew plans to throw a party for his parents' 45th wedding anniversary, but his mother comes to town a week early. The gang is just about to leave for Phil's funeral when she arrives. Beulah is visibly shaken by news of his death, and insists on coming along. She had lunch with Phil whenever she was in town. Oswald, Kate and Lewis notice Beulah giving a kiss to Phil's corpse, and also witness a nasty exchange with the widow. They suspect that Beulah had an affair with Phil. Drew doesn't believe this, but remembers once seeing Beulah and Phil go off to the back room of the barber shop after she came to pick up the boys. Drew accuses his mother of betraying his father, and doesn't want to attend the anniversary party. Steve tells him that George actually had an affair with Phil's wife; Beulah and Phil just became friends while discussing their mutual problems. The Careys thought about getting a divorce, but were able to work things out. Steve urges Drew to leave the incident in the past instead of saying anything to their father. Drew asks his mom for a dance and apologizes for the misunderstanding.

Season 4, Episode 23 – Aired: 4/7/1999
She's Gotta Have It
A depressed Sharon shows up at the Warsaw after breaking up with her boyfriend. It is closing time, so Drew offers to let her come to his house for a beer. He promises to be a perfect gentleman, but she suddenly jumps him. Sharon leaves before Drew gets up, and acts weird when he calls her for a date. She begins showing up at the house frequently. She tells him that she is only interested in sex, and does not want another relationship. Drew begins to feel like a gigolo. Although Sharon is reluctant, he eventually persuades her to begin dating him. Meanwhile, a Winfred-Louder employee ingratiates himself with Wick by hanging around and never saying a word.

Season 4, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/5/1999
Good Vibrations
Drew is thrilled when he wins the opportunity to give a speech at a retailers' convention in Chicago. He engages in a practical joke war with Lewis and Oswald. The guys play a joke on Sharon, and she promises to get back at them. Drew gets stopped by airport security, which finds a vibrating marital aid in his bag. He is humiliated in front of all the representatives from other stores, and everyone makes jokes and laughs at him during his speech at the convention. Drew assumes that Mimi is responsible. He goes before the board to request her firing. However, Sharon actually staged the joke, with help from Kate and Lewis. She says that she just wanted to feel like one of the gang. Drew is upset with her for jeopardizing his professional reputation. They break up, but Sharon later shows up at his house for their scheduled date, where they apologize. Meanwhile, Oswald gets a promotion to Global Parcel's "angel of death," where he must inform customers about their lost or damaged packages.

Season 4, Episode 25 – Aired: 5/12/1999
Do the Hustle
Steve and Sharon grow tired of Drew and Mimi's constant sniping. They suggest that the foursome go on a double date in the hopes that Drew and Mimi might finally agree to a truce. They constantly insult each other, and Steve and Sharon leave angrily after Mimi sets Drew's menu on fire. Mimi and Drew are left stranded, and have to walk to the bowling alley to call for rides. They decide to bowl while they wait, and end up hustling two doctors out of four-hundred dollars. Drew and Mimi agree to meet each night to continue their scam. They keep it a secret because they fear that Steve and Sharon would force them to go on more double dates if they knew they were getting along. Mimi gets in over her head when she accepts a two-thousand dollar bet from some men. It turns out that they are professional bowlers, hired by the doctors that Drew and Mimi beat in their first scam. Drew tries to flee, but Sharon and his friends show up before he can escape. Drew and Mimi compete very well and have a chance to win in the final frame. Unfortunately, Mimi accidentally says, "I love you, buddy" while giving Drew a pep talk. He falls into a state of shock and drops the ball, which rolls into the gutter.

Season 4, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/19/1999
Up on the Roof
After her wedding plans don't work out, Oswald's mother moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. Kate gleefully quits her job as Mrs. Louder's assistant after Mrs. Harvey offers her work at the salon. Mrs. Harvey needs someone to repair the roof of the salon, and Drew suggests Sharon. Sharon is unsure because she doesn't have any experience with roofing, but Drew convinces her to take the job. Mrs. Harvey demands that Sharon re-do the job after the roof blows off in a storm, while Sharon insists that she isn't responsible. Lewis and Oswald get into a spat after Lewis sides with Sharon. Lewis ends up moving out and staying inside a storage locker. Mrs. Harvey sues Sharon for the completion of the job. She later goes to see Drew, who mistakenly believes she is seducing him. Mrs. Harvey instead shows Drew a report that proves that Sharon screwed up; she didn't realize that she needed special roofers' nails. Drew, Lewis and Kate try to repair the roof on their own. Oswald joins them, and he and Lewis patch things up. Sharon finds them and learns about her mistake. She is touched that Drew tried to protect her, and helps them with the roof. Kate discovers that she made more money with Mrs. Louder than at the salon, so she gets her terrible job back by claiming that the person who quit was an impostor.

Season 4, Episode 27 – Aired: 5/26/1999
Brotherhood of Man
Mr. Van Zandt, the leader of the Dutch ownership group, announces that he is giving everyone a one-month paid vacation while the store is remodeled. Drew must continue to work during that time, spoiling his plans to spend Memorial Day weekend at a bed-and-breakfast with Sharon. He tries to make it up to her by organizing a picnic in the store. Mr. Van Zandt arrives while Drew and Sharon are inside a tent, and they overhear him say that he is going to fire everyone and have the store blown up to make way for a parking lot. Drew confronts Van Zandt, who says that the store is barely making a profit and the employees are lazy. He demonstrates this through a series of videotapes. However, he is impressed by Drew's work ethic and offers him the chance to manage the Toledo store if he keeps quiet about the closing of the Cleveland store. Drew feels that it is wrong to keep the staff in the dark, but Van Zandt points out that they will lose their jobs either way. Drew decides to go along with this after Mimi and Larry act rudely toward him; but feels guilty after talking with another employee, a good family man. Drew tries to have the store declared a historical landmark, but this fails. He convinces Van Zandt to save everyone's jobs with a song and dance number about the "brotherhood of man." Meanwhile, Oswald buys a pay phone in the hopes of making money. He proves surprisingly successful, thanks to local teenagers.

Season 5, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/22/1999
Y2K, You're Okay
Doreen, a "little person" who works at the store, chooses Mimi as her idol and begins emulating her dress and behavior. Mimi is a little freaked out, but soon takes to the idea and has Doreen help her play pranks on Drew. Sharon takes note of the fact that Kate can get Drew to do whatever she wants without having to make much of an effort. The store's computers fail a test for Y2K compliance, and a glitch causes excerpts from Drew's diary to appear on all the computer screens. A panicked Drew seeks the aid of the store's computer expert, Hal. He convinces Drew that there will be a massive computer failure and total chaos on New Year's Eve. Drew and the gang ask Sharon to build them a bomb shelter. Lewis carries his life savings ($37,000) around in a garbage bag. Mimi and Doreen print out copies of Drew's diary and sell them at the Warsaw. Sharon discovers that in the passage where Drew described sleeping with her for the first time, he accidentally wrote Kate's name. She concludes that Drew is in love with Kate, and wants nothing to do with him. Doreen upsets Mimi by expressing regret about ruining Drew's relationship. Mimi tells Drew that he is to blame, because he obviously wrote Kate's name for a reason. Drew tries to win back Sharon by buying her a puppy and training it to seek out the one he loves the most. It heads straight for Kate. Drew attempts to prove himself by locking Kate out of the shelter and insisting that he would let her get obliterated. He says that Sharon is the woman he will be with forever, so she takes him back.

Season 5, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/29/1999
Drew Goes to the Browns' Game
Drew is disappointed when Sharon cannot spend much time with him because of her busy work schedule. Drew's screw-up prevents the gang from getting tickets to the first game by the new Cleveland Browns. Steve wins tickets from a radio station, but elects to take Mimi instead of Drew. Sharon tries to cheer him up by getting him a big screen TV for the game. However, she says that she cannot watch with him because she has to go out of town. Mimi feels that Sharon's gift smacks of guilt, and suggests that she is cheating on Drew. Sharon has left her purse behind, and Drew uncovers evidence that seems to prove Mimi right. Drew confronts Sharon, who seems to have a logical explanation. Lewis convinces the gang to hide out in portable restrooms and sneak into the stadium. They end up spending the night in porta-potties that are left outside the gates. Kate distracts the VIP gate guard, an old classmate who has the hots for her, so that everyone can sneak in. Drew is having a good time until he sees Sharon kissing another guy on the stadium's big screen. He goes nuts and starts running around on the field. Sharon comes to see him in the holding cell, and says that she had a boyfriend all along; Drew was actually the "other guy." Drew is devastated. Sharon springs him from the cell as an apology. Kate, Lewis and Oswald leave with Drew. They try to distract him as a message on the blimp flashes a marriage proposal to Mimi from Steve.

Season 5, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/6/1999
Drew and the Gang Law
Lewis and Oswald start a web site for Buzz Beer, The site helps the business tremendously. Lewis and Oswald hand beer over to minors and are arrested in a sting operation. Drew and Kate are infuriated by their stupidity, as they all get hauled into court. The judge agrees that their gaffe was a simple mistake, and decides to let them go because they are first-time offenders. Unfortunately, Drew backs his car into a police car outside the courthouse. The trunk pops open to reveal all of the Y2K supplies--including a loaded gun. The judge rules that the foursome causes too much trouble together, and uses the provisions of a new anti-gang law to order them to stay apart forever. Oswald has to move back in with his mother, and gets his head stuck in the banister. Everyone becomes extremely bored and lonely. Drew decides to go ahead with plans to hold Kate's birthday party at the Warsaw. All the guests are supposed to be in costume (so that the gang can remain incognito), but Oswald forgets to tell anyone. Drew, Kate, Lewis and Oswald show up as characters from "The Wizard of Oz." They are quickly arrested for hanging out together. They appear before a different judge, who rules that her colleague went against the spirit of the gang law. She feels that the world is better off with just "four stupid people" together, as they otherwise might find new friends and spread their mayhem. Meanwhile, Drew reluctantly agrees to let Steve and Mimi have their wedding at his house. Mimi threatens to withhold sex unless Steve begins dressing as a man, denying him his dream of walking down the aisle in his mother's wedding dress.

Season 5, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/13/1999
Drew's Reunion
The gang prepares for its high school reunion. Kate plans to spend all of her time with Patrick, a geeky classmate who is now a wealthy computer software magnate. Lewis poses as Bo Derek's driver at the airport and somehow manages to convince her to be his date at the reunion (as long as he doesn't touch her). Oswald hooks up with his old barber shop quartet. The speaker humiliates Drew by pointing out that he is single, still has the same job, and lives in his parents' house. Drew is confused when Kelly, the former head cheerleader, suddenly expresses an interest in him. Bo Derek explains that he is attractive to women because he is a nice, stable guy. Patrick shows up late, so Drew invites everyone back to the house for beer so that Kate can spend more time with him. An attractive woman gets revenge on Oswald for calling her names in high school (when she was fat) and ignoring her after they made out in his basement. Drew discovers that Kelly leads an extremely dysfunctional lifestyle and distances himself from her. Kate eavesdrops as Patrick seeks Drew's advice about her. Drew warns him not to wait twenty years to tell her how he feels, as no woman will ever be able to measure up to her. He admits that he has always loved her, but doesn't think he would have any chance with her. A shocked Kate breaks her date with Patrick. She goes into the house and asks Drew to dance.

Season 5, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/20/1999
Drew's Physical
Kate stuns Lewis by telling him that she is in love with Drew. She refuses to help Drew with a scheme to get a co-worker to go out with him, and becomes very jealous. Winfred-Louder employees must undergo physicals after the store switches insurance providers. Anyone who fails will lose health benefits. Oswald suggests that Drew have Lewis take the physical in his place. Their ruse is successful, but the exam also includes a psychological test. Lewis's answers cause everyone to believe that Drew is crazy. He takes advantage of this to get out of work, but is forced to go before the store therapist. Dr. Zinneman realizes that he didn't take the test, and says that Drew will just have to take a physical himself. However, he worries that Drew has low self-esteem, and recommends that he avoid relationships for a while. Kate must put her plans to share her feelings with Drew on hold after learning of the therapist's declaration.

Season 5, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/27/1999
Drew Tries to Kill Mimi
Mimi tricks Drew into believing that an important executive waiting to speak with him is actually interviewing to be Winfred-Louder's janitor. After he makes a fool of himself (with comments that seem racist when taken out of context), he vows to kill Mimi. Later that day, a bee flies into Drew's car as he is driving out of the garage. While he is trying to get it out of his face, he loses control of the car and nearly hits Mimi. She believes that he was really trying to kill her, and has him arrested for attempted murder. Steve insists that Drew would never really try to kill Mimi, but she refuses to drop the charges. Kate annoys the detectives investigating the case by babbling about herself and her feelings for Drew instead of answering their questions. Mimi tries to convince the detectives that Drew wants her out of the way before the wedding. They plan to indict him and send him to prison. Steve feels that Mimi will realize that Drew is innocent if he proves that he doesn't hate her. Steve reads a speech supposedly written by Drew in which he welcomes Mimi to the family. Mimi is touched and drops the charges. Drew thanks Steve for saving him and agrees to read the toast at the wedding.

