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TV Guide Spotlight: Spookiest Halloween Episodes

Discover the buried treasures of TV s Halloween hits! This ghoulishly good collection is packed with 13 eerie episodes from your favorite TV shows. These are the spooky specials that celebrated the magic and creativity of network TV. Filled with kooky characters and haunted hilarity this DVD collection is sure to be a boo-rific time!

Dick Van Dyke Show: Halloween Episodes Collection

When things go bump in the night, it’s time for pure comedy mayhem from Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) and his lovely wife, Laura (Mary Tyler Moore). There’s no better way to celebrate the creepiest time of year than with these rib-tickling chillers that will leave you screaming with laughter. In The Ghost of A. Chantz, the Petrie family spend the weekend in a remote cabin, complete with ghostly legends and moving furniture. Then Rob’s obsession with a late-night sci-fi movie has him looking over his shoulder in It May Look Like a Walnut. News of a neighborhood prowler in The Cat Burglar turns the Petrie household upside down. And finally, in Long Night’s Journey into Day, Laura skips a family camping trip to spend a night on her own…but is she really alone?

Roseanne: Tricks & Treats

Most TV shows celebrated the holiday season with warm & fuzzy Christmas specials. But for the cast, crew and creators of ROSEANNE, the year s best celebrations always belonged to Halloween. In these eight classic episodes, the Conners unleash tricks and treats in one of the greatest sitcoms in television history. Featuring all 8 Halloween-themed episodes from Seasons 2-9 in one ghoulishly hilarious DVD collection!

Saturday Night Live: Halloween Episodes

Saturday Night Live's Halloween Special will tingle your funnybone! Join hosts Wayne and Garth (aka Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) as they peek into the vaults of spooky mayhem and unearth hilarious comedy sketches from seasons past and present. It's the frightful best of Saturday Night Live, the ultimate Halloween party video. Treat yourself to these tricks tonight!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The quintessential Halloween special starring the entire Peanuts gang.

Bugs Bunny Howl-Oween Special

The wascally wabbit encounters dimwitted witches and vacant vampires in this merry romp.

Casper's Halloween Special

It's Halloween Night at the haunted house and a certain friendly ghost leaps at the chance to experience the delights of the night "just like a real boy." Donning a simple costume and counting on his natural coloration to carry him the rest of the way, Casper sets out for night of tricks and treats. The treats arrive in the form of a gang of orphan kids out for the night who accept Casper as one of the gang. But the tricks come in hard and heavy as Hairy Scary and the ghostly gang from the haunted house set out to do the Halloween duty and scare any who cross their path. And who better to bedevil than the kids who think it's cool to hang with the sweetest specter that ever spooked? Special Holiday Bonus Feature: The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't – learn the secret squirrel history of the first Thanksgiving as Jeremy Squirrel braves the wilderness to save a lost pilgrim boy and his Native American playmate on the eve of the first feast in this half-hour animated TV holiday classic.