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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 16: Back To Californy

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Aired: January 9, 1963 on  CBS
The Clampetts are heading back to Beverly Hills, taking Pearl and Jethrine with them. But Jethrine isn’t too excited about it because she has to leave her boyfriend behind. He tells her he can’t go with her, but after seeing Elly May, rethinks it. Back in Beverly Hills, Drysdale and Jane are preparing for the bank’s largest depositor’s return. When the family gets back, Jane tries to attract Jethro with a seductive-gypsy appearance and succeeds, and Pearl sees all the modern technology in the airport, an escalator and automatic doors. But when the family, minus Jethro, gets home, Pearl starts taking charge of the housework, upsetting Granny. When Jethro and Jane return, the family decides to have supper. However, Granny and Pearl sabotage each other’s dishes, so Jed takes the family out to eat, thinking he may have to just buy a restaurant with the way Granny and Pearl are acting.

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