Season 5, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/3/1999
Red, White and Drew
Drew becomes obsessed with getting the city to repair a pothole in front of his house. He supports a ballot measure allocating money for street repairs. When the nearest polling place suffers a fire just before the election, Drew volunteers his house as a replacement. Lewis and Oswald give people beer in exchange for a vote for the measure. Drew arrives home from work to find everyone partying. Aware that he could get in hot water for serving alcohol at a polling place, he tries to break up the gathering. A college student puts out his cigarette in the ballot box and causes the ballots to catch on fire. Oswald and Lewis distract the polling inspector to keep him out while Drew and Kate have everyone re-vote to replace the damaged ballots. The measure is handily defeated in spite of the gang's efforts. Drew ends up trying to repair the pothole himself in the middle of a rainstorm. He eventually agrees with his friends' contention that he is trying to distract himself because he is frustrated about not being able to date. Meanwhile, everyone discovers that Mr. Wick wears a toupee.

Season 5, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/10/1999
Drew Live
Steve objects to Mimi's plans for a wild bachelorette party at a strip club. They decide to hold their bachelor and bachelorette parties simultaneously at Drew's house. After Drew mentions that he might start dating again, Kate tells Lewis that she is going to make her move. Drew overhears her say that she is going to tell someone she loves him during the party, but doesn't know that she is talking about him. Drew plots to keep Kate away from the guy. He ignores her obvious attempts to talk to him (as well as Lewis's hints) and makes a complete fool of himself. They both decide not to confess their feelings yet.

Season 5, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/17/1999
Drew Cam
Winfred-Louder recruits Drew to promote products from his home live on the store's website. After receiving numerous E-mail complaints about Drew's boring life, the store decides that he should have a girlfriend on his "show." Kate eagerly accepts the job. After site visitors complain that the couple has no chemistry, Mr. Wick fires Kate and replaces her with a beautiful latina woman. Drew and Isabel draw a wildly favorable audience response, and get along well off camera. A jealous Kate storms off after Drew reveals plans to ask Isabel on a date. Drew and Oswald realize that Lewis knows why Kate has been acting strangely. They try to get him drunk to pry the truth from him. Kate goes to Drew's house to apologize, but again becomes territorial around Isabel. Isabel gets the idea and leaves Kate to talk with a still-clueless Drew. After he refuses to talk privately, Kate tells Drew that she loves him during the webcast. He is stunned, but ecstatically happy.

Season 5, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/24/1999
Drew's Stomachache
Kate and Drew prepare to go on their first date. He begins to experience severe stomach pains, which he assumes are the result of stress over Steve and Mimi's upcoming wedding. The pains grow so severe that he has to go to the hospital, and the doctor agrees that the cause is psychological. Kate discovers that Drew feels fine when the wedding is discussed, but cannot handle any mention of their date. She is crushed, and suggests that they back off for a while because she doesn't want to see him in pain. Lewis gives Drew some extra-strong pain pills from DrugCo. He dreams that he has a conversation with his stomach, who tells him that he is subconsciously making himself sick to avoid dating Kate because he is afraid of screwing up the relationship. He advises Drew to just relax. Drew goes to Kate's apartment the next morning. He kisses her and jubilantly announces that he doesn't feel like throwing up. Meanwhile, Mimi and Steve have an interview with her priest as one of the final steps before marrying. Steve is stunned when she reveals that she was briefly married to rock star Eddie Money. She must get Eddie to sign an annulment so that she and Steve can wed in the Catholic church. Eddie refuses, as he doesn't want to pretend the "best two weeks of [his] life" never happened; but Mr. Wick tricks him into signing an autograph on the annulment papers.

Season 5, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/1/1999
Steve and Mimi Get Married
Beulah comes to town for Steve and Mimi's wedding. George is laid up with a back injury; but Drew and Steve's uncle, Alfred, makes the trip. Steve grows angry at Drew for making cracks about Mimi during a family dinner. Drew and Kate decide that they're not ready to tell his mom that they're dating, but she sees right through them. Steve discovers that Drew made a mistake on the order form for the wedding napkins; they have a typo that is insulting to Mimi. Steve accuses Drew of sabotaging the wedding, but forgets the dispute after they learn that Alfred has died. As a last request, Alfred asked to be buried in Drew's back yard, as he once lived in the house and was very happy there. Drew, Oswald and Lewis grow tired of digging the grave and decide to take a break. They get drunk and don't wake up until after Mimi has arrived for the wedding the next morning. The guys try to keep people away from the coffin, but Ed pulls away the cover during a magic trick. A distraught Steve feels the day is ruined and locks himself in the bathroom. Drew and Mimi ultimately get him to change his mind. The minister has left, so Drew arranges for Steve and Mimi to wed over the Internet. Mimi, not surprisingly, wears a unique wedding dress.

Season 5, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/15/1999
Drew and Kate's First Date
For their first date, Drew takes Kate to the planetarium where they first met on a third grade class trip. They compare stories about wild experiences, and Kate recalls picking up a guy at the airport in nothing but a trenchcoat. Drew fears that Kate finds him boring after she falls asleep on the couch with her head on his shoulder during their date. He fears that she will dump him unless he does something exciting on their next date. Drew shows up wearing only a trenchcoat, but Kate doesn't realize that he isn't wearing anything else. She takes him somewhere as a surprise, and Drew thinks that she has something crazy in mind. She instead brings him to a Greek restaurant to dine with her visiting grandparents. Drew manages to hide the fact that he isn't wearing pants, until the restaurant staff carries him around on its shoulders as part of a traditional dance. Kate tells Drew that she fell asleep because she feels comfortable with him. She does not want to rush their relationship because she has made the mistake of sleeping with guys too quickly in the past. Meanwhile, Mimi goes on a rampage after Mr. Wick forces her to come home early from her honeymoon. Mrs. Louder finally decides to take Mimi and Steve to the Bahamas for another honeymoon, as long as they don't ask any questions about her behavior.

Season 5, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/5/2000
Drew and the Racial Tension Play
Winfred-Louder celebrates its centennial. Drew selects Arthur Crawford, a board member who has worked at the store since 1936, to speak at the festivities. He puts aside the speech Drew had written and begins making stereotypical remarks about other races and religions, as well as gays. All of the employees are outraged; they threaten to go on strike and sue the store. They soon turn on each other and begin making offensive comments about one another. Drew promises that he will either get Crawford to apologize or resign. Crawford refuses to cooperate, and the board just tells Drew to look through the store's handbook for a solution. The tension between employees results in a race riot in the cafeteria. Drew tries to calm everyone by following the handbook and putting on a play about stereotypes with Kate, Mimi, Chuck, Doreen and another woman. The play is really awful, and doesn't have any effect on anyone. When Drew returns to the board to explain, he discovers that the Dutch have sold the store to Mr. Soulard, an African American. All of the board members--including Crawford--have been replaced. Meanwhile, Lewis and Doreen develop a mutual attraction. He wants to begin dating, but she feels that their extreme height difference makes this impossible.

Season 5, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/12/2000
Kate Works for Drew
Mr. Soulard tells Drew that his workload is too heavy, and allows him to hire an assistant. At the same time, Kate loses her job as Mrs. Louder's assistant. Drew claims that he doesn't know of any openings in the store, but Mimi mentions the assistant position so that Drew is forced to hire her. He realizes that it will be a disaster because of Kate's employment record. Kate's draconian methods prove very effective and force employees who had been ignoring Drew's paperwork requests to shape up. However, she quickly goes on a power trip and has the entire store at her mercy. Mr. Wick orders Drew to fire her. After Lewis totals Oswald's car, he tries to make it up to him by entering a contest at a local dealership. The group that stays inside a car the longest will win the vehicle. Lewis convinces Drew to put off firing Kate until after the weekend so that they can all take part in the contest. They develop a rivalry with a group of college kids in the next car. Kate learns she has been fired when she calls the store to order some sweaters. Kate is furious at Drew for not telling her the truth. He apologizes and explains that he was afraid that she would dump him. She says that she would not do this, but emphasizes that they have to be honest with each other. Lewis helps win the contest by nailing one of the college guys with a snowball and knocking him out of the car.

Season 5, Episode 15 – Aired: 2/2/2000
Mimi Moves In
Steve and Mimi buy a trailer and plan a trip to Dollywood. Mr. Soulard orders Mimi to alter her appearance and remove all personal items from her desk. When she objects, he puts walls around her desk so that she can't be seen by visitors. Mimi refuses to stay in her office, and Mr. Soulard fires her for failing to answer her phone. She and Steve decide to leave with the trailer, and never plan to return. They announce their plans when they stop by Drew's house to pick up some of Steve's belongings. A jubilant Drew offers to take their truck to the gas station for a fill-up; but has it stolen when he goes inside for a pretzel. Mimi and Steve are left stranded in Drew's yard, and cannot get a new truck because Steve allowed their insurance to lapse. Drew grows tired of the couple's monopolization of his food and utilities, and sickened by the continuous rocking of the trailer. Kate finds an affordable trailer park, and Drew offers to pay the first six months' rent. Mimi angrily refuses. Mimi begins hanging around inside the house, and will not go back to the trailer. She finally admits that she is claustrophobic. Drew realizes that he can get Mimi's job back because she has a medical condition. He decides that he would rather have Mimi at his workplace than at his home. Meanwhile, Lewis takes performance-enhancing drugs as he prepares to sleep with Leslie for the first time.

Season 5, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/9/2000
Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?
Kate tells Drew that she is ready to have sex with him. They get into an argument, and Kate ends up leaving. They apologize the next day and agree that they were feeling too much pressure. Kate suggests that it would be easier if things were spontaneous. Drew realizes that he is not very good with spontaneity, and plans a romantic evening. He asks Lewis and Oswald to get Speedy out of the house so that he and Kate can be alone, and to cut the lights. (They remember this by singing "Leave, Dog, Lights" to the tune of the Spiderman theme.) Kate figures out what is going on, but doesn't get mad. Speedy outwits Lewis and Oswald and gets back into the house. Drew trips over him on the way back from the bathroom and sprains his penis. The doctors and interns continually gawk at him and laugh at his injury. When Mimi fails to get pregnant for several months, she and Steve consult a specialist. They learn that they both have fertility problems. Mimi begins taking hormones, which leave her so emotional that Drew actually feels sorry for her.

Season 5, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/16/2000
I Dishonestly Love You
Kate feels extremely threatened when Drew receives a call from Wendy, his recently divorced college girlfriend. Drew assures her that she has no reason to worry, and agrees to have lunch with Wendy. She tells him that she returned to town in the hopes of escaping an obsessive ex-boyfriend. She hasn't worked for years, but hopes that Drew can give her a job at the store to help her get back on her feet. He hires Wendy as his assistant, and tries unsuccessfully to hide the truth from Kate. Kate gets jealous and storms off. While at the Warsaw, Drew receives a call from a panicked Wendy, who fears that her ex-boyfriend has tracked her down. Mimi overhears and suspects that the whole thing is a ploy to get Drew into bed. Drew begins to agree with her after he arrives at Wendy's apartment to find her in her underwear. She claims that her radiator is broken. Even after Wendy's ex-boyfriend shows up, Drew still believes it is a scam. He changes his mind after the guy punches him. Drew fights him off, but he promises to return with friends. Drew and Wendy sneak out the fire escape and go to his house. Kate shows up with flowers and apologizes to Drew for her behavior. She says that she fears that other women will realize what a great guy he is, and doesn't want to lose him after it took so long for them to get together. Although she trusts Drew, Kate invites Wendy to stay at her place so that she won't drive herself crazy with jealousy. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis try to capitalize on the fact that they are "instantly forgettable" to swoop in on women who have already rejected them in the past.

Season 5, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/23/2000
Drew Goes to Hell
Mr. Soulard and the board ask Drew to help them hire a regional store manager for Winfred-Louder. Drew inquires about getting a promotion to director of personnel, which has been vacant for years. Mr. Wick asks Drew to recommend him for regional manager (even though he is not qualified), and promises to return the favor by helping him get Wick's old job. Drew is adamantly opposed to the idea, but Kate and Lewis suggest that he show some initiative for a change. Soulard lays off Drew's incredibly efficient new assistant, Malcolm; and tells Drew that he cannot be promoted because they have completely eliminated the position of director of personnel. Drew decides to go along with Wick's plan. Wick plays a dirty trick to take care of Johnson, Drew's main competition for store manager. Drew and the gang celebrate at Wick's hangout, a bar called Hell. After Johnson shows up and makes a scene, an indignant Kate, Lewis and Oswald criticize Drew's actions and storm out. Drew goes to work the next day to learn that the store ignored his recommendation of Wick. However, they have promoted Drew to store manager and are sending Wick to Toledo for further training. Wick believes that Drew set him up, and vows to get revenge.

