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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 18: Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage

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Aired: January 23, 1963 on  CBS
Jed and Granny are discussing Mr. Drysdale, who they feel sorry for since his wife isn’t in town much and “a drunk,” as they still believe. Granny then realizes that Pearl is cooking in her kitchen and goes in to threaten her. Jed takes Pearl aside to tell her she shouldn’t hide in the kitchen, but stick to her talent – yodeling. Jed tells her how Drysdale “enjoyed” it at dinner last night. Meanwhile, Drysdale is having housekeeper problems, not having anyone to run his household. When Pearl calls to yodel for him as a surprise, Jane suggests to Drysdale that he employs Pearl to be the head housekeeper, and when he suggests it to Pearl, she thinks he means marriage. And when Granny and Jed visit Mrs. Drysdale, who is going to a health spa, she says how Milburn is getting a more glamorous wife in her, but they think Drysdale is getting a brand new wife. When Jed and Granny catch Pearl and Drysdale in the parlor, they think Pearl is the new wife. So Granny and Pearl work together to save Drysdale’s marriage. They scare him away, and Jed believes the plan worked.

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