Tom Bosley

Howard Cunningham, "Happy Days;" Amos Tupper, "Murder, She Wrote"

Tom Bosley was already an award-winning and well-known character actor before becoming a household name as Howard Cunningham on "Happy Days." His credits are long and accomplished on both stage and screen. Older fans will remember him as a regular on the "Dean Martin Show" in 1971, and on "That Was The Week That Was" in 1964.

Although he had been in a number of TV series ("The Sandy Duncan Show," "The Debbie Reynolds Show" and the cartoon "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home") it wasn't until "Happy Days" that he became one of America's favorite TV dads. Bosley acted in countless other parts during "Happy Days" massive 11-year run, including a long stint as the spokesman for Glad trash bags.

In addition to countless guest roles since "Happy Days," Bosley later surfaced in the TV series "Murder, She Wrote" and later on "Father Dowling Mysteries," where he played the title role. Since that show's demise, Bosley has remained active in theater (he portrayed Belle's father in the Broadway musical version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") and as Cap'n Andy in the Boston production of "Showboat." Bosley has also been seen from time to time on the "Drew Carey Show" as Mimi's father.

Did You Know:

  • Tom Bosley won a Tony Award in 1958 for his role in "Fiorello"
  • He provided the voice for "David the Gnome" for Nickelodeon
  • Bosley appeared in the TV series "Love, American Style" as well as the movie "Divorce, American Style"