Season 5, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/1/2000
What's Wrong with This Episode III
Mr. Soulard is impressed by Buzz Beer, and offers to buy the company for $40,000. Drew accepts the deal, but his friends refuse to back him. Soulard threatens to fire Drew unless the sale proceeds. Drew offers Lewis and Oswald jobs at the store so that they will not need the money from Buzz Beer. Lewis agrees to take some vacation time from DrugCo and try out the arrangement, but Oswald rejects an offer to work in the lingerie department. Lewis and Drew work on a plan to win over Oswald and Kate, but it goes awry. Oswald gives them his support in exchange for a larger percentage of the sale and a bunny rabbit. After accepting the checks, the gang discovers a sign in the garage that says "4 Friends, 4 Ever, 4 Beer." They are all saddened to see their dream come to an end. Drew tells Soulard that they want Buzz Beer back. Soulard demands much more than he paid, meaning that the gang will go into debt and never be able to sell the company again.

Season 5, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/22/2000
The Gang Stops Drinking
Kate wears an ear piece so that Drew can talk her through an interview with a catering company. She gets the job, and serves the guys some leftovers from her first assignment. They become violently ill, and blame Kate's cooking. However, Steve forces Mimi to confess to lacing a cookie (which Drew believed was a gift from his bosses) with a drug that causes vomiting when ingested with alcohol. The gang cannot drink for two weeks until the drug passes through their systems. Drew and Kate cannot spend any time together because of their busy schedules. He asks her to move in with him, but she believes they are moving too fast. He eventually agrees, and blames his temporary lapse in judgment on the sobriety. Lewis and Oswald begin seeing a pair of recovering alcoholics. After the drug wears off, they must choose between their new girlfriends and alcohol.

Season 5, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/29/2000
Oswald's Son
A 21-year-old man claims to be Oswald's son, the result of a fling at a summer tap dance camp. However, the man bears a striking resemblance to Lewis. Lewis admits to Drew and Kate that he also slept with the girl. He believes that he must be the father, but Oswald argues that Robert actually looks like his mother. The guys arrange for separate outings with Robert, but begin bickering about "custody" issues. They finally decide to take a DNA test to find out which of them is the real father. Robert reveals that he is married and has a child of his own, and finally sought out his father because the baby doesn't have a grandpa. He is perfectly happy to have Lewis and Oswald share father/grandfather duties, so they decide to save their friendship by tearing up the results of the paternity test. Meanwhile, Drew's decision to allow the employees to put together the store newsletter proves disastrous.

Season 5, Episode 22 – Aired: 4/12/2000
Mr. Wick Returns
Mr. Wick returns from his retraining and begins duty in the mail room. He again vows revenge against Drew. On the morning of a major sale, a cowboy ambushes Drew in his back yard and ties him up. Drew fails to open the store on time, marking the first time in history that Winfred-Louder did not open on schedule. Soulard tells Drew that he is demoting him to his old job. Mimi pleads for a chance at the manager position. Soulard agrees to give her one day to prove that she can run the store. Mimi taunts Drew and reveals that she was the one who sent the cowboy--not Wick. Wick and Drew agree to join forces to keep Mimi from becoming permanent store manager. Wick suggests dipping the pickle she eats for lunch in grain alcohol to get her drunk. Their plan fails when the cowboy again jumps Drew. He arrives very late, and Mimi seems to be on the verge of winning the job. Steve brings by some remote-controlled vibrating panties that may help her get pregnant. She puts them on to wear on the way home. Steve, who believed that Drew quit the manager job to spend time with Kate, is disgusted to learn that Mimi actually orchestrated his ousting. He throws away the remote in disgust. Drew retrieves it, and Lewis activates it and causes Mimi to embarrass herself in front of Soulard and the board. Wick gets Soulard drunk (with pickles) and tricks him into re-hiring him as store manager.

Season 5, Episode 23 – Aired: 4/26/2000
Kate vs. Speedy
Kate begins staying over at Drew's house so that they can spend some time together. She accuses him of spoiling Speedy, and tries to put a stop to this. Speedy begins to display hostility toward Kate. She becomes afraid of the dog, and forces Drew to tie him up outside. Oswald's supervisor comes along on his deliveries as he gives him an evaluation. Speedy bites the supervisor when he tries to untangle his leash. Drew blames Kate for Speedy's sudden change in behavior. Lewis recommends that Drew seek the advice of an animal psychologist from DrugCo. She quickly determines that Kate and Speedy are fighting for control of Drew, and gives him a squirt gun to use whenever they begin pushing him around. Kate admits that she has been too demanding. Steve has problems in the bedroom. He and Mimi must follow the same routine each time to increase her chances of pregnancy, and he feels too much pressure. Mimi forces a bewildered Mr. Wick to have a talk with him.

Season 5, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/3/2000
Beer Ball
Mr. Wick brings in a bunch of ringers for the company softball team. After Wick refuses to let him on the team, Drew decides to organize his own team and let anyone play, regardless of ability. After watching the players in action, he realizes that they have no chance against the Winfred-Louder squad. Lewis and Oswald suggest that he ask Steve to join the team. Steve is already playing for the other squad, as spouses of employees are allowed. He and Drew become very competitive and decide to make a bet on the outcome of the game. If Steve loses, he will have to eat bugs and other disgusting things; and if Drew's team loses, he must walk around the field in a diaper. Drew convinces Steve to play "beer ball," in which the players have to drink at every base. Steve's team gets so drunk that Drew's team (filled with players that are used to handling a lot of liquor) makes a comeback. Drew gets the tying hit, but gets caught between third and home. Before Steve can tag him, Drew makes a speech about not being able to live up to his brother. When Steve drops the ball to hug him, Drew runs around him and scores the winning run.

Season 5, Episode 25 – Aired: 5/10/2000
Drew and Kate Boink
With Drew having finally healed, he and Kate prepare for their first night together. She goes to the Warsaw and stumbles across a support group of her ex-boyfriends, including Oswald and Jay (who actually left her, not the other way around). After discovering how miserable she has made the guys, she worries that the same thing could happen to Drew. She decides not to sleep with him. Meanwhile, Mimi and Steve decide to consult a fertility clinic, as it is the only way for them to have a child. The clinic suffers refrigeration problems, and Mimi learns she must have the zygote implanted immediately. Steve is out of town, so she begs Drew to drive her to the clinic. She notes all of the problems she and Steve have had conceiving and sees it as a sign that she shouldn't have children. Drew assures her that she will be a "fierce, protective mother." He convinces her to go to the appointment. Kate calls Drew and tells him that she needs some time alone. Drew concludes that she never loved him and becomes depressed. Kate comes by Drew's house and explains the reason for her doubts. He says that they are in love and shouldn't worry so much. He reassures her with a big song and dance number. Mimi and Steve later show up outside the window and announce that she is pregnant. Drew pretends not to hear this.

Season 5, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/17/2000
A Very Special Drew
The cast laments the show's inability to pick up even a single major Emmy nomination. Hoping to win over Emmy voters, they decide to make a "very special" episode filled with tragedy and controversial issues. Drew and Lewis deliver a homeless woman's baby in the living room. She promptly pulls a gun on them and tries to rob them. Drew responds by buying a gun and making an over-the-top speech about his right to own it. Some latchkey kids move into the neighborhood, and the gang acts irresponsibly around them. Oswald becomes a kleptomaniac. Mimi suffers a recurrence of obsessive-compulsive disorder after losing her clothes in a fire. Wick becomes bulimic. Kate gets a headache, and quickly winds up in the hospital with an incurable illness. Lewis repeatedly makes insensitive comments, and follows each with a spotlit monologue in which he tries to psychoanalyze himself. The doctor gives Drew a medical book and suggests that he might be able to find a cure for Kate...but Drew can't read! Craig Ferguson sucks up to the Emmy voters by saying that he thought this episode was a bad idea. Kate falls into a coma, and Drew tries to marry her. She miraculously wakes up when it is her turn to say "I do," but fails again. She is revived several more times, but ultimately dies before the end of the ceremony (because even in a spoof, Drew and Kate can never actually get married). A child tries to comfort the disconsolate Drew, but she turns out to be whacked out on pain killers. Drew wakes up at his desk and is relieved to find Kate alive. She tells him that she is gay, accidentally making the announcement over the store loudspeaker (as in the coming out episode of Ellen). Everyone else decides to follow her example and come out. Several months later, the gang watches the Emmys and learns that the show lost again. Drew decides to just buy some Golden Globes.

Season 6, Episode 1 – Aired: 10/4/2000
Drew Pops Something on Kate
Drew decides to ask Kate to marry him, and buys a $6000 engagement ring. Mr. Wick screws up the budget and tells Drew that he must fire one employee before the board meeting, which starts in five minutes. Wick cannot do it himself because he is under investigation for several harassment claims. Drew is poised to fulfill his dream of firing Mimi when she feels the baby kicking. He suffers pangs of guilt and cannot bring himself to let her go. He searches desperately for someone to fire, but everyone has suddenly developed impeccable work habits. When Drew cannot make up his mind, Wick forces all of the employees except Drew to do push-ups. They become testy and demand Drew's firing. He sees his dismissal as opportunity for advancement, and encourages Kate to go after her dream job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mimi prevents Drew from getting another job by telling lies whenever a potential employer calls the store. He is afraid to propose to Kate because he doesn't think she should spend her life with a loser. Drew has to work in the cafeteria of his old high school, where he is continually subjected to mockery. Kate drops by in time to see a jerk dump food all over Drew's head. He is embarrassed, but she says that she will love him no matter what happens. He proposes to her, and she accepts.

Season 6, Episode 2 – Aired: 10/18/2000
Be Drew to Your School
Drew is embarrassed after several people who knew him from the Future Leaders of America in high school come to school for Career Day and see him working in the cafeteria. He wonders when his life got off-track. He recalls being ignored by Kate and pantsed by jocks on his first day of high school. Kate blames herself for his misfortune. She reveals that during their sophomore year, she answered a question when she wasn't really listening and inadvertently advised Drew to get black glasses instead of contacts. Drew was then seen as a nerd and received regular beatings. Lewis argues that he is at fault because he introduced Drew to beer during their junior year. Oswald confesses to spilling chocolate milk all over Drew's application to MIT, then replacing the essay with moronic babbling. He didn't tell Drew, who sent in the application. Drew insists that he could have made better decisions, but liked getting attention from the attractive school nurse after each crisis. He comes to the realization that he is a "pity-whore."

Season 6, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/25/2000
Drew's Inheritance
Lewis and Oswald get Drew in trouble at the cafeteria by bringing him a beer. Drew grows tired of all the abuse and elects to quit instead of getting fired. He tries to get Mr. Wick to re-hire him, only to find that his cubicle has been replaced by a frozen yogurt machine. Steve tells Drew that their uncle, Cecil, has died. Cecil has left most of his fortune to Bill Gates, but offers smaller amounts to his friends and relatives, provided that they pass certain tests. Steve gets $10,000, but Oswald and Lewis lose out on $5000 each when they are unable to remain silent for 24 hours (they last about five seconds). Cecil had always worried that Drew would end up alone, so he will give him $10,000 if he marries within 72 hours. Drew and Kate try to throw together a ceremony, but realize that it would be making a travesty out of the event. They hire a drunken Santa Claus from the store to pose as a minister and pretend to marry them. They ask Lewis and Oswald to keep quiet about the marriage, and do not tell them that the ceremony will be fake. However, Lewis and Oswald tell everyone about the wedding. Drew's parents show up with his old minister. Drew and Kate realize that they really want to get married, and decide to go through with it. Lewis and Oswald recognize the fake minister and badger him until he admits his true identity. Drew and Kate come downstairs to learn that their deception has been uncovered. They try to explain, but everyone just yells at them and storms out.

Season 6, Episode 4 – Aired: 11/1/2000
Mimi's a Partner
The gang plays poker with Mr. Wick in the hopes of winning back Drew's job, but their plan fails. Mimi shows up with Steve and gets herself into the game by showing off a wad of cash. She ends up squaring off with Kate in a high-stakes match-up. Kate has a great hand, so she wagers her share of Buzz Beer against Mimi's $5000. Unfortunately, she loses. Mimi quickly manipulates Oswald and Lewis into naming her the new president of Buzz Beer. Her ideas soon help the company increase its profits considerably. Lewis discovers that the cashbox is $2000 short. Everyone blames Drew--because he is out of work and struggling to pay his bills--but he insists that Mimi is setting him up. Oswald suggests that they just let the culprit return the money secretly. Drew's power and telephone are turned off. He admits to Kate that he was borrowing from Buzz Beer in an attempt to pay off his debts. He doesn't want to take money from her because he is used to being the one who helps everyone with their problems. When he tries to confess, Mimi reveals that she caught Kate putting money in the box. Drew says that Kate was only covering for him, but the others don't believe him. Meanwhile, Steve shows Mimi his support during her pregnancy by donning a weighted belly and breasts. He makes a bet with Oswald and Lewis after they make fun of him.

