Paul Benedict

Harry Bentley, "The Jeffersons"

While Paul Benedict is probably best remembered for his role as the oh-so-English Bentley on "The Jeffersons," he has continued to have a long and active career in show business. Benedict began his career primarily as a stage actor, but soon became an oft-employed character actor in feature films and on television. He has appeared in such well-known films as "Jeremiah Johnson," "This Is Spinal Tap," "The Addams Family," and "Waiting for Guffman," as well as two 1998 episodes of "Seinfeld." Benedict recently received kudos for his role in the two-man Eugene O'Neil Broadway play "Hughie," in which he co-starred with Al Pacino. Benedict is still active in theater, and has been seen in recent productions both on Broadway and in Los Angeles.