Top Billboard Chart TV Theme Songs Top Billboard Chart TV Theme Songs

The following is the list of television theme songs that actually made it into the Billboard Chart's Top 100 songs in a given year. Can you remember hearing these themes on the radio?

Position TV Show Song Name Artist
1 Miami Vice Miami Vice Jan Hammer
1 S.W.A.T S.W.A.T Rhythm Heritage
1 The Heights "How Do You Talk to an Angel" The Heights
1 Welcome Back Kotter "Welcome Back" John Sebastian
2 Greatest American Hero "Believe It or Not" Joey Scarbury
3 Secret Agent "Secret Agent Man" Johnny Rivers
3 Dragnet Dragnet Ray Anthony Orchestra
4 Hawaii Five-O Hawaii Five-O The Ventures
5 Happy Days Happy Days Pratt & McClain
5 Makin' It Makin' It David Naughton
7 Addams Family Addams Groove Hammer
8 Peter Gunn Peter Gunn Ray Anthony Orchestra
8 Cops "Bad Boys" Inner Circle
10 Dr. Kildare "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight" Richard Chamberlain
10 Hill Street Blues Hill Street Blues Post & Carlton
10 The Rockford Files The Rockford Files Mike Post
17 Batman Batman The Marketts
17 Zorro Zorro The Chordettes
18 Angie "Different Worlds" Maureen McGovern
19 Bonanza Bonanza Al Caiola
20 Baretta "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow" Rhythm Heritage
20 Then Came Bronson "Long Lomesome Highway" Michael Parks
21 Mr. Lucky Mr. Lucky Henry Mancini Orchestra
21 The Dukes of Hazard The Dukes of Hazard Waylon Jennings
23 Moonlighting Moonlighting Al Jarreau
24 I Love Lucy "Disco Lucy" Wilton Place Street Band
25 Laverne & Shirley "Making Our Dreams Come True" Cyndi Grecco
25 Magnum P.I. Magnum P.I. Mike Post
27 Peter Gunn Peter Gunn Duane Eddy
28 Ben Casey Ben Casey Valjean
29 Medic "Blue Star" Felicia Sanders
30 Route 66 Route 66 Nelson Riddle Orchestra
33 Have Gun Will Travel "Ballad of Paladin" Duane Eddy
35 Batman Batman Neal Hefti & Orchestra
38 The Men The Men Issac Hayes
38 Here Come the Brides "Seattle" Perry Como
41 Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible Lalo Schifrin
43 All in the Family "Those Were the Days" O'Connor & Stapleton
44 Beverly Hillbillies "Ballad of Jed Clampett" Flatt & Scruggs
45 Baretta "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow" Merry Clayton
45 Charlie's Angels Charlie's Angels Henry Mancini
50 Peter Gunn Peter Gunn The Art of Noise
52 Dynasty Dynasty Bill Conti
54 Secret Agent "Secret Agent Man" The Ventures
55 My Three Sons My Three Sons Lawrence Welk Orchestra

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