Season 6, Episode 5 – Aired: 11/8/2000
Drew Live II
Mr. Wick refuses to let Drew collect unemployment, and keeps saying that he quit even though he was actually fired. An employee objects to Wick's treatment of Drew and gets fired. Drew promises to help him land a new job, and the man offers to give him ten percent of his first month's salary. Drew decides to run an employment agency out of his house, and it proves very successful. Oswald and Lewis express dissatisfaction with their jobs and ask Drew to help them. He believes that he can get both of them work at a new restaurant, only to discover that there is only one opening. Oswald and Lewis are furious, as they have already quit their jobs. They keep pushing Drew to choose between them. Kate suggests that they just go to the restaurant for a tryout. They both fail miserably. Fortunately, Oswald realizes that he never really quit at Global (he went into the wrong office and mooned a blind lady instead of his boss). Lewis returns to DrugCo to beg for his job back.

Season 6, Episode 6 – Aired: 11/15/2000
The Pregnancy Scare
Kate has reason to believe that she is pregnant. She's not. She suddenly decides that she doesn't ever want to have children. Drew suddenly determines that being a father is the thing he wants most in the world. End of relationship. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick faces deportation unless he can find someone to marry. When he can't find an interested woman, he settles on marrying a man in Vermont, where same-sex civil unions have recently been legalized.

Season 6, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/22/2000
Drew and the Trail Scouts
Drew agrees to marry Wick and help him get his green card if Wick lets him have his old job. They head for Vermont to get married, and Oswald and Lewis come along to cheer the depressed Drew. During the ceremony, Drew nearly backs out because he realizes that the whole thing is really, really stupid and that he should still be with Kate. He finally agrees to go through with it. While moping in a nearby park, he encounters a scout troop. They prompt him to recall his old scouting days, and encourage him to volunteer to help with a troop. Drew is soon named a scoutmaster, and learns that his predecessor was forced out because the scouts do not allow gays. Drew tries to hide the truth about his marriage to Wick. An INS agent shows up to investigate Drew and Wick while the scout troop is at Drew's house. Drew must either tell the agent the truth and get Wick deported, or give up his scoutmaster duties. He protects Wick, who responds by promoting him to head of personnel.

Season 6, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/29/2000
Drew and Kate Become Friends
Drew is still devastated by his break-up with Kate. Steve encourages him to move on with his life, and Oswald and Lewis suggest that sleeping with another woman would allow him to get over Kate and go back to just thinking of her as a friend. Mr. Wick moves in with Drew temporarily to keep up appearances for the INS. Oswald and Lewis run into a heartbroken Kate at the Warsaw and tell her about their advice to Drew. She cannot stand the thought of Drew with another woman, especially so soon after the completely implausible demise of their relationship. She races to the house to stop him, only to learn from Wick that Steve has taken Drew out to meet someone. Drew is less than pleased to find that his beautiful date, Jenny, is Mimi's cousin. Mimi forbids Jenny from dating Drew, but she ignores him. Jenny wants to sleep with Drew right away, so they head back to the house. Meanwhile, Kate gets plastered and decides to sleep with Wick. She eventually realizes that this is wrong and starts to leave, but runs into Drew in the hallway. Each is furious to discover that the other plans to sleep with someone else. Drew tries to make Kate think that he is having sex, but soon becomes so upset by the idea of Kate with Wick that he barges into Wick's room. He finds Kate covering her head with a pillow. They each admit that they can't go through with their trysts. Mr. Wick heads across the hall to accommodate the still-horny Jenny. Drew and Kate decide to go back to being friends.

Season 6, Episode 9 – Aired: 12/6/2000
Drew Can't Carey a Tune
Drew immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Mr. Nichols, his demanding new boss. He tries to suck up to get himself off of Nichols' "crap list." Nichols receives a call asking him to head up fund raising for a new roof for his church. Drew contributes $100 and offers to begin attending services. He volunteers to sing at a church benefit. Although Nichols and the minister are skeptical, Drew insists that he is talented. Oswald, Lewis and Kate lie and vouch for his singing abilities. Drew's performance (with an accordion and knee cymbals) is so embarrassing that Oswald has to pull the fire alarm to save him from being booed off the stage. Drew is hurt when he receives a scathing review in the church newsletter, but thinks that the crowd would have liked him if he had gotten to finish his song. His friends still do not tell him the truth about his singing. Drew goes to the church to confront the reviewer, only to find that it is Nichols' teenage son. Nichols and his son tell Drew that he is awful. Drew's friends show up to console him.

Season 6, Episode 10 – Aired: 12/13/2000
Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer
Buzz Beer decides to get a booth at an alcohol expo in the hopes of being chosen for a Beer-of-the-Month club. Oswald forgets to send in the application, so they end up at the lone remaining table--next to an anti-alcohol group that displays giant photographs of diseased livers. Drew and Mimi lecture Lewis and Oswald about their constant screw-ups. Kate suggests that they get some business by giving away free peanuts to customers. Drew and Mimi go with her to borrow a peanut cart, leaving Oswald and Lewis behind to think about their mistakes. They decide to prove themselves by signing out a former circus bear now at DrugCo, who knows how to drink beer. They believe that the novelty will attract customers. Oswald hides the bear in the beer truck when Drew returns home. Lewis and Oswald are distracted for a moment, and the bear steals the truck and starts driving around the neighborhood. Drew and Mimi run out of beer (thereby losing a lot of business) and head out to search for Lewis, Oswald and the rest of their supply. The bear mistakes Mimi for his old trainer--a clown--and follows her to the expo. The bear proves a huge hit and brings a lot of attention to Buzz Beer. Lewis and Oswald celebrate their first successful idea by having Drew photograph them with the bear. Quite predictably, the flash photography causes the bear to go crazy.

Season 6, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/20/2000
Fetal Attraction
Drew meets Suzanne, a single co-worker who is about to have a baby. They hit it off and decide to go on a date. Everyone seems repulsed by the idea of Drew dating a pregnant woman, and Kate and Steve feel that he is just hoping to latch onto her kid. Drew doesn't think that one date is a big deal, but Steve warns that Suzanne views him as a potential father. All of the other pregnant women in the office assume that Drew has a "thing" for pregnant women and start hitting on him. Suzanne becomes extremely possessive of Drew and constantly makes demands on him. He doesn't want to see her again, but is afraid of her Suzanne goes into labor, and tries to list Drew as the father on the insurance forms. Drew finally dumps her, and she makes a move on an orderly. Meanwhile, elves Oswald and Lewis grow tired of the wrath of the store's sadistic Santa Claus. Drew cannot fire him because of the lack of available replacements, so Lewis and Oswald try kidnapping Santa so that he will be dismissed for skipping work.

Season 6, Episode 12 – Aired: 1/10/2001
The Warsaw Closes
Mimi and Steve buy the house next door to the Warsaw, and she taunts Drew about the fact that she will always be nearby when he is trying to unwind. Drew, Lewis and Oswald get drunk and urinate on her front lawn. She catches them in the act and files a complaint. Because a number of neighbors have complained about the boorish behavior of the bar patrons, the Warsaw is stripped of its liquor license. Drew apologizes to Mimi, but admits that he doesn't mean it. He convinces the Warsaw's owner to slip alcohol into all of the food (soup, lemonade, etc.) but Mimi reports the owner and has him arrested. Drew does not understand why Mimi is so upset about this particular prank. Steve explains that she has never lived in a house before, so it is very special to her. Drew apologizes and creates a little gnome town for her front yard. Mimi drops the complaint. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald prove that their stupidity knows no limits as they try to "milk" snakes and sell their venom.

Season 6, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/17/2001
Oswald's Dad Returns
Oswald's estranged father gets out of prison after a ten-year sentence, but Oswald doesn't want to see him. Drew looks for a part-time job to pay off his credit card debts. Oswald tells him that his father was hired by a real estate company, and asks his dad to help Drew get a job. Mr. Harvey also buys Oswald a bike, and they seem to be making a connection. Drew fails to make a sale for several days. The boss threatens to fire him unless he sells something by the end of the day. Lewis agrees to buy one of the cheaper properties, which a divorcing couple is supposedly trying to unload. He pays cash, so there can be no trace if there is a problem. Drew learns that his boss is a scam artist; he has sold the same property dozens of times, and it is unlivable because of high levels of radioactivity. Drew tells Lewis, but they do not call the police because they do not want to send Oswald's dad back to prison. Lewis and Kate fail in an attempt to get his money back. Drew confirms that Mr. Harvey is in on the scam. Mr. Harvey promises to return Lewis's money by eight o'clock that night. When he doesn't show on time, Drew and Lewis tell Oswald the truth. Mr. Harvey claims to have Lewis's money, but instead just gives him a sack full of items belonging to an old man that he mugged. Oswald is mortified, but decides to give his father a head start before calling the cops.

Season 6, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/24/2001
All Work and No Play (1)
Mr. Wick begins spending more time around Drew's house. He claims that he needs to keep up appearances in case the INS makes a surprise visit. Wick has to sleep over after he injures his ankle while exercising. He borrows a pair of underwear from Drew, and suddenly becomes a really nice guy. He treats employees with kindness and takes Lewis, Kate and Oswald to lunch. Drew is hurt when his friends accept Wick's lunch invitation instead of staying with him. They later join Wick at a British pub, ignoring plans to meet Drew at the Warsaw. Drew accuses Wick of stealing his friends. He throws him out of the house and says that he will end their fake gay marriage. Wick becomes a bigger tyrant than ever at the office, and says that he will not change his ways unless Drew lets him hang out at the house. Wick comes over to pick up his belongings, and pleads for a chance to be friends. Drew is put off by his overbearing personality and wants nothing to do with him. Wick hires a woman to impersonate an INS agent in the hopes of tricking Drew into letting him stay. Drew does not fall for it. Kate later receives a phone call at the Warsaw. She learns that Drew has been in an accident and is in the hospital.

8.4 Great
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Season 6, Episode 15 – Aired:
Drew's in a Coma (2)
Drew is left comatose after a car accident. He enjoys a fantasy world where he is surrounded by scantily clad models, dines from pizza trees, and has a makeup-free Mimi as his slave. Meanwhile, his friends hold a bedside vigil. Mimi even kisses him in the hopes that the shock to his system would wake him. The doctor gives him an injection to help him come around, but it doesn't work. Drew insists that he would rather stay in the coma, as it seems much better than his real life. As a last resort, the doctor suggests that they remove him from the respirator. The shock will cause him to either come out of the coma or die. Steve (who has power of attorney) hopes to avoid this option. The gang tries surrounding Drew with familiar things, but there is no change in his condition. After Drew is removed from the respirator, he takes a test to see if he can get into heaven. He learns that he has been accepted. Mimi goes into labor in Drew's room.

Season 6, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/14/2001
Drew and the Baby (3)
En route to heaven, Drew encounters his nephew, who is on his way to Earth to be born. The baby takes note of Drew's sarcastic comments about Mimi and fears that his mother is a terrible person. He no longer wants to be born. Drew tries to prove that Mimi will be a good mother by having his soul inhabit the newborn while the baby observes from heaven. The gang takes the comatose Drew's body home and tries to make his nurse serve them. The baby nearly chokes after Oswald tries to feed him a pretzel. Mimi comforts the child and says that she would not be able to go on if something happened to him. The baby is convinced of her love and decides that he is ready to switch with Drew. Drew becomes very sad at the prospect of not being able to spend any more time with his friends. He decides that he wants to return to Earth. He awakens from his coma, but no one believes his story.

Season 6, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/21/2001
Hush Little Baby
Mimi and Steve cannot get their son to stop crying. He becomes quiet instantly when Drew comes for a visit and interacts with him. Steve becomes ill, and Mimi orders him to leave so that he doesn't infect the baby. He stays at Drew's house, where Oswald and Kate look after him. He convinces the reluctant Drew to stay at his house and help Mimi with the baby until he recovers. The baby will only stop crying when Drew is holding him, and refuses to eat. Much to his horror, Drew must hold the baby while he breast-feeds. He then learns that Steve has strep throat and cannot return for two weeks. Drew finally becomes fed up and says that Mimi and Steve will have to learn to take care of their child on their own. Mimi, disheartened by her inability to bond with the baby, tries to leave him with Drew. When a still-ailing Steve comes over to visit, the baby stops crying after Mimi yells at Steve to get out. Drew concludes that the baby had grown used to Mimi's irascible behavior while he was in the womb, and just didn't recognize her because she was acting too nice. Steve and Mimi name their son King Augustus Antonio (?) Carey. Meanwhile, Lewis catches a cold from Steve after claiming that exposure to viruses at DrugCo had left him immune to illness. He is convinced that he will die, and decides to be totally free and honest--even if it means walking around the Warsaw naked.

Season 6, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/28/2001
Drew's Life After Death
Drew is shocked when his obituary appears in the newspaper. He learns that Mimi is responsible; his doctor sent a death certificate to Steve when Drew was in the coma, and Mimi retrieved it from the mail. Her actions trigger a "doomsday" prank that Drew had arranged in the event of his early death. She gets handcuffed to a chair and has to watch half-naked fat men dance around. Mimi sends the death certificate out and has Drew's credit cards and bank accounts cancelled. Drew becomes depressed over his brief and unspectacular obituary. Lewis and Oswald reveal that they took out a life insurance policy on Drew in high school, and have received a large claim. Drew points out that they are breaking the law. They promise to return the money after he is declared alive, but will spend the profit they made betting it on the horses. Wick is able to take time off as a "bereaved spouse" and go to Hawaii. Drew fears that he has wasted his life, as he seems to be helping more people through his "death" than when he was alive. He volunteers at a crisis center. Oswald and Lewis also volunteer, but become bored and decide to quit after a few minutes. Drew realizes that the people seeking help actually have better lives than he does. He starts bawling and is asked to leave. He demands his share of the insurance payoff and disappears. He shows up a few days later with a motorcycle.

