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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 2: Getting Settled

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Aired: October 3, 1962 on  CBS
The Clampett finally arrives at their new home, but find there aren't any of the conveniences of their old home. Jethro makes a few new discoveries, things they have never seen before, like pink chickens (flamingoes) and a cement pond. When Miss Jane Hathaway arrives, the executive secretary for Mr. Drysdale, she mistakes the clan for a staff of bumbling, insubordinate, backwoods servants. She yells at them and fires them, but when Drysdale arrives, he tells her that who she has mistaken for servants is actually the Clampetts. So she doesn't get in trouble, Jed says she has been like one of the family, and everything is all right from then on.

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