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The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1, Episode 10: Pygmalion and Elly

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Aired: November 28, 1962 on  CBS
Sonny and Elly are getting more serious. Sonny loves Elly’s character and tells her how she makes him feel superior. But Jed worries about this courtship. However, Granny does not have any worries and does not want her granddaughter to be an old maid. During their poolside date, Sonny tells Elly how he is burning, and only she can put out the fire. So she pushes him in the pool. He runs home, and Elly tells the family that her charms did it, thinking that since she didn’t have her rabbit’s foot, he caught fire. Granny tells Elly she’ll get Sonny back, and Sonny wants to go back, much to the dismay of his mother. He hopes to tame the hillbilly beauty. Before he arrives, Granny creates a love charm to conjure Sonny Drysdale to her. Jane tells the women it is impossible, but as Elly says the spell, Sonny arrives. After arriving, Sonny tries to mold Elly into a proper city woman. Jed is glad his daughter could become sophisticated, and Granny gives Jed a love charm to use. He says the spell and Mrs. Drysdale comes running over, looking for her son. Sonny comes out, acting like a hillbilly, causing his mother to cry.

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