Season 6, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/14/2001
Drew and the Motorcycle
Kate warns the guys to return the life insurance money, but they insist they are only spending the profit and cannot get in trouble. Lewis and Oswald begin to panic when an insurance agent shows up at Drew's house, but she just asks them to sign some forms. She sees Drew on his motorcycle and finds him attractive. He claims to be Kyle, Drew's estranged brother. Drew and Julie begin dating, and he pretends to be a bad boy to impress her. They go to a biker bar, where Drew exchanges insults with the owner, Smelly Mary. She offers her approval, thus winning him the respect of everyone in the bar. Drew receives notice that his death certificate has been revoked, but decides that he wants to leave Drew dead and continue living as Kyle. Lewis and Oswald cut into the original insurance settlement to record an album. They turn to Drew for help, and he must sell his motorcycle. He returns to the biker bar and encounters Mimi. She explains that she heard about Drew's exploits from Smelly Mary, who was her tag-team wrestling partner in Mexico. She buys the bike with money from a tortilla chip endorsement deal she had in Mexico. After Julie learns that Drew is alive, he finally confesses his true identity. She says that they can't see each other any longer, as they are both boring and needed the excitement of the "Kyle" identity.

Season 6, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/21/2001
Kate and Her New Boyfriend
Steve orders Drew and Mimi to call a truce because he believes their hostility could be a bad influence on the baby. Kate begins dating Eric, a paramedic whom she met when he gave a demonstration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Drew claims to be happy for her, but is actually seething with jealousy. Mimi comes to Winfred-Louder and tries to goad Drew into insulting her, as she is consumed by boredom. He manages to restrain himself, but then takes out his aggression by beating up Mr. Wick. Wick does not fire him (because Drew would then divorce him and let him get deported), and vows to hit him back when he least expects it. Eric offers to take everyone out to dinner. Lewis and Oswald try to keep Drew from making a scene by inviting Steve and Mimi. Although Kate keeps flaunting the relationship and talking about how happy they are, Eric doesn't really seem to know much about her. Drew and Mimi "accidentally" inflict pain on each other. However, he lashes out at Eric after he keeps bragging about himself. Kate is angry with Drew, but still stands up for him when Eric puts him down. Eric leaves in a huff and breaks up with Kate. Drew tracks down Kate at the Warsaw to apologize, and they admit that they don't want to see each other with anyone else. They cannot get back together because they still disagree about whether to have kids. Mr. Wick pops up from behind the bar and punches Drew, but only ends up breaking his hand.

Season 6, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/28/2001
What's Wrong with This Episode IV
Drew begins to worry about Lewis's increasingly mean-spirited actions, especially because his guide (during the coma) told him that Lewis will go to hell. Drew and Oswald secretly videotape Lewis and confront him about his terrible behavior. Lewis realizes that he must change his ways. However, he soon becomes convinced that his friends are all going to hell. He tries to shake them of their "sinful" ways, and breaks up Kate's date by standing outside with a bullhorn and calling her a whore. He also denies Oswald his cable fix and throws all of Drew's porn onto the lawn. Lewis insists that he is simply doing God's will, but has a change of heart after he is repeatedly struck by lightning. Steve fills in for Mimi at Winfred-Louder while she is on maternity leave. He does such a good job that everyone wants him to stay on permanently. Mimi announces that she is going to become a stay-at-home mom, but is very depressed. Steve tries to find a way to get himself fired.

Season 6, Episode 22 – Aired: 4/11/2001
The Easter Show
Drew gets his car back from the repair shop, but suffers flashbacks to his accident and refuses to drive. Mr. Wick assigns Drew the task of hiring someone to deliver Easter baskets from the store to area children. Drew ignores Wick's objections and hires Oswald, who will enlist the aid of his fellow Global Parcel drivers. Lewis successfully gets the phone number of a woman delivering water to the store. She writes it on his hand, and it gets smeared before he can copy it onto paper. Oswald decides that he will deliver all of the baskets himself so that he can keep all of the money. He takes the baskets down to the basement, and all of the chocolate bunnies melt after he turns up the heat. Drew must find a solution or face repercussions at work. Oswald tries to make new chocolate bunnies, but there is no time for them to harden. They give the kids "chocolate gravy." Drew continually makes excuses when the gang tries to get him to use his car for some of the deliveries. He finally admits that he is afraid to drive. Lewis drives Drew's car. Oswald and Kate try to speed up their deliveries, and end up throwing baskets everywhere and making a huge mess. Lewis spots his "water goddess" and abandons Drew's car at a busy intersection. Drew manages to drive home, but then cannot bring himself to break his grip on the steering wheel.

Season 6, Episode 23 – Aired: 5/2/2001
Mimi's cousin Vanessa comes for a visit. Mimi has always hated Vanessa, but now sucks up to her because she is rich. Vanessa and Drew are named the baby's godparents. However, Mimi declares that Vanessa will be the one to actually raise Gus if anything happens to Mimi and Steve. Steve objects, noting Drew's close bond with his nephew. Lewis and Oswald decide to use the store's new portrait studio to get pictures of themselves as astronauts in the hopes of impressing women. They are angry to find that families get a cheaper rate, as they can't afford the individual prices. Steve asks Drew to babysit Gus while he and Mimi are at the church preparing for the christening. Oswald spills tacos on Gus, so Kate and Drew have to take the outfit to the dry cleaners. Lewis and Oswald borrow the baby so that they can get family portrait prices. Drew and Kate go to the church and try to stall. Drew's parents wrap Oswald's rabbit, Commander Bun-Bun, in a blanket and try to pass him off as the baby. The priest has to postpone the ceremony, and Mimi names Vanessa the guardian. However, Drew has some photos of Gus (from Lewis and Oswald's session) blown up for display around the church during the ceremony. Gus begins crying when Drew tries to leave. Mimi still fears that Drew would trash her to her son after she was gone. After Drew assures her that he would say that she was a good person, Mimi agrees to let him be guardian.

Season 6, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/9/2001
Drew and the Activist (1)
A woman approaches Drew at the Warsaw and asks him for a date. Lewis comes downstairs and has words with her. He reveals that she is an activist protesting a secret DrugCo project for which he is serving as foreman. He assumes that she is using Drew to get information, then describes the project in detail for no apparent reason. Drew plans to call off the date, but Rachel insists that she didn't know that he was Lewis's friend. Rachel infuriates Mimi by throwing out some of her make-up because it is tested on animals. After sleeping with Drew, Rachel pleads with him for information on Lewis's project. He agrees after she tells him that Lewis may be in danger because DrugCo allows employees to work with toxic waste without informing them of the risk. The EPA shuts down the project, and Lewis gets bumped back down to janitor. Mimi discovers that Rachel works for one of DrugCo's competitors. Drew goes to DrugCo to apologize. The gang turns off the bathroom lights to talk without security detection, and discovers that they are glowing in the dark. Oswald admits that he stole water from Lewis's project and used it in his new specially brewed beer. The gang does not become seriously ill. Drew confronts Rachel about Mimi's allegations. She assures him that she quit the pharmaceutical company long ago after learning the truth about its activities.

Season 6, Episode 25 – Aired: 5/16/2001
Drew and the Activist (2)
Drew and Rachel decide to see each other exclusively. Mimi suggests holding a barbecue for bar and restaurant owners as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Rachel tries to convince Drew to change his lifestyle to be more conscious of the environment. She is horrified to hear about the barbecue, and he agrees to serve veggie burgers. Lewis, Oswald and Mimi are angry at Drew for making decisions for the business without consulting them, and point out that they already had the meat. They secretly serve the meat without telling Drew. Mimi doesn't tell Rachel until she has had three burgers. She becomes addicted to meat-eating, and begins to lose all passion for her causes because she feels like a hypocrite. Drew helps her find her way by renting a live cow from a slaughterhouse and telling her that they are going to kill it and make it dinner. He realizes that they are too different to be together, and tells her to continue her activism. She liberates the cow, costing Drew his thousand-dollar deposit. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick goes to a fox hunt, only to have the animal fight back.

Season 6, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/23/2001
Bananas (1)
Drew suggests that Winfred-Louder open a women's store. The board agrees, and Mr. Wick appoints Drew as manager of the new store. Mimi objects, but Wick appeases her by giving her Drew's old job and letting her abuse her power for personal gain. Drew is overwhelmed by the work required to get the store ready for opening, and cannot find any time to sleep. His behavior becomes increasingly erratic. He runs out of the new store site in a panic after the mannequins stage a revolt. Kate suggests that Mimi might be responsible for Drew's problems, but Drew points out that Mimi always brags about her pranks. Drew hears some parrots taunting him from the trees outside his house and throws firecrackers at them. He is apprehended by the police and placed in a sanitarium. The doctor agrees that Drew is not crazy, and that his behavior was the result of stress and sleep deprivation. However, he must be observed for 72 hours and will miss the opening. Mimi visits Drew and admits that she was behind the pranks. She expected him to quit as women's store manager, and was surprised that he went crazy. She refuses to vouch for Drew's sanity, and boasts that she has replaced him as manager. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis take jobs for a fireworks company.

Season 6, Episode 27 – Aired: 5/23/2001
Bananas (2)
Kate, Lewis and Oswald search for Drew. Mimi fails to share his whereabouts with Mr. Wick, and gets him to appoint her the new manager of the women's store. Lewis and Oswald learn that Drew is in the institution. Only family is allowed to visit, so they check themselves in as patients so that they can talk to him. Drew plots to escape and reclaim his job. He leaves a message on his machine telling Kate what has happened to the guys and asking her to show up with a van the next day. Although they have stolen the master keys, Oswald and Lewis insist on breaking out by building a bomb and blowing a hole in the wall. Most of the other patients escape with them, but a large patient restrains Drew and keeps him from leaving. Kate doesn't think that he has made it to the van, but Oswald insists otherwise. Drew finally makes it to the store opening in his hospital gown. When he learns that Mimi has taken his job, he loses it and starts seeing everyone as Mimi. He attacks Wick and has to return to the institution.

Season 7, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/26/2001
Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (1)
The cast and special guests perform comedy sketches with a "back to school" theme. Teenage Drew visits a doctor and learns about his "changing body." A wood shop teacher conducts class, despite the fact that he is just a decapitated head. A sketch parodies the accelerated aging process seen in commercials for milk. Oswald and Lewis try to convince SHeDAISY to hire them as backup singers. Two girls at a slumber party decide to practice kissing on each other. Christa Miller and Jenny McCarthy question the purpose of the sketch after noticing that Drew, John Carroll Lynch and a bunch of pervert crew members are gawking at them. They retaliate by making a sketch in which a buff Abraham Lincoln becomes a stripper and dances for Drew. Oswald tries to impress Jenny with a story about a painful football injury, but the flashback reveals that he was actually a cheerleader. Mimi warns musical guest Smash Mouth not to steal her idea for a speed metal version of Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Two teenagers experience physical problems after ogling their friend's mom.

Season 7, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/26/2001
Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (2)
Drew hosts a film about the dangers of cooties. Another film shows girls how cheerleading can help them later in life. Mimi bothers Uncle Kracker for help with a crossword puzzle. A clueless police officer goes undercover while still wearing his uniform. Peter Frampton recalls his past romance with Mimi. A talking zit gives a young man questionable dating advice. Mimi tries to convince Sugar Ray to stay over at her place after the show. Drew compliments teachers, with the exception of his elementary school teacher, Ms. Freeman. He boasts that math isn't necessary in life, only to miss out on a party because Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray tells him the location in the form of a story problem.

Season 7, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/3/2001
Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse
Drew is finally released from the mental institution. On the day of his release, he runs into Nicki at the Warsaw. She reveals that she is divorced, and feels she made a mistake in letting Drew go. Kate worries that Nicki is going to hurt Drew again. Kate, Lewis and Oswald try to create a distraction to help Drew get away, but he assures them that he is all right. After his friends leave, Drew suddenly proposes to Nicki. She accepts, and they marry in Pennsylvania. Drew's friends cannot find him for several days. Kate admits to Lewis and Oswald that it made her very jealous to see Drew with Nicki. She realizes that she still loves him. She calls Drew on his cell phone and arranges to meet him at a bar near City Hall. Drew returns home with Nicki and announces their marriage. He leaves to meet Kate before Lewis and Oswald can warn him of her intentions. She proposes to Drew, who immediately accepts. Meanwhile, Steve refuses to forgive Mimi for driving his brother insane.

