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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 22: Duke Steals A Wife

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Aired: February 20, 1963 on  CBS
Jed and Duke are feeling poorly, so Jed asks Granny to make some Spring Tonic for them. Granny tells Jed she can make the tonic, but it won’t help because what they need is female company. Jed thinks Granny is speaking nonsense and says he isn’t interested. Meanwhile, Mrs. Drysdale is preparing for her dog Claude’s wedding to a Parisian poodle. She is waiting for Mlle. Denise, the owner of Claude’s bride, to arrive. But she mistakenly arrives at the Clampett mansion, and Jed takes interest in the beautiful stranger, while Duke runs off with her dog Colette. Jed fixes himself up to impress Mlle. Denise: shaving and combing his hair, and his family teases him about it. At Claude’s wedding ceremony, Duke shows up, upsetting Mrs. Drysdale. After he is returned to the Clampett mansion, Duke howls in agony and Colette runs to him. Jed continues to spruce himself up by shining his shoes, and the family continues to tease. Mrs. Drysdale calls to demand Colette’s return to Claude. As Elly is about to take her back, Jed comes downstairs all dressed up, saying he’ll take the dog back so she can decide which dog she wants, just like how he decided who he wanted.

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