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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 19: Elly's Animals

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Aired: January 30, 1963 on  CBS
Pearl is setting up to give singing, yodeling, and piano lessons to the people of Beverly Hills. Duke is having problems with Pearl’s yodeling because it hurts his ears, so he runs into the Drysdale yard, howling. Mrs. Drysdale, tired of the Clampetts, calls the dogcatcher to get Duke and presses charges against Pearl for disturbing the peace with her yodeling. When police arrive, Pearl invites an officer in for a music lesson, and he ends up enjoying himself. After they leave, Jane drives up with Elly and a car-full of dogs that she got from the pound after getting Duke out. But after all of Elly’s dogs get settled, one of them scares Jethrine, and Elly says she’ll take them for a swim. As she does this, Pearl starts yodeling, causing the dogs to howl and Mrs. Drysdale to file another complaint. When the same cops arrive, the other one comes to tell Elly she has to keep the dogs quiet, but after seeing Jed’s beautiful daughter, forgets what he was supposed to do. When the cops leave, Granny becomes the newest person to complain to Elly about her dogs, after a big one digs a hole that is her size.

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