Season 7, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/10/2001
Married to a Mob
Oswald, Lewis and Steve are shocked to learn that Drew is married to both Nicki and Kate. Drew intends to clear up the situation immediately, but puts it off for two weeks. He alternates between wives, telling each woman that he is away in Toledo on business when he isn't with her. Unfortunately for Drew, Mimi finds out what is going on. Drew begs her not to rat on him. He tells her that he loves both women and is abstaining from sex until he can narrow it down to just one wife. Mimi still feels that his behavior is sleazy, and tries to set him up for a fall. Kate calls while Drew is with Nicki, and he ends up having to agree to a dinner with both of them. He tells Nicki that Kate has gone crazy and thinks that she is married to him. He then tells Kate that Nicki has gotten hooked on anti-depressants. He manages to keep them at bay until Kate finds wedding cake in the freezer that says "Drew and Nicki." Oswald and Lewis decide to look for a house because women are turned off by the fact that they live above a bar. While talking with Drew in the park, they become inspired and decide to build a house there. Drew doesn't tell them that this is a stupid idea because he believes that his bigamy now disqualifies him from questioning anything they do.

Season 7, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/17/2001
When Wives Collide
Drew manages to convince Kate that Nicki made the wedding cake herself because she is crazy. He becomes desperate to clear things up as soon as possible. With Steve's help, Drew realizes that Kate is the woman he really loves. He decides that he will explain everything to her and beg for forgiveness. Before he gets a chance, Kate and Nicki figure it out on their own. They turn to Mimi to help them get revenge. She is reluctant because she wants to prove to Steve that she has changed, but gives them some advice. Drew meets Kate at the Warsaw to confess. She claims that she blames everything on Nicki, and races off to Drew's house in a rage. They stage a fight and throw a mannequin out the window onto his car. They both confront him, and an already furious Nicki leaves after learning that Drew has jilted her. He pleads with Kate for another chance, but she says that she never wants to see him again and peels out in her car.

Season 7, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/24/2001
Nicki talks to the newspaper about Drew's bigamy. The article also refers to his marriage to Mr. Wick, and everyone around town starts calling him "the impotent, bisexual bigamist." Drew's lawyer tells him that his marriages to Kate and Nicki are invalid because he is still married to Wick. Kate refuses to speak to Drew, and begins dating a handsome local sportscaster. Drew tries to come up with a grand gesture in the hopes of winning her back. Inspired by a marriage proposal on the side of a bus, he buys an ad asking for forgiveness and has it placed on five buses. He buys just half-ads to save money. Unfortunately, his messages share space with an anti-child abuse campaign, and the pictures are arranged in a way that makes it seem that Kate is the woman who battered the child in the photo. Kate's boyfriend dumps her to preserve his image. Instead of helping Drew with a new plan, Lewis and Oswald pay a woman to become a substitute Kate. She nearly gets into a fist fight with the original. Drew tracks down Ron at a hockey game and asks him to get back together with Kate. Kate says that she doesn't want Ron back, and is angry at Drew for continuing to interfere in her life. She claims that nothing will make her feel better. She starts to leave, then elects to beat up Drew and throw him through a window. Meanwhile, Steve tells Mimi that he will come home if she proves she is truly sorry for what she did to Drew. She and the band Motorhead perform outside his bedroom at deafening levels and sing about how sorry she is.

Season 7, Episode 7 – Aired: 10/31/2001
It's Halloween, Dummy
Drew decides to fill some of his free time by taking a ventriloquism class. Winfred-Louder gets a new owner, the easy-going Mr. Newsome. He identifies with Drew because he spent many years in middle management before he got rich. Drew organizes the store's charity Halloween party. Kate shows up as herself, in a wedding dress with a fake knife in her back. Mr. Newsome tells Drew that he wants him to replace Wick as store manager. He plans to make the announcement to the board the next day. Seconds later, Newsome gets spooked by a fake bat and drops dead of a heart attack. After Lewis has DrugCo preserve the body, Drew brings it to the board meeting the next day and does his ventriloquism act. He gets Mimi demoted, but becomes too cocky and tries to drink a glass of water while talking. He drops Newsome before he can appoint himself manager. Lewis winds up looking like Frankenstein's monster after a visit to a deranged dentist who works on a boat.

Season 7, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/7/2001
How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back
Drew's parents come to visit, but decide to stay with Steve and Mimi so that they can spend more time with the baby. Beulah confesses to Mimi that George has never satisfied her in bed. Mimi tells her to talk to George about this problem. He becomes furious and shows up at Drew's house with his bags to announce that he is leaving Beulah. After Mimi persuades a horrified Drew to give George some advice, he and Steve have a very awkward talk with their father. Lewis and Oswald build a killer robot in the hopes of winning $1000 in the Warsaw's Battle of the Bots.

Season 7, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/14/2001
Drew Live III
Drew awakens to find himself handcuffed to former Cheers star John Ratzenberger in a Tennessee dog pound. John says that he saved Drew from jumping off a bridge in a drunken stupor as he ranted about some terrible thing that he had done. Drew tries to re-trace his steps and figure out what happened. He headed to Nashville for a convention, and Oswald and Lewis tagged along to visit Dollywood. Mimi and Steve used the absent Wick's ticket to take the trip, and decided to have sex on the train. Drew became ill after drinking a beer and stumbled into the wrong cabin. He remembers that Mimi entered the cabin as the train went through the tunnel. Drew finds blue paint all over himself and fears that he had sex with Mimi. Oswald and Lewis tell him that Mimi discovered that it was Drew and left him alone. The Blue Man Group then covered him in paint as part of one of their experiments. Drew discovers that John Ratzenberger drugged his beer and led him to the wrong cabin. He and the Blue Man Group wanted to get him to kill himself so that they could take over the show.

Season 7, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/21/2001
Eat Drink Drew Woman
Winfred-Louder hires an efficiency expert, Christine, to look after the store while Mr. Wick is away. She is a very demanding taskmaster, but goes easy on Drew because she has a crush on him. Mimi and Nora try to convince him to date Christine so that she will ease up on the employees. Mimi gives him a check for $500 in exchange for sleeping with Christine. He refuses, but she leaves him the check and asks him to think about it. Drew agrees to a date with Christine. She explains that she is tough on the staff because she wants to increase productivity so that she won't have to lay off as many people. Drew and Christine discover that they have a lot in common, and end up sleeping together. She finds the check and believes that Drew only slept with her for the money. He tries to explain, but she threatens to fire him if he brings up the subject. He finally goes to her apartment on Thanksgiving, and leaves a message when she won't see him. He repeatedly talks about the fact that they had sex, unaware that she is dining with her family and the pastor from her church. They invite Drew to join them for dinner. He learns that he was the first man to date Christine since her divorce eight years earlier. He assures her that he does like her, and they continue to see each other. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis get some unexpected help completing construction on their house after getting into a car accident with a circus bus.

Season 7, Episode 11 – Aired: 11/28/2001
Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride
Drew begins to feel emasculated when Christine repeatedly bosses him around and has him do all of her errands. Mimi prepares to buy a minivan. She is heartbroken when Dee Snider of Twisted Sister shows up at the office and tells her that she can no longer be president of the group's fan club, as she has been neglecting her duties because of motherhood. She grows dissatisfied with her life and longs for the excitement of her past. She decides to buy a convertible sports car instead of the minivan. She runs into Drew, who is driving Christine's sports car, and they decide to have a race. They are both thrilled by the experience, and begin sneaking out and taking part in drag races every night. Steve finds out and shows up with Gus to convince Mimi to stop racing. Christine learns why Drew has been racing, and agrees to be less demanding. After the racegoers make fun of him for being a wuss, she lets him race one last time.

Season 7, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/12/2001
Hotel Drew
Mr. Wick, in a teleconference from Hawaii, announces that all employees below store manager must have a 20 percent pay cut. To make up the lost income, Drew rents out his spare room to a gay couple. Lewis and Oswald consult the men for help decorating their new house. Mitch and Les use their connections to help Drew get a job interview at a better store. Drew gets the job, but fears that he is in way over his head. Mitch and Les encourage him to have faith in himself. Drew is told to cut $200,000 from the store's budget by the end of the week. He finds a way to effectively streamline personnel and eliminate unnecessary positions. Unfortunately, he winds up proving that his position isn't essential, and gets fired. Mitch and Les announce that they are moving out, as they have inherited a house. Wick shows up and admits that Winfred-Louder has fallen apart without Drew. He begs Drew to come back, but he refuses. He insists that something better will come along.

Season 7, Episode 13 – Aired: 12/19/2001
Drew and the King
Drew takes a job as a security guard. Lewis, Oswald and Steve tell him that Kate has gotten a promotion. Drew is upset to realize that she no longer comes to him with news about big events in her life. He asks his boss to transfer him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so that he can spend more time with Kate. Christine isn't too thrilled about this, and doesn't believe Drew's claims that he just wants Kate as a friend. Kate becomes annoyed when Drew tries to hang around her at work. While searching for his keys at the Elvis exhibit, he finds a previously unheard record in the couch. It features Elvis singing Jewish folk songs. Drew gives Kate credit for the discovery, which will give her a huge career boost. Mimi predicts that Kate will blow it. While showing off all of the precautions she has taken with the record, Kate ends up dropping a steel case on it and damaging it beyond repair. She decides to accept a job offer at a polka museum in Chicago before word gets out about her screw-up. After discovering that Oswald can impersonate Elvis very well, the guys decide to make a phony record in the hopes that no one will know the difference. Unfortunately, car alarms can be heard in the background. Drew saves Kate's job by claiming that he was entirely to blame for the fiasco. Christine tells Drew that he is obviously in love with Kate. He finally admits this, and he and Christine break up. Kate decides that she trusts Drew enough to start confiding in him again.

Season 7, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/16/2002
The Curse of the Mummy
Kate puts together a video résumé for Drew to help him attract more potential new employers. He immediately receives a call from Proctor & Gamble, and gets a dinner interview. Winfred-Louder begins to fall apart because of Mr. Wick's incompetence. The janitorial staff refuses to pick up the garbage after he insults them. Wick pleads with Drew to return to the store as co-manager, but Drew feels that he can do better for himself. Mr. Wick's promiscuous and very masculine mother tries to intervene on her son's behalf. She shows up at Drew's house and tries to force herself on him. Wick walks in on them and freaks out. Drew misses his chance at the Proctor & Gamble job because of Mrs. Wick's interference. Mr. Wick stops showing up for work, and seems to have completely vanished. The board of directors asks Drew to become the new manager, and he accepts. A plastered Wick stumbles into the Warsaw and tells Steve, Kate, Lewis and Oswald that Drew had sex with Wick's mother and stole his job. They try to convince Drew that it is wrong to take the job under the circumstances. Drew finds Wick hanging around outside his house. He tells him that nothing happened with his mother. Drew takes Wick to rehab and promises to try to get his job back. Drew's efforts fail, but Mrs. Wick uses her own special methods of persuasion to get a board member to change his mind. Drew reluctantly agrees to accept Mr. Wick as co-manager, as long as he has final say on all decisions. Lewis and Oswald enlist the help of Kate and Steve to make a video touting them as homeowners. They run the tape at the bar to impress women, but no one seems to care.

Season 7, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/23/2002
The Enabler
On Drew's first day as co-manager, he and Wick learn that the store is going out of business. However, a potential new buyer has stepped forward and may agree to save Winfred-Louder. The group's main representative, Lord Mercer, doesn't like Drew; but gets along well with Wick, as they are graduates of the same college. Wick promises to handle the deal himself. Drew does not realize that Wick has resumed drinking until he falls down the stairs at the Warsaw. The buyers are bored with Drew's presentation, and insist on hearing from Wick. He refuses to help unless Drew lets him drink. He charms the buyers and helps win them over. A guilt-ridden Drew wants to take Wick to rehab, but decides that he must let him keep drinking until the deal has been finalized at a cocktail party the next day. Wick gets totally wasted and ends up punching out one of the investors. The deal is called off, until an apologetic Drew confesses to letting the alcoholic Wick drink. Lord Mercer is impressed by Drew's ruthlessness and agrees to the purchase. Oswald meets a nurse at the Warsaw, but she is put off by his creepy behavior. He goes down to the hospital in the hopes of convincing her to go out with him. While waiting for Colleen in a patient's room, he starts playing with the paddles and revives a dead man. Colleen is so amazed that she agrees to date Oswald.

Season 7, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/6/2002
Pretty Baby
Drew suggests that the store promote its new babywear department by holding a "most beautiful baby" contest. Steve and Mimi plan to enter Gus, while Lewis and Oswald back Colleen's nephew. Steve and Mimi prepare for a weekend getaway, but learn that the babysitter is unavailable. Drew volunteers to babysit. Mimi is adamantly opposed to the idea, but Steve talks her into it. Drew tries to teach Gus to say "mama" in the hopes of impressing Mimi and proving that he is a good influence. While Drew tries to help Kate get something from a child-proofed drawer, they get locked in the bathroom. Gus starts riding around on Speedy, but is unharmed. Drew manages to unhinge the bathroom door. He takes out his frustration by flipping off the door. Steve arrives, and is horrified when Gus copies Drew and flips him off. They try to make him forget how to do this by teaching him to give a thumbs-up sign. During the contest, Oswald and Lewis disgust everyone by trying to have their baby perform dangerous tricks. Gus wins the contest, but shocks the crowd by flipping off the American flag during a photo opportunity. His title and prizes are revoked. Mimi blames herself, as she assumes that Gus saw her flip off a driver once. Drew begs Steve not to tell Mimi the truth. When Mimi is still depressed after a week, Drew confesses. Mimi says that she will never let him near her son again. Just then, Gus says his first word, "Mama." After learning that Drew taught it to him, a touched Mimi has a change of heart and lets him babysit.

