Barbara Bain

Cinnamon Carter, "Mission: Impossible", Dr. Helena Russell, "Space: 1999"

Barbara Bain, who achieved fame on "Space: 1999" and "Mission: Impossible" (which also earned her three Emmy Awards), has maintained an active show business career. She has made numerous guest appearances on television, including recent episodes of "Millenium," "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Diagnosis: Murder" (as Cinnamon Carter, her "Mission: Impossible" character), "The Visitor," "My So-Called Life," and "Murder, She Wrote." Onstage, she has performed in "Love Letters," "The Chairs" (winning a DramaLogue Award for her performance), "The Yiddish Trojan Women," and "Broadway Bound," as well as several other plays and dramatic readings. Barbara Bain can also be seen in the films "Panic," "Gideon's Web," and "Animals."

In addition to her busy performing schedule, she is director of "BookPALS," an organization providing professional actors to teach reading to school children.