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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 12: The Great Feud

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Aired: December 12, 1962 on  CBS
Sonny has jilted Elly May, and the Clampetts are prepared feud the Drysdales. They head over to the Drysdales’ mansion with their guns, where they are met by Ravenswood, the butler, who tells them Drysdale is at the bank and Sonny and Mrs. Drysdale are in Boston. After Granny tells the family about a great feud she had with the Bodkin family back in Tennessee, Jed heads to the bank to talk to Drysdale, but brings a gun he took away from Jethro with him, and gets arrested. When Jethro comes home, he tells Granny and Elly about this, and they head to the Drysdale mansion for revenge. Jed is in jail being questioned by two psychiatrists. Drysdale and Jane visit the jail, and after seeing the largest depositor behind bars, demand his release. The return to the mansion, but are attacked, so go to the Drysdales’. The Clampetts head next door to get Jed back, and everything is solved, after Elly says she doesn’t want to marry Sonny. Though Drysdale messes things up for himself saying he is a Bodkin, and Granny threatens him.

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