Season 7, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/13/2002
A Shot in the Dark
Drew, inspired by his short stint as a security guard, buys a police scanner. After hearing of an incident at the Warsaw, he races over to the bar and tries to offer his assistance to the police. An attractive cop decides to go out with him, explaining that she wants to take a break from dating good-looking guys. Drew soon discovers that he and Marlo have nothing in common, and his health goes into decline because of her constant smoking and his allergy to her cat. He plans to break up with her, but becomes terrified of the consequences after seeing her rough up a guy whose only offense was a broken taillight. Oswald and Colleen ask Lewis to give them some time alone at the house. He claims to have begun dating a co-worker, but actually sleeps in Drew's basement. Drew finally breaks up with Marlo, who becomes enraged and vows revenge. When Lewis comes up for a snack late that night, Drew believes that Marlo has come after him. He shoots Lewis in the leg. Marlo concludes that Drew is as crazy as she is, and agrees to stop seeing him.

Season 7, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/27/2002
It's a Dog Eat Drew World
Drew is upset when Lewis, Oswald and Kate begin neglecting him to devote more time to their jobs. Steve also cannot spend time with him because of plans with Mimi. A vicious stray dog shows up in the yard and tries to steal a sandwich from Drew and Speedy. A depressed Drew has lunch with Mr. Wick after his friends stand him up. They find that they have common interests, but Wick quickly scares him off by making plans to spend every minute of the day together. Drew tricks Lewis, Oswald, Kate and Steve into coming over by claiming an emergency. They are upset to learn that he just wants to play a game of Risk, and try to leave. The wild dog returns as part of a pack. The dogs surround the house, even cutting off the phone lines. They fake an attack on a small dog, who lets them into the house after the gang brings him inside to help him. Everyone must flee to the basement, where they pass the time by reading Drew's old journal and singing songs. Mimi comes by in the morning looking for Steve, and all the dogs flee. The gang decides to get together to hang out again soon.

Season 7, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/13/2002
Bringing Up Boss (1)
Lord Mercer announces that he is making his 19-year-old daughter, Milan, the new store president. She is disgusted, but he hopes that the job will teach her some responsibility. Lord Mercer tells Drew that he must make sure Milan does a good job or lose his co-manager position. She messes up a negotiation with a union by bringing in her boyfriend, D'Artagnan, and groping him the whole time. Drew asks Kate to talk to Milan and convince her to focus on her job instead of devoting all her time to her boyfriend. Milan takes her advice and gets dumped. She forces Drew to go work at the docks. Kate feels bad for Drew and agrees to try to get D'Artagnan to take Milan back. Kate instead sleeps with D'Artagnan just because he gives her some stupid look. Milan plans to give Drew his old job back, until she learns what Kate has done. Milan vanishes on the day that her father has come in to check on her progress. Drew sees her on the edge of the building preparing to jump.

Season 7, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/20/2002
Daddy Dearest (2)
Lord Mercer refuses to show concern for Milan, claiming that she regularly threatens to kill herself to get attention. Drew gets her to come off the ledge. Drew is upset when his father refuses to congratulate him for his promotion, instead sending him a fish wrapped in the newsletter that announced his new position. Lord Mercer fires Milan for repeatedly refusing to show up for meetings. She feels that she has no reason to make an effort because her father is never satisfied by anything she does. Drew, inspired by his own situation, pleads with Lord Mercer to give Milan another chance. He promises to help her do a better job running the store. However, Milan only knows how to do one thing--party. She throws a rave in the store. It seems to be a disaster, but actually boosts sales considerably. Lord Mercer still disapproves because raves are bad for the store's reputation. Milan decides that she doesn't always need to seek her father's approval. Meanwhile, Lewis inadvertently eats a human liver that was actually Oswald's nursing school homework.

Season 7, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/27/2002
Never Been to Spain
Drew spends his entire vacation home sick with the flu. Milan prepares for her 19th birthday party, which will take place in Spain and feature many supermodels. Lewis and Oswald decide to apply for second jobs as airport security guards so that Oswald can afford his nursing school tuition. After Drew whines about never getting to travel anywhere, Milan invites him to her party. Oswald and Lewis get the jobs, and are extremely overzealous and incompetent (big surprise). Drew tries to cut in line and race through without undergoing a security check. He gets hauled off to a holding cell and misses his flight. The supervisor refuses to let him board another flight because he has been arrested so many times. Drew has Kate distract the supervisor by pretending to have lost a baby. He tricks Oswald and Lewis and runs past them to board the last flight to Spain. The plan has mechanical problems and lands in Greenland. He thinks his luck has changed when he meets a beautiful woman, but her jealous husband shows up and tries to kill him.

Season 7, Episode 22 – Aired: 4/3/2002
O Brother, Who Art Thou?
Drew is perplexed when Steve attacks one of the other fathers at Gus's kiddie gym with little provocation. Drew theorizes that Steve is just frustrated at being cooped up with the baby all the time and having no adult conversation. He hires him to fill an opening in the cosmetics department, despite Wick's objections. Drew visits Steve on the job and points out some matters that he needs to handle. Steve suddenly begins pounding a customer who tries to return a bottle of perfume without a receipt. Kate figures out that Steve's behavior is the result of jealousy over Drew's professional success. Drew looks at some old home movies and gets Steve to admit that he has always resented him because he liked having their parents to himself. Steve takes a job as a prison guard to deal with his hostility. Lewis and Oswald help DrugCo administer an experimental drug that causes empathy in prison inmates. Lewis takes the drug himself after Oswald points out his lack of sensitivity. However, Lewis eventually gives up the drug because it causes a bad reaction with alcohol. He says that he would rather drink than have feelings.

Season 7, Episode 23 – Aired: 4/10/2002
Rich Woman, Poor Man
Milan fixes up Drew with her mother, Lindsay, because she wants her to finally meet someone who isn't just after her money. Drew makes the mistake of allowing Lindsay to drive his car, and they are trapped for several hours after she crashes into a ditch. Lindsay finds Drew's lifestyle charming, and wants to continue seeing him. She is scheduled to leave town a few days later, but suddenly announces that she is moving to Cleveland. Drew is alarmed to learn that Lindsay would lose her $500,000 per month alimony if she ever re-married. He predicts that she will soon grow tired of the novelty of living like a poor person. He challenges her to spend one week in his world. She tries her best to adjust to a simple lifestyle, but really doesn't take to it. She begins breaking out in rashes and losing her hair. Drew decides that he is in love with Lindsay for some reason. After he tells her this, she announces that she is leaving. She never really liked him that much, and cannot survive without her money. In honor of Secretaries Day, Milan loans her butler to Mimi for the week. After spending time with Mimi, he gains the courage to speak his mind and stop being subservient. He quits his job and tells off Mrs. Mercer.

Season 7, Episode 24 – Aired: 5/1/2002
What Women Don't Want
Lewis struggles to find a date to his ex-girlfriend's wedding. All of his friends (and even Mimi) try to help him out, but he inevitably drives all the women away with his creepy comments. Lewis becomes extremely depressed and refuses to get off of Drew's couch. Oswald brings in Lewis's mother, who reveals to Drew that Lewis has an IQ in the genius range. His family always kept the truth from him in the hopes that he could live a normal life. Lewis is thrilled by the news. He attends a Mensa meeting, but still strikes out with every woman. He begins to fear that he will never fit in, until a woman shows up at the meeting to deal with the building's rat problem. She has a high IQ and shares Lewis's love of bizarre trivia about serial killers, etc. They immediately establish a connection and set off to catch the rat together.

Season 7, Episode 25 – Aired: 5/8/2002
Look Mom, One Hand!
The guys' mothers come to town for a special Mother's Day brunch at the Warsaw. Kate introduces everyone to her new stepmother, who looks exactly like her. Beulah praises Steve for getting married and starting a family of his own, and all of the mothers nag their kids to follow his example. A web site publishes a list of the biggest Internet porn users in Cleveland, which is scrolled onscreen during the news. The moms are mortified to discover that Drew, Kate, Lewis, Oswald and Wick are on the list. The gang sues to have its names taken off the list. The mothers, led by Beulah and Mrs. Wick, decide to move back in with their kids to get their lives back on the right path. They throw out all of their porn and beer and generally drive them crazy. Mimi's grandmother feels that the women should lighten up. After Beulah catches Drew drinking, she and the other mothers elect to testify on behalf of the anti-porn users site. Drew represents the gang after its lawyer proves incompetent. Tired of the mothers' constant criticism, he turns the tables and accuses them of screwing up the kids by failing to build their self-esteem. The judge gets tired of listening to the argument and rules that the list of porn users is an invasion of privacy and should be removed. The mothers apologize to their kids, who say that they want to eventually have families, but can't be bullied into it.

Season 7, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/15/2002
The Eagle Has Landed
A woman named Kathy applies for a job at Winfred-Louder and takes a liking to Drew. She isn't right for the job, but makes a date with Drew. A bald eagle breaks into Drew's house and trashes the place. No one can attempt to remove the eagle because it is a protected species. Lewis and Oswald decide to start a cookie business. The cookies attract two children, one of whom threatens to expose the fact that they have an illegal house in the park. The guys must give him cookies and do his homework. The eagle moves to Drew's roof. Kate changes her attitude about protecting the eagle after it craps all over her dress. Kathy brings her dog along on the date, but leaves him outside. The eagle snatches it and flies away. Lewis and Oswald find the dog at the pound after the eagle drops it. When Drew tries to tell Kathy what happened, the eagle steals her dog again. She blames Drew and runs off in disgust. Lewis and Oswald try to lure the eagle away with pheromones, but they get spilled on Lewis (and are actually squirrel pheromones). The eagle follows Lewis to the park and makes its nest on the roof. The house becomes a protected site, and the boy can no longer blackmail Lewis and Oswald.

Season 7, Episode 27 – Aired: 5/22/2002
The Underpants Guy
Lord Mercer and Milan celebrate their financial success by giving the employees fancy new desks. They later learn that their accountant has cleaned them out, and have to lay off a bunch of employees. Drew, Mimi and Mr. Wick are forced into duty on the sales floor, where Drew sells underwear. When the store continues to flounder, Lord Mercer converts it into a discount outlet. Nicki sends Drew a gift and claims to have forgiven him. Drew is suspicious, but decides to meet with her. She has gained back all of her weight and is homeless. She tries to shoot Drew, but drops her gun. Drew feels responsible for her problems and offers to let her stay with him. Nicki finds a knife in the kitchen and thinks about stabbing him, but is distracted by cheese and decides that she can kill Drew later.

Season 8, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/9/2002
Revenge of the Doormat (1)
Drew finds himself out of work again when Winfred-Louder goes bankrupt. The new owners convert the site to a dot com. Mimi turns to Drew for financial help after Steve loses his job at the prison. Nicki continues to live at Drew's house, where she wreaks havoc with his love life. The guys take Drew to a strip club to cheer him up. He recognizes one of the dancers as Kellie, a girl who supposedly went to high school with them. She is recently divorced and down on her luck. Drew decides that there is room for one more damsel in distress in his house and offers her a place to stay. Nicki doesn't take too kindly to this. Drew helps Kellie get a job at the Warsaw. Kate, who is vacationing in New York, repeatedly tries to call Drew. She finally comes home and says that she is getting married in two days.

Season 8, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/16/2002
Kate's Wedding (2)
Kate plans to marry Kirk, a fighter pilot whom she has only known for two weeks. They will move to Guam, where he is stationed. He has already been divorced once, and seems to have a predisposition toward cheating on his girlfriends. Drew suddenly decides that he cares about Kate again, and tries to do whatever is necessary to keep her from making a huge mistake. He locks Kate in the basement, but Nicki lets her out. Kate insists that she knows what she is doing. Drew doesn't want to attend her wedding, but shows up to give her away.

Season 8, Episode 3 – Aired: 9/23/2002
Eyes Wide Open
Drew is continually plagued by nightmares about Kate's wedding. He finally reaches the point where he can no longer stand to go to sleep. After an outing with Mimi, Drew comes up with a simple way to get over his broken heart: marrying someone else. Lewis takes Nicki on a date in the hopes restoring her confidence so that she will move out of Drew's house.

Season 8, Episode 4 – Aired: 9/30/2002
Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out
Kellie realizes that Lewis and Oswald cannot stand her because they consider her a boring goody two shoes. She tries to win them over by stealing a cardboard cutout of Indians slugger Jim Thome, but ends up on the run from the cops. Drew books a chapel for his wedding, even though there is no indication that anyone wants to marry him.

Season 8, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/7/2002
Hickory Dickory...Double Date
Drew convinces Kellie to make his evening out with a potential wife candidate a double date. However, she winds up jealous because she hasn't gotten over the crush she had on Drew in high school. A guilt-ridden Oswald hires a thug to rough him up after he accidentally knocks out his mother's teeth.

Season 8, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/21/2002
Mama Told Me I Should Come
Drew's mother comes to town and sets him up on a blind date. Drew soon finds that the woman has a minor eccentricity: she likes to dress as a squirrel when she has sex. Mimi tries to find a way to profit after a few prescient dreams convince Oswald that he is psychic.

Season 8, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/8/2002
Family Affair
Drew discovers that Steve is having an affair with his hairdresser. Drew winds up having to cover for him by taking the woman to a work event, spoiling his potential romance with a co-worker. Mimi learns the truth and throws Steve out of the house.

Season 8, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/8/2002
Chemistry Schmemistry (1)
Drew enlists a professional matchmaking service--operated by his former co-worker, Larry--in his search for a wife. The woman who comes out as his ideal match, Robin, seems terrific; but Drew just can't see himself marrying her. He later winds up falling for a woman on the bus.

Season 8, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/15/2002
The Dawn Patrol (2)
Drew finds romance with Dawn, but their new relationship appears doomed because of her past. They can't find any time alone because one of her ex-boyfriends seems to turn up every few minutes.

Season 8, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/29/2002
Drew's Girl Friday
Drew panics when the other analyst leaves the company, as he fears his bosses will discover that he doesn't know how to do his job. He hires a teenager to help improve his technical know-how. Meanwhile, Steve moves in with Lewis and Oswald. He drives them crazy with his constant crying and emotional comments as he tries to deal with the collapse of his marriage.

Season 8, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/6/2002
Drew Tries Hot Salsa
Drew takes salsa lessons in the hopes of learning to dance for his wedding. Kellie gets jealous when he becomes attracted to his instructor. She confesses her feelings to Mimi, who tells her to keep quiet. Drew practices dancing with Kellie and decides that he has a thing for her. He wants to tell her how he feels; but he doesn't get a chance because her ex-husband, Daryl, interrupts them.

Season 8, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/20/2002
The Man in the Iron Chair
Drew tries to keep Kellie away from Daryl, who is confined to a wheelchair after falling off Kellie's mom's roof. He seems to regret the mistakes he made during their marriage. However, Drew ends up looking as though as he is trying to hurt Daryl, and pushes the two closer together. He confesses his feelings for Kellie, but she no longer seems interested.

Season 8, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/10/2003
Drew Takes a Guilt Trip
After Oswald fails his nursing school exam, Drew feels bad and helps him get a job at the web site. Oswald finds a way to nearly destroy the entire business. He ends up being reassigned to a job that he (sort of) knows how to do--delivering packages. Mimi repeatedly sucks up to Traylor in an attempt to get on her good side after trying to kill her.

Season 8, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/24/2003
Blecch Sunday
Drew's bosses ask him to do a live commercial for the web site during the Super Bowl broadcast. Unfortunately, Drew's nerves get the better of him whenever he has to appear on camera. His attempt to correct this leads to a disgusting mishap that is broadcast worldwide.

Season 8, Episode 15 – Aired: 6/25/2003
Larry encourages Drew to lose weight before attending one of his singles mixers. Drew winds up giving up food altogether, but his crash diet has unintended side effects--he can't stop hallucinating about turkeys!

Season 8, Episode 16 – Aired: 6/25/2003
Suddenly No Summer
Drew tries to improve his standing at work by taking a computer course over the summer. The gang tempts him into blowing it off to take a trip to Florida. Drew is wracked with guilt and his vacation, not surprisingly, turns out to be a disaster.

Season 8, Episode 17 – Aired: 7/2/2003
What's Love Got to Do With It?
The gang takes part in a karaoke contest. Drew tries to coach Kellie before her performance, but she gets so tired of his constant interference that she dumps him. Drew winds up having to take the stage with an 11-year-old girl as his partner.

Season 8, Episode 18 – Aired: 7/2/2003
Two Girls for Every Boy
Drew falls for a bisexual, and believes he has a chance at a threesome with her new girlfriend. Steve finally persuades Mimi to take him back.

Season 8, Episode 19 – Aired: 7/9/2003
Two Days of the Condo
Drew cannot afford to get a birthday present for Kellie because he has spent all of his money on an engagement ring. He learns of a condo that is available for the weekend, but only for married couples, and decides to take advantage of an offer for free televisions. Drew mock-proposes to Kellie and asks her to pose as his wife for the weekend. Trouble arises when a man starts hitting on Kellie, leaving Drew jealous.

Season 8, Episode 20 – Aired: 7/9/2003
Lewis You Can Drive My Car
Drew gives Lewis his Christmas bonus, a used Rolls Royce. However, the flashy car causes Lewis to undergo a strange personality transformation, and he can no longer be bothered to hang out with his longtime friends.

Season 8, Episode 21 – Aired: 7/16/2003
A Speedy Recovery
Drew finds an unexpected romance after he and Speedy get involved with an animal therapy program at a hospital. He agrees to loan Speedy to a dying woman, and sufficiently impresses the woman's granddaughter. He finds the relationship may not be worth it when he learns that he may never see Speedy again. Meanwhile, Oswald tries to land a date with Traylor.

Season 8, Episode 22 – Aired: 7/16/2003
A Means to an End
Oswald and Lewis seek revenge against Drew after they discover that he gave away their Christmas gifts--handmade mugs--to a thrift store. Drew winds up getting an unscheduled colonoscopy from a Russian veterinarian.

Season 8, Episode 23 – Aired: 7/23/2003
Drew Answers the Belle
Oswald and Lewis put Drew's picture and phone number on Buzz Beer bottles in the hopes of landing him a wife. Much to everyone's surprise, a southern belle responds to the campaign and expresses an interest in Drew. Drew travels down south to meet the woman, Lily. They hit it off, and Drew believes he may have finally found a wife.

Season 8, Episode 24 – Aired: 7/23/2003
What Screams May Come
Drew is left bruised and battered as Lily suffers from night terrors. He grows tired of the beatings, but is afraid to talk to her about her problem because he believes she would leave him.

Season 8, Episode 25 – Aired: 8/20/2003
Love is in the Air
Drew decides to propose to Lily. Mimi hopes to secure Gus's admission into an exclusive prep school by setting up Kellie with the school's headmaster.

Season 8, Episode 26 – Aired: 8/27/2003
The Bataan Wedding March
As Drew prepares to marry Lily, his mother notes how upset Kellie seems and realizes that she has strong feelings for Drew. She believes that Drew feels the same way about Kellie. Drew and Lily go through with the wedding, but the union proves to be a brief one when they realize that they really are not right for each other. Drew winds up sharing a dance with Kellie.

Season 9, Episode 1 – Aired: 6/2/2004
Drew Hunts Silver Fox
Drew and Oswald get a little too competitive as they try to set up their mothers with an attractive eligible widower.

Season 9, Episode 2 – Aired: 6/2/2004
Eye of the Leopard
After learning that Gus's soccer team is in a league that has set things up to make sure that no one ever loses (to keep the kids from feeling bad), Drew tries to butt in, leading to disastrous results for his nephew. Lewis and Oswald make the mistake of getting involved with Kellie's cousin, who turns out to be a kleptomaniac.

Season 9, Episode 3 – Aired: 6/9/2004
Foos Rush In
After Evan leaves for a yoga retreat, Traylor begins a romance with Scott as part of a power play to seize control of the office. She puts an end to the laid-back work environment; and worst of all, takes away the foosball table! Meanwhile, Lewis gets involved with the Warsaw's new cook.

Season 9, Episode 4 – Aired: 6/9/2004
Drew Thinks Inside the Box
Drew is thrilled when he and Kellie decide to exchange keys. However, he nearly thwarts the progress in their relationship when he ends up letting Scott use Kellie's place to cheat on Traylor.

Season 9, Episode 5 – Aired: 6/16/2004
At Your Cervix
Drew hopes to make a commitment to Kellie after they learn that she is pregnant. However, she is unsure if this is the right decision. Drew seeks her parents' help to change her mind, only to find that they are not exactly thrilled with the idea of having him as their son-in-law.

Season 9, Episode 6 – Aired: 6/16/2004
Sealed in a Kiss
While taking a pregnancy quiz with Kellie, Drew recalls his father's death in a fall from the roof. Drew was horrified to discover that he was never even mentioned in his dad's diary, and tried to prove himself by arranging for a lavish military-style funeral. However, disaster struck when George accidentally wound up with a casket featuring the logo for the band Kiss.

Season 9, Episode 7 – Aired: 6/23/2004
Baby Makes Stress
Kellie is furious with Drew after he blows off an appointment to see their baby's first sonogram to go drinking with the guys.

Season 9, Episode 8 – Aired: 6/23/2004
Michigan J. Gus
Kellie's fears about Drew's inability to be a good father grow after Gus suddenly begins misbehaving every time he is around his uncle. Inspired by Mimi's romance with a widower, Oswald and Lewis hope to set themselves for life by picking up wealthy widows.

Season 9, Episode 9 – Aired: 6/30/2004
No Booze for Drew
As a sign of support, Drew pledges to stop drinking for the duration of Kellie's pregnancy, but soon finds it very difficult to keep his promise. Meanwhile, Mimi has the hots for a handsome delivery man; and Oswald becomes part-owner of the Warsaw.

Season 9, Episode 10 – Aired: 6/30/2004
Drew's Best Friend
Kellie tries to convince Drew to become friends with a new neighbor, but it all blows up in her face when the man turns out to be a clingy pest who just will not leave Drew alone.

Season 9, Episode 11 – Aired: 7/7/2004
Arrivederci, Italy
Drew turns to a shady travel agent for help when he is unable to put together the funds to finance Kellie's dream vacation in Italy.

Season 9, Episode 12 – Aired: 7/7/2004
House of the Rising Son-in-Law
Kellie tries to get Drew and her father to overcome their differences by having them work together to fix up an old house for sale. Mimi turns to Larry's matchmaking service in her quest to find a new man.

Season 9, Episode 13 – Aired: 7/14/2004
Dog Soup
Drew tries to make some extra money for the baby by betting on a greyhound that has been enhanced as part of a DrugCo project.

Season 9, Episode 14 – Aired: 7/14/2004
Asleep at the Wheel
After Tony the bus driver gets into an accident, he pleads with Drew to keep it a secret because he is close to retirement and doesn't want to risk being fired and losing his benefits package. Drew cannot do this because he fears for the passengers' safety, so he tries to convince Scott to give Tony another job.

Season 9, Episode 15 – Aired: 7/21/2004
Baby Face
Drew has trouble getting romantic with Kellie after a photo of the baby puts a lot of very strange ideas in his head.

Season 9, Episode 16 – Aired: 7/21/2004
Girlfriend, Interrupted
In the aftermath of his disastrous marriage, Drew heads off alone on his honeymoon to try to define his feelings for Kellie. Oswald and Lewis head to Mexico ahead of Drew, where Oswald accidentally falls for a hooker, unaware of her identity because he doesn't know how to speak Spanish.

Season 9, Episode 17 – Aired: 7/28/2004
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy
Mimi encourages Drew to make friends with the gay parents of Gus's friend. However, Drew winds up inadvertently splitting up the couple and finds himself as the "other man."

Season 9, Episode 18 – Aired: 7/28/2004
Still Life with Freeloader
Drew resorts to drastic action after Mimi's latest boyfriend moves into the house and begins mooching off of him.

Season 9, Episode 19 – Aired: 8/18/2004
Burning Down the House
Mimi blames Drew after her house burns down, apparently as the result of a gift given to Gus by his uncle. Oswald starts a change machine business.

Season 9, Episode 20 – Aired: 8/18/2004
Liar, Liar, House on Fire
The gang tries to teach Gus to lie to an insurance adjuster so that Mimi can receive the claim on her house and be able to replace it.

Season 9, Episode 21 – Aired: 8/25/2004
Sleeping with the Enemy
Drew and Kellie's new relationship is threatened by their strong political differences.

Season 9, Episode 22 – Aired: 8/25/2004
Assault with a Lovely Weapon
Drew lies to Kellie about going out to a strip club, but the whole thing may come out after an injured Lewis decides to sue one of the dancers.

Season 9, Episode 23 – Aired: 9/1/2004
Love, Sri Lankan Style
Drew's plans to reunite Mimi and Steve (and get Mimi out of his house) face a hitch due to the appearance of Steve's lover.

Season 9, Episode 24 – Aired: 9/1/2004
Knot in the Mood
Drew reconsiders proposing to Kellie after her parents split up and her mother suddenly takes up with Lewis.

Season 9, Episode 25 – Aired: 9/8/2004
The Passion of the Wick
Drew comes up with a plan to open a retro store, and seeks a partnership with the now-wealthy Wick. However, all of Wick's funds come through his father-in-law, so Drew must help cover up Wick's affair or lose his financial backing.

Season 9, Episode 26 – Aired: 9/8/2004
Kellie finally agrees to marry Drew, but their wedding plans are thrown into disarray when she goes into labor.

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